Request Network is a platform

>Request Network is a platform
>the platform will be built upon
>whenever anyone uses anything built upon its platform tokens will be burnt
>if multiple apps built upon the platform get adopted the token burn would make Hitler jealous
>price should sky rocket
Why havent you bought REQ yet?

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What happens when all the tokens are burnt? Or when the circulating supply is so low that the tokens become unusable due to the high price?

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I have Legolas. Same principle, better fundamentals.

Comfy on 108k. What people don't realize is that req is a long term hold. It isn't supposed to moon yet. When it gets addopted, like eth for example, you will see real returns.

Or we get another bullrun and every coin on the market gets pumped to Jupiter but then it doesn't matter too much what doin you hold anyway.

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Waiting for the dip

Is Legolas already for sale yet? Or just ico still?

We'll already be filthy rich by then. It doesn't matter.

>waiting for the dip
it's been in dip mode for months user
isn't Legolas just another fucking exchange?

The Tokens have 18 decimals. As the token supply decreases, the amount of REQ burnt decreases as well. Also you could just Fork it in the future to give it more decimals or more tokens, although that’s not planned.

we all become weird and creepy :^)

nigga stop shilling it, I need to accumulate

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That's not the concern. The true concern is that YOUR tokens might get burned when mainnet launches. It's too much risk honestly, I pulled out.

Comparing legolas to req...

Weak FUD.

>Thinks I'm literally retarded

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The price has been Req’d for weeks now, user.

I'm not fag. Was just curious.

>he thinks a long term hold bleeding matters
it's not even out yet user
this is something that could really get crypto out of the purely speculative market and into something that likes use cases, if it gets adopted of course

You can buy it on Bibox.
Yes, and exchange coins tend to do extremely well.

so why are you comparing an exchange coin to a coin setting up a platform?

Piggybacking apopular topic on Veeky Forums

This is the dip

all-in since October. Not even sweating. REQ is a long-term hold. see you fags in 2020

>Bought 10k req @ .25 - .30 a piece back in November
>Shit almost hits a dollar back in December
>Fuck yeah everything is gonna be all right
>Current price is .17 cents


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$100 EOY

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100 eoy kek wills it

REQ is the promise of blockchain.

Massive, massive disruption in the financial and accounting industries was one of the first obvious use cases for blockchain. Request is an entire platform developed to lend itself for this use case, with currently no other competitors with a similar scope as it.

This platform holds the most disruptive potential out of ANY second layer project on the market today. It is the #1 project built on top of Ethereum, and it is currently almost #100 coinmarketcap. If you do not own REQ you are ignorant and deserve to be poor

See you in 20 months to post screencaps of FUD to laugh at.

>tfw developing a major app on top of REQ that will make me a shitload of REQ and also cause massive token burn


C-care to say more user?

shhh...its coming out in july. keep your eyes peeled.

The price of crypto in general has been bleeding since December.

The bubble collapsed user. Some projects are going to survive some are not.

Request Network is one that will survive and when the bear market finally end sometime in 2021 Request Network will be one of the best projects and make you rich.


or you can just buy the platform REQ will use for their services.

that's link

Nottu this shittu agen.

>Massive, massive disruption in the financial and accounting industries was one of the first obvious use cases for blockchain

I'm so glad there are still people on this board that understand this. Blockchain changes everything about auditing and accounting forever. Just read the REQ yellow paper and understand that this is the real deal. I love the quiet confidence that comes with holding REQ.

I literally am too excited for this. I came for the money a long time ago, but the technology of REQ sucked me down the rabbit hole

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So here's the thing user. I want to like Req. But do you really think PayPal, Visa, MasterCard are going to let this little guy play in their court? I own some Req because I like the idea, but this is longshot hodl if there ever was one.

The burn is logarithmic and will never really reach 0. But you'll need to be in early to see significant gains.


If you don't think the bear market is literally ending in April, you're a dumbass that doesn't realize it's no longer just neets driving the prices, but Goldman, IBM, Thailand and Japanese banks, and fucking a ton of big players

I see people say 2 year bear market and I realize that these are the people you make money off of.

Can you explain what they could actually do to stop REQ?

They have no competition because the fees are far less than what those other companies would be able to operate on.

please my lovely bagholding friends, validate my existence

Holy shit that'd be toooo funny

revolut hopes to use request to easily allow users to fund their revolut account by transferring eth/bitcoin from their own wallets
currently you can only purchase/sell crypto with revolut
expect this to be one of the main partnerships after the mainnet release