You guys lied to me. Apparently once you "make it" women become easier to find...

You guys lied to me. Apparently once you "make it" women become easier to find. I've been on 3 different dates and as soon as the topic of "what do you do for work" I tell them I am a financial manager. They ask me what company I work for and I say I work for myself they immediately turn into a fake person and I know they're just after my money.

I've also tried to say the "I'm retired" one. Same thing happens they immediately start becoming wayyyyyyy too friendly and immediately ask me what I did to make my money.

As soon as I talk about anything with money women just immediately become fake and not real. Instantly want to get into my personal business about how much I have see etc.

Is it so hard to actually find true love? I just want a partner, a friend, someone who actually loves me for who I am. Someone I can't go without 10 minutes to be by my side. Is that so hard to ask?

If I can't find a real woman I am seriously going to an hero. There's no point to being a millionaire if you can't enjoy the wealth with a future family. Please guys help me. Tell me there's some hope in this miserable world.

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The market isn’t bottoming out. The stock market has been at all-time highs, and still is. The crypto market, on the other hand, is bottoming out because everyone is realizing that every cryptocurrency is more useless than the next. FOMO was the only thing that soared the prices, but that’s gone now. People realized that they weren’t missing out on anything. If you’re planning on making money in the crypto world, good luck! You’re going to need it..

You can always become normal , lose most of your money and then not be able to say that and fix your problem that way. I'd be happy to help if you want to get rid of some :)

If you're hot, they will want to fuck you. If you're not, they will not want to fuck you. It's as simple as that. Nothing else matters. Not money, not your clothes, not anything.

get a hobby m8
find some way to be interesting other than your bank account
and no vidya is not a hobby, most girls aren't into that

Well, maybe it’s an option to not mention money related topics on a date and lie with a lowley wagecuck job to test how she is. Just my 2 cents.

Just dress casual like a normal middle class and dont show off with fancy jewelry/cars and if they ask what you do for a living just tell them you run an online business, dont make it sound like something huge. That's it.

Just say you are investor into really cool companies. Then tell them about said cool companies. Also point out that you like to travel because of huge amounts of money, lots of free time.

Oh wait, you are poor fag who invested in link.

You fucked mate.

Prove you have the money and fuck them and dump em.
Or hide the fact that you have money and try to get women the old and hard way.

What did you think everyone meant when they said once you make it women are easier to find? That women only love you for you when you are also rich?

Don't be a moron. Being financially secure is as attractive to women as a woman having nice tits is to men. It gets you in the door, and then you have to connect on other levels. It's not fucking automatic.

You could always tell them you work at some boring random job like telemarketing or some shit, say you for a cable company or dish whatever, shit wont be interesting enough for them to want more details. Just dont give them any reason to ask about money.

Just say you work at Wal-Mart or some middle income range work, you dumbasshole.

Things you can tell roasties you do that sound normie tier but not "rinse me for all my money"
Independent risk analysis consultant
market analyst
Data systems engineer (this one doesn't have "anal" in the title, so maybe not this one)
Start-up advisor
Don't use the word fund or portfolio, otherwise her eyes will spin round into dollar signs, and do be vague and make out it's boring normal stuff.

fucking noob...just tell them youre a janitor next time...the one that stays with you is the one

This, tell them you invested a couple a grand based on an anime website and got really lucky. Then they will lose respect and act like your a neet again

do like that one movie where the african prince guy started working at mcdonalds and met his chick and she doesnt find out hes a prince until ther all in love and shit at the end of the movie

Create a front company you faggot. Thats what people have been doing for ages. do something creative like take LSD and think of some shit if you can't normally. fucking faggot. create a front business

also don't date slavic women are you fucking out of your mind, they are tougher mentally than most westerners and will fuck your shit up better than a sociopath westerner can pull it off. being shot by her side lover and your money taken right from where your ass where you hid them how does that sound to you, you piece of shit. dont date slavic women

if you weren't boring, women wouldn't care what you do

really if you want to seem interesting just ask women what they like then carry on the conversation from there
I do that with everybody I meet cause people like talking about themselves and it can usually start conversations

it's wrong to think that your money doesn't belong to you. its quantity implies the possible content of your life. this is important information for anyone thinking about living with you. why would you neglect what determines the possibilities within your life and want that your (potential) significant other ignores your circumstances. your money is indeed a quality worth noting, stop crying, fagit

