100+ IQ discussion

>UK trade war with russia
>US trade war with china
>unsustainable current monetary system
>crypto under scrutiny and banned in many countries, as it threatens systems.
>((they)) know fiat systems will collapse soon, trump chosen as sacrificial puppet.
>stock markets in a period of very high volitility, reached the top of the parabola.

If none of you see that we're on the verge of ww3 then you can't be saved. This war will be like the cold war in a way, no actual physical warfare will take place but it will be as damaging as that, economic warfare. We are in a time period between the end of the traditional monetary system and the start of a new one. Precious metals, crypto, certain assents and homes will be the only safe haven in my opinion

What are your thoughts non-retarded anons?

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this board man....

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>100+ iq
>non retarded
try 125+ minimum

139 IQ here. Interesting topic but I'm not willing to participate in a discussion with retards (anyone below 120).

If you havent realized after 9/11 that the illuminati exist you cant be saved.

Alex Jones was right all along and Ron Paul is not there to help us anymore.

140 iq here, the general feeling surely feels like but you are delusional believing jews arent one step ahead

i wish i was a jew

Tried to warn others, the market will crash. Within now and the next 6 months. And the fucked up thing is that goverments (America, EU etc.). Can't protect us with lowering the interest.

See the pattern in story every once in a while jews create a scheme to subjugate the masses when the scheme stops working they create a new one, guess what the scheme has stopped working

excuse, forgot to add related picture

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I'm Australian, living in the UK, and honestly I don't understand how no one can see the signs here.

WW3 is coming up fast. The latest farce is the Russian spy who just happened to be killed at the best time it would suit the UK government to give them more sanctions. And with a 20+ year old nerve agent, the formula for which is known across the planet and is hence readily replicated. Now Russian diplomats have been given the order to leave the country.

I'm just a small fry, and I don't want to live here but I'm studying here. What the fuck can I do to protect myself?

If you'd seen the huge media shift, the growing desperation, failing infrastructure, escalating military confrontation and the attempts to paint China/Russia as subhuman pushover enemies (Whose lives don't matter), you would have caught a glimpse of what is to come.

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I dont know user but sure as fuck i wont die/hurt myself for the sake of any country/race i need to make it buy a house in a remote forrest and retire

If you are non-White and Asian-looking, you are fucked.

140.19 iq here. BTC $121k EOD.. screencap this

I'm white

I don't have the capital to get something like that

Read up what are consequence of avoiding the draft

140 IQ here, all of the above will be irrelevant. Technological innovation like space discovery and AI will make the current finite resources infinite.Nations will no longer be competing with each other for resources. Remember we have never been this advanced as a human race and the advancement continues to be exponential. Also, these days wars are not as easy for governments to accelerate as the the media cannot be controlled as history suggests.

Eastern European/Russian?
If so, you will face considerable discrimination and more outright hostility.

French/German/Western/Northern European/American?
No more than the usual.

tis easy user,
hold bitcoin, hold gold
and learn a practical trade so you contribute to your new anarchist community
all you soyboy white colour cucks are going to be jobless and useless as the bereucracy of the state collapses and is no longer needed

Yeah sure good luck at those faggots trying to find me in the middle lf fucking Iceland in a remote house surrounded of landmines and a radar system, good luck wasting all that money to find me while also fighting a world war

Uh okay. Didn't really expect to discuss how I might be victimised by racism, more about how to weather the coming financial war

iq 100 in usa is equal to iq 130 in the rest of the world

The """""trade war"""""" is irrelevant, but China *is* going apeshit under Jinping. He's grabbed his place in power by the balls and is never ever letting go.

Invest in defense stock etfs. They will be making reductions amounts of money once the order catalogues come in. Precious mortals are homes are meme investments and won't be much better than holding cash.

The problem is the Market is supposed to have crashed in 2016/2017 but had been put under indefinite life support.
The Government simply does not have the tools to pull a 'rescue package' like in 2008

Move to the Cayman Isles and buy Gold.
Or be like Soros/Big Whales and short US stocks

Yeah thats because the internet is completely different from different countries do they have google in the usa?

>high iq
considering you only learned about this now tells me alot

>no actual physical warfare
+ iq

Sorry op u r going to have to leave.

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Wrong.The issue is not on the markets, the issue is Government debt ( All of them ).

There’s no possible TRANSITION into what you’re describing without a complete reshuffle of the political and economical structures of the world. You’re leapfrogging a lot of practical steps not your dreamland.


Most of you guys are 80iq apes.

Hi 85IQ confirmed here

It's not going to happen like that OP

Govts will continue life support for a couple of years and try to buy russia back like we did in the 90s and continue to contain china

These countries have already got their fingers in various coins to mitigate the fall out from the reset. A shift to a BRICS led economy with china having bch and neo, russia waves, india espers. Hopefully a pedo roundup takes out vitalik and brock pierces projects.

People think they are afraid of crypto, it's their enslavement tool. They just have to create an appealing narrative to get people on board and forgetting about the fact they've been warned of this time thousands of years ago.

Russia is smart as hell. Why do you think they killed the spy with gas and not hired a guy who kill him with a gun. Now russia can blame the UK for accusing them for the crime where there is no evidence against them. So they claim to be the victim and show other spy to dont play a double roll against them.

Russia didn't do shit it's a false flag event by MI6 to get a Russian diplomats out of the country. Why? I'm not sure but I would bet my left nut that the burgerfingers are involved and are using UK as puppets to push anti-Kremlin propoganda.. there's something big coming up bois

Fuck I am so glad I got out of that pupet country

imagine being this fucking deluded...

The UK has a diplomatic conflict with Russia, not a trade war since their mutual trade is close to 0 you 78 iq imbecile. And the US has a trade war with the EU more than China

Just buy gold and ignor the fud

This is true. Can not be denied.

If you wanna know how the whole thing plays out read the book of revelation. The information as to how you can protect yourself also lies therein.