I just got confirmation about the upcoming bullrun. By the end of 2020...

I just got confirmation about the upcoming bullrun. By the end of 2020, the total market cap will be >20 Trillion dollars, and Bitcoin will have lost it's top spot. Everyone in crypto right now will make it, but it will come at a terrible cost for the whole world with regards to freedom. Blockchain will unironically be used to control the populace even more, 1984 will be childplay.

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Fuck I thought they were just going to be ironic about it

This is truly the end isn't it


All in Monero train.

Privacy coins are the future.
Personally, Ive loaded up on turtlecoin, seems like it has a more profitable future compared to monero

blockchain makes human RFIDing actually viable

It's so much closer to massive adoption than you can imagine.

ITT: We make terrifying doomsday theories without constructing them from the ground floor.

I shall name these 'floating theories'. Please build from ground up

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The question is, What will be on the top spot?
By the way, blockchain and the RFID is the mark of the Beast. The 2000 year old prophecy.

What confirmation are you talking about?

It exists already, talked about on Veeky Forums rarely - once a week maybe.

Keep an eye on the news in the next days/weeks. Especially China, which will be the first country to start the revolution to blockchain.

Everything depends on bitmain. This is a fucking monopoly game

ethereum network is a giant disembodied supercomputer that is designed to run the entire machine world. People have no idea how dramatically the world is gonna be changing, blockchain technology will advance with other developments such as 5g and advanced robotics becoming much cheaper


Yes im all in on elastos long for these reasons . Bitmain pushed me over

>I want to believe

Looking forward to your pink wojak on Monday

But this will only happen if we keep drinking the bull cum.


Oy vey did i say crypto was bad no no no crypto is good now BUY BUY BUY

Eth is already cracking from the endless retard games. If they wanna run the machine network gonna need ada or at least eos

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The best path for real freedom then is to be filthy rich by then

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This is exactly why banks are about to pour billions into it

We are at the same stage the internet was in the early-mid 90s. People are way too focused on the BTC/USDT chicken shit dimension and not enough on the technology

OP, share your pick with us. I’ve been trying to figure this out. I’ve narrowed it down to EOS, ETH . What’s your take?