Fuck the bitches to sleep
Good caring women who will stand by your side for life don’t exist anymore
You’re either going to take the red pill or suffer for the rest of your life

Depressing but true. Works both ways though, i feel exactly the same about girls. Oh well at least with money you can just by whores and sexbots

I dont have time to read your blog. But let me just tell you something. ATLEAST YOU GOT FUCKING MONEY. Women throw themselves at me, but im poor as fuck. Money literally runs away from me, had some cash yesterday and it just flew out the window when i opened it yesterday. It was the freakiest thing, it didnt even make sense how it could just get sucked from the other end of the room to the window. On top of that its so extremely windy here that my money just took on a fucking moon mission into the sky. But ill always have girls begging to suck my cock.

women care about money if you have no other redeeming qualities as a man.

If a topic you like starts to be talked about, change the topic. or say some obvious falsehood so that she knows you won't talk about it. It's that easy.
You also will become a little bit of a mystery to them, you'll show yourself as a man with a spine.

Found the Slavic guy.

just pump and dump em like you would xrp

That's only true if your weak. Slavic women value manly men more than other women.

There is no hope, women are miserable gold diggers or big cock chasers, there are no nice wholesome girls who will love you for who you are - it's an illusion

Wonder why media tells you this narrative that women are the fairer sex, all nice sweet and innocent? It's just that - a narrative - a story to tell and hope people fall for it

Women are degenerates, there's no denying it. Ignore roasties, acquire currency.

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dodge answering that or lie if you have to
get an interesting hobby
be interested in them
most important of all however, only like 5% of girls/women are worth interacting with. finding them isn't easy. if you have expectations from porn films, the 'good' girls will seem boring to you
but take a boring, shy girl/woman, with not much life experience, and you can mold her how you like

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Best way is to make friends with a woman at a young age and marry them after dating for years. Barring that I think you should lie about what you do and be prepared to treat it like a job interview where you have no references inside the company... just lie about what you do (say something that doesn’t earn a lot of money) and be prepared to have to try many times before you land a winner

I'd love to have a black gf like this who was into raceplay. She'd dress as a slave and me as a plantation owner, lots of chains and whips involved. Oh man that would be dick-explodingly hot.

this but i don't want to have sex with her i just want a slave

>I just want a partner, a friend, someone who actually loves me for who I am
Pic related

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Where do you meet these women? I would sure love to make money work for me like it does for you with bitches... no woman is interested in me otherwise (kinda ugly) so for me the illusion (girl that wants you for you) vanished since my high school days.

OP they either want you for your looks (90% of girls), money or status. Or a combination of those. No bitch wants you for *you*, they don't even have the IQ to comprehend you most times.

This, dont fall for the slavic women meme

You're missing out then. Imagine pumping her tight poon, the disgust and hatred on her face turning to shame and pleasure as you plough deep inside her pink tunnel. "Say you love me, bitch. Say you love me, and massa gon set you free one day." She closes her eyes, and turns her head away from your face, tears welling up, her supple body shaking with the orgasm she never wanted building inside her. "Say it!" Your dick starts to spill your seed, and her pussy becomes hot and soaked as you fuck the semen filled slave with your last motions. "I-I love you, m-massa" she whispers. You collapse on top of her, your weight smothering her body and her hoped and her dreams. You turn your face close to her, sweat slipping across your skin. "You'll never be free, nigger."

black girls are disgusting

any girl who wants to be with you cause of money is a nightmare waiting to happen.

why? because money is the only way i can attract why?

cause you're irrelevant in the equation. she gives zero fucks about you. just pay some hookers instead.

