In Thailand spending the last of my crypto gains before I kill myself

84k now down to $3k. I also like cocaine and hookers. What do?

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move back home to your parents and put it all in chainlink
have hope

dont do it desu. all in a coin a few times and youre back to where you started.

double soapy massage

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Come back to the US and start the process over again. Coke is bad for you, man. Stick with weed if you can.



It's not late at all

watch out for the shit
I was playing fortnite and fucking pajeet told me his favorite place to shit was on the beach lmao.
I'm sure its the same in that shithole.
I see 2 people possibly shitting right now.

How long were you there to spend that much? Please more details I've been there before but can't imagine spending that there.

Pretty sure I am gonna go live in Bangkok for a year and teach while waiting for crypto to recover

If I didnt have a wife, Id be in thailand living.

Is she Thai?
Someone post some hot Thai chicks, I don't think I've ever seen one.

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Get onboard the Hocaine train. Most of the blow over there is cut with heroin, wild times indeed

post timestamp

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>In Thailand
>Not banging shemales


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do it faggot

She's Vietnamese, idiot

I don't care what you do OP. Weak faggots don't concern me.

you do know that's yaba, right?

>taking drugs in Thailand
soon too be comfy in bangkok hilton rip user

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you live the dream user

>mfw i'll never go to thailand to snort pounds of cocaine on the ass of an underage lil qt

i'll kill myself without even had fun for real once in my life, i envy you user

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I feel like you could live for 10 years with 7 hookers who also sell blow in Venezuela for 3k.

The world would be a better place if you kys you degenerate subhuman

The underage thing is a meme propagated by NGOs
>sjw white roastie goes to pattaya to rescue children from trafficking
>sees fat german with young looking thai girl
>assumes that girl is underage, doesn't understand that asians age slower
>thai girl is actually 30 year old divorcee with 2 kids mercenary hooker

>mercenary hooker

Probably because you've only been to the places where girls target Westerners, they are pretty ugly. There are definitely good looking Thai girls.

Ay whattup. Sitting on my patio in Bangkok right now

ever ad sex on molly?

if not, try getting that in, its worth it

take a mild dose of like 100-125 tho or otherweise your jaw will be way too tight

>put it all in chainlink
he'll be better off just killing himself

You need to lurk more on the use of "desu" desu.

Yeah white bois go for the dark skinned monkey uggos. The creme de la creme is reserved for thai guys

The girls that work in the Jap places are pretty nice too, slim, fair-skinned with cute faces.

become a ladyboy

Yeah but no entry for big dick whitey

Imagine being so fucking pathetic that you consider killing yourself over 80k. Jesus christ OP you are a disgrace and an insult to your ancestors name.

You lost 80k?
Welcome to the real world, you're grown up now. Grow some balls, pussy. The older you get the higher the numbers.

I always felt like if you are going to kill yourself you have to make it as elaborate as possible.

>go to the top of a tall building
>bring a boom box to blast some taylor swift
>a chicken suit a gun
>some matches
>plan it on a day where a bunch of school kids are on a field trip

>loser foreigner jumping off a tall building in Thailand
>novel idea

Pick one

reading comprehension isnt your strong suit is it?

How is the boi pucci there ?
Did you get AIDS yet ?
Also bring me back steroids
Thanks OP

Why are you on Patong beach? There's so much better stuff out there. Check out Ao Sane Beach. Nai Harn. A few others.

hey OP are you still in the thread?
what would you rate your experience so far?