How do any of you manage to sleep?

How do any of you manage to sleep?

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I slept 5 - 8 3 - 5 4-8 last 3 days.

day trading is bad for your health, ust get into a solid proect and hodl retard

Many of us have been through crashes like this, we're used to it. If you're operating on pure profit then you probably been on this ride before.

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Completely comfy, even if it's crashing

Diversify more.
Every day I wake up and some shit went up as well as some other shit going down
There's always hope a moon mission will go 1000x and make the $$$ back.
Also don't invest too much to start with.

From about 8pm-3am. (1-2am lately)

only chainlink is like that kek :D comfy hodl

Go to work 8 hours
Come back really tired
Sleep like a log
Check crypto still in free falling and the whales setting bull traps every thousand down the bottom.
Waiting for the bottom to fall off and idiots stop pumping so the whales are forced to inject the shit back up.

Feels good

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>Live with parents
>3am to 11am or whenever the fuck
It's not that hard really

cause i didnt invest more than i can afford to lose

>5am it drives me to bed
>eat a spoon with +75% herbal alcohol drizzled on sugar
>drink a glass of water
>try to sleep
>wake up 3 hours later out of panic
>walk through house and into garden
>make a tea and listen to the birds

At this point I either feel sick in the stomach or relaxed, if I feel sick I drink strong coffee and take a shower and thats the sleep for the day.
If I feel relaxed I can try sleeping more

8 hours on good days, 5 on bad

Stop loss.

i plan to hold for years so no worries

Stop losses. Not always the best strategy but it lets you forget about the price for a while without losing a lot of money.

put your value in eth, then put the eth in powh3d and you'll be fine.

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I just picked half decent projects and quit trying to trade

the other day i puked at night, im feeling pretty bad lately, i lost all my money in btcp

Not investing more than you can lose helps.

lol wtf did you guys possibly see in that shit?

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idk i don't care about tech i was just riding the hype

when you remember something you did pre 2017 that wasn't buying crypto

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