>Is it so hard to actually find true love? I just want a partner, a friend, someone who actually loves me for who I am. Someone I can't go without 10 minutes to be by my side. Is that so hard to ask?

he fell for the true love meme. fucking idiot.

you are just a beta bucks provider male OP, and the quoted sentence proves it. sorry not sorry.

i don't care about that..i just want to experience what the average joe did in life-stages..i missed out from high-school to university to work-age..i just want to experience that.


listen to me. ive been broke as fuck my whole life. every girl I met; got the starving artist line (im a photographer)

im very handsome and very talented though. ymmv.

anyway, i found the sweetest women ive ever met. i dont pay for shit, but did get her a nice engagement ring (4 years into our relationship) I have been so broke it's not even funny. but i wake up whenever i want and eat good every day.

i live in a really nice house, with a nice gym etc.
basically do my photo gigs, play video games and sleep in. if these stinky ass links take off, I'll pay off our house and get her some nice surprises.

you'll never find a good woman flashing, or on dating websites. find a hobby and act poor. fuck it, get a shitty car too while you're at it.

once you find one that GENUINELY loves you. buy her a shit ton of louis v, a range rover and diamonds.
a modern day beauty and the beast.
good luck. be patient. nothing worth having comes easy

stopped reading at handsome.

Handsome is like playing on very easy or with cheats. Average looks is hard difficulty and ugly is nightmare difficulty.

you're not experiencing anything remotely similar to what they've gone through. its completely fake.

also, if you're rich how ugly you really are?
work out
go to a dentist
got to a hair transplant clinic if necessary.
nose/jaw surgery
bam, you're better looking than probably 90% of the world.

Negative. Fully nigs are basically manly af, but bleached nigs- that's the shit you want. Get a nig that's actually a half caste, and breed that one with a whitey, and you got a mostly normal, 3/4 civilised, exotic darky that you would open your wallet to fuck.

you are entitled to your opinions, but they are filthy and disgusting

i'd rather a white whore than a subhuman

Pic of an Octoroon. Tell me you wouldn't fuck this, and I will concede defeat on the matter.

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>zero tits
>weak face stucture
>eyes too wide, "cow look"
>lips too small, ugly shape
>jew hair, looks like she mops the floor with it
are you fucking sorry?

well just keep that topic lowkey?

>finally get a date
>she talks about feminism and mansplaining
>the bill comes
>she doesnt pay for jack shit

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better ask how much the bitch makes/has stashed and burst out with laughter spitting food in her face. that'll teach her

gayfag master race.crypto rich and don't give a fuck about putting up with womyn

Step 1. Donate Eth to me
Step 2. I will help you write your resume (it can be faked.)
Step 3. Hand in said resume to potential boomers hiring for a Normie job.
Step 4. Delete portfolio, exchange accounts, wallets, burn paper wallets.
Step 5. Get drunk tonight and start a barfight, make sure to get knocked out hard, this will cause you to loose all memory of your crypto adventure.

Final form is to live normie life, with a normal job and looking for bitches to fuck on tinder.

find a woman who has money too

that while wiping tears from laughing away with some slick ol 500€ notes

pick up an outdoor hobby and then lie that is how you somehow make your money

I concede, sir. I concede you are beyond help, and should return to /pol/ to trade in half baked theories as to why literally everything in the news is a false flag, and why Hitler was the greatest hero who ever lived.

KYS fucking kike. We don't need more disgusting mongrel mutt sub-humans polluting the streets. It's hard enough to go outside as it is

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>if you don't like black girls you are instantly /pol/
back to r*ddit with you

Race mixing is the future. Get used to it. I don't like blacks acting like animals, but what's wrong with ocroroons or quadroons who are essentially white? Just raise them in white culture and don't let them use ebonics, and you're fine.

It's not black girls who are the question. No-one likes black girls. It's white girls who have small ammonts of black in their genes.

No thanks rabbi

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fun fact: modern germans are basically 98% russian. so hitler did have a purpose after all - it was all just a plot so our slav masterrace soldiers could massively get laid and fill german women vags with hot russian cum.

on the topic: you are just incapable of evaluating proper bitch aesthetics because you either thirsty af or live among ugly ass bitches (like english or americun)

Oy Vey! I've been found out!

