How do you fix the airline industry?

How do you fix the airline industry?

why are the airlines turning into a greyhound bus stop?

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Let gas prices price out the poor scum.

I hate the poor

Literally this.

Just buy LIF you fucking faggot

Bigger bags of peanuts.

More like when did the general public become so retarded?

September 2006

the peasantry has always been despicable
but now they have smartphones

Tickets are getting cheaper.

So the scum are getting on board.

And the scum have smartphones.

Let's lol at burgers

Dumb, ignorant youngfag.

Make it expensive again.

Im not rich but i remember flying pre 911. When the bottom line price wasnt the whole factor with who you flew with. Now that every fuckin hick can afford it, it fucking sucks. They need to introduce just first class planes so i dont have to fucking put up with dumb cunts at the airport too


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Wait what's wrong with dead pets?
So a fucking dead dog is ok as long as it's cooked and disguised as meat? Who the fuck gets to decide this stuff?

maybe it isn't that tix are getting cheaper.
but maybe bus tickets and train tickets are getting more expensive?


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random dead pets are a potential disease vector. cooked animals are a lot less so.

A dog rotting above everyone's head for four hours is different from a cooked meal you absolute, empty headed, hopeless piece of shit.

Dead creatures won't decompose in 4 hours, user.

Tell that to everyone on the plane. I'm sure they'll understand.

Why is this so unironically plausible?

Simply deny poor people travel. We need to go back to the time only wealthy people could afford travel. Poor people have no business leaving their designated zones.

Being in an airport brings you close to demographics of people you usually would never associate with. It truly is an eye-opening experience. Airports are a real equaliser. Forcing everyone down to the same level. Whether you're a wealthy businessman flying somewhere for a meeting or absolute bottom of the barrel scum who got a cheap deal for an all inclusive holiday on a shit Mediterranean island, you are filtered through the same system.

whats wrong with masturbating if its in the seat you payed for, its quite and non invasive, its not like Im forcing my dick in everyones face they can just look away and mind their own business, id rather have someone masturbate than to deal with a crying baby that you hear throughout the ENTIRE fucking plane for the whole fucking flight.
If masturbating isnt allowed on planes babies shouldnt be allowed either, put them with the suitcases..