Remember, as I've said all along, massive bull run up to 16k starts March 22, breakout March 24! Nothing has changed! Our prediction is never wrong!

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screencapped, see you in a few days, u'll literally be the biggest faggot of Veeky Forums if it doesnt happen

Something seems a little bit off about Marius, I can't quite put my finger on it

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what what
what what

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marian is a coal salesman and full of shit

crypto conman right here

I would say that fake smile, he isn't even sure if he should open his mouth or not so he is permanently on an inbetween smile that comes off as awkward

I get thousands of tweets per day from my supporters! They tell me to ignore the doubters!

if you are THAT confident about your TA, then u'll have no problem against me posting this all over Veeky Forums in a few days right?

So will it happen on March 24 or May 14?

I support the "little guy"! I'm reporting all trolls so they can't access our data! Too bad you won't be a MILLIONAIRE in a few months like my followers!

>OP states A
>user says if !A then OP = faggot
>OP gets mad
why are you agressive? You said this will happen right? in a few days u'll be the biggest faggot on earth, or the messiah, so ....

Kek. No one understands OP's sense of humor. The absolute state of Veeky Forums.


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People pay money for this Bullshit ?
Everyone halfway sane knows it will slowly go back to 1k and earliest recover in 2-3years.

>Bitcoin will reach $11,140 on March 15.


The guy changes his mind more than a girl on her period, if you follow this idiot, you will lose everything...

bullrun was 8th March, then 13th, then 15th, then 20th, now 22nd...lel dumb Afrikaans poes...

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Much percent, very good buy

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To the moon in March 9th guys!!!

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Nice just shorted the Afrikaaner Boere Land!

Mental illness

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I do, he's acting like he was Marius
Only one autist itt thinks he's akchually Marius -.-

are you guys fucking stupid? is it the 24th february? some faggot stole the screenshot from something else to post this shit that marius never said

I guess March is a CRITICAL month.

This guy fucks.

Marius also posting here ->8395182

15th of March pacific time!

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i know, its sad


Bullrun after a crash, great. Maybe you'll all make back your initial investment.