>"what do you do for work"?
> I am a financial manager. I work for myself
>It's tough but I make ends meet. The markets can be brutal

wew that was so hard
now your money situation sounds like anyone else's

>Is it so hard to actually find true love?
You've been watching too many Disney films buddy. It might be hard to hear but in reality 'love' isn't really a thing, it's all made up.

I would bleach that mutt but hitler was unironically the greatest hero who ever lived

Why be fucking transparent then?

Don't tell them your real job instead just say like you own a pizza job or work as a bartender and all. If they not interested they will go and unlucky for them because of their greed they will still be low. Unless they wanna get a sugar daddy and suck old dodolo.

go to church
plenty of tight puss there


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Today I see it the work of fate that providence decided I should be born at Brannau on the Inn.

I agree. I just don't hate blacks. Did Hitler hate blacks? No. He thoughts of them as a lesser race. And also, whites with a touch of black are hot. I don't see a problem with my philosophy, desu.

you aren't white unless your dad is white.

Is no-one going to credit me for pairing my quote with the 88 get?

>hint at being rich
>get offended when people receive the message

you're literally the equivalent of a roastie getting mad at people staring at her cleavage.

This. The only thing people like talking about more than their life, is themselves. Provide them every opportunity to talk about themselves while adding to the conversation and you’ll be seems as smart and mysterious.

Just lie tell them you do it work from home or if you have a hobby tell them you make a living doing that. If you find someone who likes you for you come clean if you wish and tell her in the past women have only been interested in your fat stacks.

Gets pregnant you have to give her money every month for the next 18 years who's the slave now nigger. How have you not heard of the old keep a nigga baby?

If she were legit an actual slave, it wouldn't matter. Tell her she can keep the kid if she sucks you off, then sell it anyway.

take a shower and get a haircut you absolute faggot
also lower your standards, date a girl in your league
I could've told you that ''making it'' wasn't gonna change shit
The whole point of making it is the journey and effort towards making it
It distracts you from all the hellish bullshit, you fags just don't listen

you need to rope yourself user
a vrigin like you will never fuck or legally ''rape'' anyone

So just fucking fake it then? Buy a normal middle class car, and get a shitty job lol. (BACK TO WHERE YOU FUCKING STARTED BUT AT LEAST YOU KNOW YOU WILL BE FINANCIALLY SECURE).

Besides, you should be working somewhat even if you are rich to maintain your social skills.

How did you get these dates? Saying youre a financial manager to someone you met on tinder is the male equivalent of pic related; shallow people get with shallow people. You need to try to get dates with people with similar interest so you can actually connect with them, find local groups or use an actual online service.

There are good girls out there user, they just aren't the ones wasting time posting on social media all day.

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That makes no sense. You didn't have to "make it" to say that. Besides, "working for yourself" doesn't sound good to most people. Together with financial manager it sounds like you're some kind of scammer.

Only if you're a pansy ass westerner

Say you have a non disclosure agreement and can't talk about work. Will definitely get them intrigued and you can just carry on with the date without talking about it.

stash the cash, find the girl, then pull back out the money. Be normie with a hidden cash reserve.

Needy as fuck. Have some self respect man.

Yeah, "working for myself" or "self employed" sounds like you're homeless to most people because a lot of people who say that are just bums.

You need a business front like the other user said.
>Oh, I run a small business, we work with some companys doing x and y.

cheez. talking about 1st world problems... You need to be lucky to find a girl. You can increase that probability by joining a group. (like go do a class or a group were also girls participate in) Do not bring up your money only when the subject gets there. Understand that your money is not important for socializing and having a good time. However, it is important in that when it finally gets there and you get a good vibe with a girl you like you can actually take her out and care for her. This is impossible for poor guys like me. So even when I get a good thing going I can't keep a girl I really like because I do not have the resources.

"I'm between jobs right now." The ones who go on another date are worth pursuing. You can tell the truth if it ever gets serious enough.

i say unemployment, and theres a $30 limit to the first date- unless she wants to chip in. if they go with this they like you for you. fuck em if they cant take a joke

No such thing as wanting you for you.

She wants you because she likes your looks or she likes your money, or a combination. Stop being cucks about it.

is this pasta?

Nice buttlarp.