Are tattoos a good investment?
Girls love them
Good for getting creative jobs and don't stop you from most employment these days.

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>Good for getting creative jobs and don't stop you from most employment these days.
They'll get you killed on the DOTR.


Yeah I think the most important thing is that you get the location correct and then secondly something that you went to look at in the next 10 years. But it's not that bad if you get one you don't like as long as it's not a crazy color because you can pretty much remove any tattoo nowadays except for vibrantly blue colors

Thanks, just bought 100k tattoos

what's a DOTR?

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Yes get a tattoo. It will make it easier to identify you after you inevitability commit a crime.

>put investment in post to make it biz related

Yeah man tattoos guaranteed 10x moon mission

It's related because some companies prefer to hire people with tattoos because they are good risk takers

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I heard that a lot of old people now are thinking of getting tattoos. Theres a good chance a culture would develop and that those with the tattoos would be seen as the cool ones so the potential for growth is there no doubt


Kek in the old day tattoo's woud stand for drop-outs of society. My dad got his tattoo by his brother (with a normal needle and ink). Some anti police shit and daggers.

Now it's basically wage slave marks.

Neck tattoos are I think

The only acceptable tattoos are joke tattoos

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This. Tattoos are ultra normie now.

>is ruining your skin a good investement
yes, do it

I would get this tattoo'd on my ass tomorrow


The American normie/pleb uniform.

Short on sides long on top haircut - one arm no tattoos, other arm partial sleeve of tats -drink too much muscle milk while overworking upper body = overdeveloped arms and torso covered in a layer of pudge fat - some facial hair either beard or stubble - possibly gauged ears - possible septum nose piercing

Proof - this image was in the first page of results on my first search term - 2Eazy

People are fucking generic.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA keep telling yourself this

I should note this guy is obviously in better shape than most normie plebs but you get the drift. LIterally all the way down to the fuggin gauged ears, kek.

They're a great way to signal to others that you have terrible impulse control, a subhuman IQ and are generally an all-around trashy human being.

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he looks so much better with his nose hidden, holy shit


That's right, goy

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this guy literally has the physique of me when i was in high school KEK. i was 120 lbs soaking wet. decent arms due to leanness but doesnt even look like he goes to the gym. most likely eats very little and has a decent metabolism. hes trying to pull the adam levine/ david beckham since hes skinny but its a walmart attempt and his face isn't as aesthetic. the chest piece looks phaggy and so does the upside down cross. eyes look fake as fuck and gauges with the hole in the middle look ugly as hell and are too wide. nipple piercing is also borderline homo...

all in all, hes a 5-6/10 mainly due to his hair aesthetics/face. tats did not help at all. take notes from Zyzz, Harrison Twins Pham Vu or Jake Alvarez if you wanna do tats

TLDR: Look like you fucking lift otherwise you won't be able to pull off tats unless you have the face of david beckham




They’re a good investment for damning your immortal soul to the lake of fire for eternity

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Verge has the perfect logo for what it does. It goes down.

>work harder instead of work smarter


You get a free tattoo with every nintendo switch purchase OP.
Dont forget to buy Smash too!!

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I have huge stretch marks on my belly and hips
can I have tattoos on it without deformed look? I am male

topkek i hope this is real. this meme died way too short

chainlink tattoos when?

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lol you sound like a massive booty bothered faggot

Unless a tattoo has some concealed meaning to you. having one usually brands you as an attention seeking bitch.

> usually
there is no way it cannot be for attention, that is literally the whole point

When chainlink makes me a millionaire i will legit have the logo tattooed on my chest

it's the opposite. if you imbule it with some magical meaning, you're a self-absorbed little shitstain

>unironically investing in chainlink

please don't

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Too late, already all in

Actually the real concealed meaning is how pathetic you guys are that you have to add some sort of meaning to ink on someone's body that is normally always hidden in the first place. I think the only tattoo you guys should be worried about is the tattoo imbued on your personalities as shit tier people.

>being this fucking mad at someone else youve never met based on how they look because they look normal attractive while you're a fat neckbeard with no style so you get unreasonably upset

Have fun committing suicide in 2 years bud.

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why was i quoted, are you remorseful?

>all in all, he's a 5-6/10
>you are probably a 1/10 fat neckbeard

Post pics of yourself if you think you actually deserve to talk down to someone faggot.

I don't even have any tattoos, it's just hilarious when fat neckbeards get mad at things that are completely normal. Tell me how someone having a tiny ass tattoo of something meaningful hidden under clothes (90% of people who get tattoos) is attention seeking?

