Daily reminder that if you don't hold at least 5000 RLC you won't make it

>daily reminder that if you don't hold at least 5000 RLC you won't make it

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I dont want some senpai, but dont have anymore money left :( Bought ADA and ETP..

I do want some*

>iExec is invited at IBM Think 2018 in Las Vegas - March 19-22, 2018

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this and binance coin are all I believe in these days
after I get some sweet gains, I might go back into link

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But what is the realistic end price for this?


delet this

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40/50$ is realistic.
150+ in 2020.

What are the last news ?

based on what ?

Ive been eyeing this for weeks now. Once i make some more dough ill surely be getting some of these..
Ever since i saw the thread from the user talking about potential moons of rlc and eng i really am intrigued

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500+ for cloud computing? What am i missing?

Nothing. If he had a proof or a reason he would've posted it originally.

IBM rumors and V2 coming in spring
GIMP dApp or something too
market cap as well as cloud computing cap in 2020
>he thinks it's just cloud computing
just wait til you see what iexec is capable of. Crypto 5.0

Well explain. What else do they aim to do?

Pretty comfy hold, next couple of months are gonna be great!

DYOR, biggest computing power provider, dosent own any computers

he won't. RLC shills all spew this same donald trump style bullshit. "they will do all the things. it's going to be incredible. you can't even comprehend all the things" in reality this will never be able to compete with aws or any other centralized cloud

good luck building decentralized apps on a centralized cloud

seems to be working just fine for the thousands of dapps that have already been built

LOL there going to be working in conjunction with some big dog u dum shit. why the fuck would ibm be showing so much interest in rlc by inviting them to the openfog consortium and the conference on monday. think logically idiot, why would anyone invite any potential competitor to their own conference if it wasnt because they want to work with them. god damn ppl are straight dum