I just opened a long on IOTA USD

i'd say a retracement from 5$ to 1$ is enough dont you agree biz?

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you are gonna get fucked

no, im pretty sure it will go to 0.8018
and then biggest bullrun to $10

Are you drunk?

nope pretty sober


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just hand me those Giotas instead of gambling them away

also one more sneeze coming from BTC and you'll pretty much be ded

You must hate money.
Only IDIOTAs invest in IOTA

you're not looking at the risk vs reward ratio at all

well I love IOTA and own it, but I consider it a gamble already

But if you've got >26GIs to potentially blow on this good on you man, I wish I could say the same from me

do you know if anything major (news) is coming up soon for IOTA i cant find much apart from a couple TV interviews on the 20th of march

potentially yes, but huge news for IOTA have been notorious for causing -10% drops lol, iota hater whales suppressing the price, so act accordingly to this

do yourself a favor, maybe only gamble away 15GI, store 10 away just in case and send me one as a thank you for saving you from potential liquidation, I'll take good care of it I promise

>you're not looking at the risk vs reward ratio at all
Ughhhhhh, are you? If it goes to 80c (note: likely), you get liquidated. You lose all your money put up. Do you have a SL?

actually i only lose 50% not all of it

>liquidation price
No, you lose the amount you have put on margin for it. Fuck me.

dude... maybe, just maybe, margin trading ain't for you

have you never used bitfinex? their liquidations are 15% times the margin which is 3.3x not 100% like bitmex

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you both have never even used bitfinex... i've been margin trading for 2 years and i've been liquidated before i know its capped at 50% max

welp, I don't margin trade so on either mex nor finex, so guess you have a point

still saying it's risky as fuck, wouldn't want to lose "only" 13 GI due to btc shitting the bed, but good luck nonetheless, hope it goes out well for you.

thank you, i'm just taking good odds I know its sorta gambling but the odds are in my favor in my opinion

Looks good user, gl

closed it at 10% profit cause bitcoin sneezed

the risk/reward is looking really bad.
In my opinion it's very likely that IOTA goes to 50ct and very unlikely that it goes above 2$ again.
It's in a very strong downtrend right now, you shouldn't trade against it.

>Going long in a bear market
Wew lad, bear markets are unpredictable.

what makes you think that..?

I would disagree with all the things IOTA's got in the pipes, but still interested in your opinion

Iota is a scam

35c to 50c

if you are long iota/usd then you must also be bullish on btc/usd, which would clearly be retarded

everything can at least drop another 50%