LMAO the state of needing a tattood reminder for this

Guarantee this guy is some plebbit tier pseud as well

I fuckung love tattoos. I can identify stupid people so easily.
And still lmaoing at the Canadian prime minister

tell me why anyone would get a tattoo first? logically it is for attention, what other purpose would it be? if its hidden you still want people to find it, and if you dont want people to find tattoos on you you wouldn't get a fucking tattoo

>tell me, why would anyone save a memory? you just wanna remember it so you can talk about it later, idiot
>why would anyone frame a picture? you just wanna show it off, idiot
>why would anyone take a picture in the first place? if you're just taking a picture of a memory, you just want to show it off to other people idiot!
>why would you paint a picture of something meaningful? you just want to show someone for attention, idiot
>what's that, you wrote in your notebook a meaningful time in your life? you just want someone to read it for attention, idiot

Literally all of these are the same principle of taking something meaningful in your life and memorializing it, you just hate on tattoos which are the exact same pricinple because you probably got sand kicked in your face by a Chad and the first thing you saw was his tattoo as he fucked your crush later that evening.

> be part of the flock, is not like being an individual is more valued

Even though with the new generation of American male drones and feminazis perhaps in a none too distant future not having a bunch of shitless scrabbles all over your face, pink hair and a cock will immediately disqualify you for any upper deck job.

Perhaps you're right, perhaps I should be thinking about my sex change surgery and invest for the future

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as someone who doesn't have any pictures i would agree, and yet still those aren't the same because images can be physically removed in an instant while a tattoo must be surgically removed. a more meaningful comparison are people who get piercings compared to tattoos, another attention seek as those actually are the same fucking thing

I make six figgies and have tats all over my arms.

If you work in a non cucked field it's fine.

Sailor here. Tats required, else you're a layabout land crab who's never been out of sight of land.

Who gives a fuck. If you want a tattoo, do you really need approval from a bunch of dick-skinners on Veeky Forums.. Live your fucking life OP..

>Girls love them
[spoiler]degenerate[/spoiler] women love them

figures a bunch of literal faggots would care so much about brandings

Lmao sailors are faggots. Look at these butt blasted normies defend tattoos

Arbeit macht frei

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Hahahah classic.
Whenever we find out a German is working st a restaurant we are dining at, we give the server this message on paper to give to them.

Most of the times the Germans come out in a fury to find out who wrote it, then we have a grand chuckle and make friends with them.
Germans would be mortified if this kind of humour was going around in they parts

>Girls love them
>Good for getting creative jobs

literally both of these are untrue. only ratchet women like tattoos and only minimum wage jobs are cool with them

Tattoos are the ultimate red flag for low iq

day of the rope

If you have tattoos you'd better be either a sailor or yakuza, otherwise you look like a fucking dipshit

also out of shape people shouldn't be allowed to get tattoos, I hate seeing these pasty faggots get tattoos and think they look hard

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why is his dick coming out of his hip?

so deep

I'm in my 30s, but most women in their 30s I talk to with tattoos usually regret getting them if they even bring their tattoos up.

No "investment" that is a guaranteed loss is good. Creative jobs require creativity. Tattoos are for for posers, way past the tipping point of being edgy, they are as mainstream/boring as it gets. If you can't distinguish yourself without putting ink on your body, you are functionally retarded.

This is literally the mentallity of aspirying artist today. KEEP YOUR FILTHY SOY RIGHTEN HANDS OFF OF CANVAS YOU FUCKING DIGENERATES


> thinks zyzz was anything but a weirdo loner on steroids

his tattoos looks shitty as well

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well done A+

t. knows nothing about modern art and takes some ecelebs uneducated opinion as fact

Don’t get tattoos.

That's just a matter of perception and interpretation.

Some people just use tattoos so as to write their personal journals on their body. The symbolism here is rather strong, those memories will never be erased.

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pajeet too

>Even worse than tattoos
Goodluck with that unemployment

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Can you imagine being so try hard that these words came out of you?

Well maybe this guy bought in at 0.00045 with 10k and sold at 0.23 , can't blame him for taking a tattoo when he went x511 and made 5 Mil.

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Only if you're Jewish. Get something artsy not gangster as it'll increase the lampshade value

A tattoo symbolizes that you’re willing to let another man leave his mark on your body for the rest of your life. The ultimate cuck signifier.

Tattoos are for people with bad memory.

Get a tat then fuck off too reddit
Bonus point points for stars or arabic text