Up or down

So /biz bros, in your opinion, will this shit goes down 19/20 march when everyone will have his xNode.
Or will it maintain it's price because there will be low supply in circulation because of holder for xNodes ?

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Don't really care what it does. If you don't hold this you are too stupid to win at crypto.

well the goal is to sell at the top to buy cheaper after 20 june

what happens 20 june?

shit 20 march sorry, xnodes program ending

This shit is straight to the bottom chinkshit. Dump it. I bought in at $4 sold at $5.

talking in $ and not in sats proves your a faggot

if i hold it for 1 year i dont have to pay any taxes. its the only coin with a product at an early stage and so i dont sell. i dont care if it goes down 10% and goes up again two months later.

Honestly, OP, I could see it skyrocketing if enough people move off the exchange. Generally, if you were to look at it from a macroeconomic standpoint, the demand will remain the same with a lower supply and cause the price to rise. Using John Nash equilibrium, we can see that price will increase due to the continual demand growing from traders and holders to buy (FOMOing in) prior to March 19th UTC 12:00.

Granted, Thor will still be given out in Binance regardless of how much you possess, but those who have XNodes will (considered “VETerans” will be offered a reward program: receiving large quantities of Thor from earlier adoption and confidence in their project)

In addition, ranked out of all cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin and Ethereum) it is Number 1 for real world use from coincheckup.com

I’d recommend everyone to put all their funds into this one currency, even though this is seen as highly risky.

I’m a poorfag, so I won’t reach NODE Status but I’d advise anyone to pinch their pennies as I see VET reaching subpar in the region of $500-$1000 within the coming fiscal year.



Sold it all on the way up trying to swing trade an extra 300 or so to get x node. Need it to dump to 44k by the 20th or I'm out.. I'll buy it on the dump some other time. I'm out of money and not gonna fomo in anymore.

Honestly, I'd expect a sell the news meme, but this isn't really an announcement, so no one really knows.

I agree with all what you said but $500-1k is ludicrous and would only be seen if we had a bubble in whole of blockchain space off the charts more than dotcom in next year
Temper your expectations

Deluded. Not even about the price figures but ur guess about effect of x nodes on 20th too.

If vet hits 1k btc will be 100k. Along with everything else mooning

I respect your input. And you’re probably right in lowering my expectations for price prediction. So I’ll estimate it being around $150-$350 by the beginning of next year ($350 if we get lucky). I just have high hopes for this coin because it’s performed well for itself, and I’m still kicking myself in the ass for not buying in sooner. But I know I’ll never reach a node but anything in this project will amount to something.

I just base my figurative analysis on the sole prediction of adoption in percentiles. Assuming that we are currently, either between the ranges 0.083% to 0.83% adoption; if we were to see an adoption of 10%, then bitcoin would be between the range of $120,000 (from 0.83% toward 10.0%) to $1,200,000 (from 0.083% toward 10.0%) per bitcoin.

But truly, I cannot see bitcoin reaching $1.2 million within a year let alone 5 years, while reaching $50k per BTC is possible by mid next year.

I feel worse. Had 13k but fucked up sone swing trades and can only afford 9k now.

Friend is securing a node for me because he doesn’t want to hold long anyway. Hopefully i can buy back in after 20th. Wont dare buy at a local high point, always ends badly and its what got me into this mess.

Likewise, bizbro. I tried swing trading but fucked myself sideways.

I have a question for you though, do you absolutely need a hardware wallet to set up a wallet on MEW or would it just be an online wallet? I’m confused about this since Im literally a poorfag don’t even have enough on an exchange

It's just too fucking chinky

>$10 eom
>$100 mainnet Q2
>$300 eoy

hahahaahah can't believe Vechainfaggits still come out with this crap.

it aint going under 45 again before the 20th

True. But then again so are a majority of products sold in the USA. Some of the largest brands of products are assembled and built in the Chinese Factory City or EUPA (80% of products from some of the largest engineering firms such as Bosch, GE, etc), which has attributed to their exponential economic growth over the past decade.

There’s a documentary on this town where the workers live, go to school, and work in.

Here’s a link for anyone whose interested:

Hardware wallets like trezor just manage your private key for you. Its encrypted and never exposed to the internet.
Normally to spend you need to expose a password to a network by logging in to a wallet or expose a private key by typing it in on a computer connected to the internet.

Its more secure with a hardware wallet. However you can just make an adress of MEW and log into it easily. Security measures can be taken like never using private key to spend, but keping it stored on paper written down.
You can store the file on backup drives too.

Its oretty easy and i would say you are at low risk if you have a clean computer. I have a hardware wallet but slso have loads of mew hot wallets with funds in them. Not worried

I’m not a Walton-fagaroo or a Vechain-chinkaroni but this project might be one of the only surviving coins from the other shitcoins like Link/Req/Fun

I sort of agree that is seems unreal. But anyone who made the same call about ETH or NEO a year ago would probably be mocked in the same way. Seeing how strong of a coin VET is I don't think its anywhere near impossible.

You're a poorfag because you're a fucking moron. You'd recommend people go all in on this shit? Lmfao. Please unironically kys. Thanks

I said that I wouldn’t advise going all in on one coin, but you obviously have a reading disorder from previous replies.

I’d play into your troll attempts and give you a comeback, but if I wanted to give you a good cumback I’d wipe it off your mother’s chin.

You, sir, are a faggot that sucks on his father’s wittle bitty Walton pee pee.

I lost all the VEN I bought at 38K selling at 44K because I thought it was about to dip.

But luckily that was just what I had on Binance. Still have a few thousand VEN on a wallet somewhere

All you need to know is that, no matter where bitcoin is, supply and demand ultimately drives the market.
Who are Vechain's investors, what companies are they actively working with, what is their vision and how currently capable are they of realizing it?
They have major investors that know what they're doing, they are working with a live product with some of the biggest companies in the world - right now - meaning the potential for millions of transactions occurring on their blockchain, also meaning these companies hold the door open for meetings with Fortune 500s and many more, and they currently have a team of 40 developers and are hiring 100 more making them the largest team of any project.

Not sure what the price of VET/VTHO will be in the near future, but based on all these facts I can't see anything else competing.

how can you possibly put REQ in the same category as fun
jfc can't wait for these cunts to realise what REQ is. But they won't take notice until it's already taken off

It's going to be so glorious posting my screencaps of shit like this in a year or two and laughing at you

>but if I wanted to give you a good cumback I’d wipe it off your mother’s chin.

Did you really just unironically throw chat that everyone has known since they were 13 years old? Holy shit dude get some new material that shit is like calling someone a scoundrel or a ne'erdowell. fucking christ mate

Are you retarded? See:

>I’d recommend everyone to put all their funds into this one currency

Dumbass shill.

And why do you assume I like Walton? They're a fucking scamcoin too.

Neo was 8million market cap with no marketing and ppl throught it was a scam.daily volume would be like 200k usd.

Please stop comparing everything to nro its pathetic

I need to say one more thing. This Vechain vs. Walton feud was a pretty smart thing for y'all's dumbass communities. Dismiss all criticism as coming from the other side so you all can stay in your little idiot bubbles.

The vast majority of the crypto world (except for dumb money) realizes that BOTH coins are scam chink coin vaporware bullshit. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

If you're not a paid shill, how about you read up on your little scam before you go irresponsibly shilling it to other people. If you are a paid shill, you suck at your job. Example: your future price analysis was maybe the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Stay in school.

44k ven losers sound off!

>35 posts in
>no walties
top kek
Did every single waltfag sell at this point?

probably killed themselves.


Does stellar allow wash trading? If so that's probably what yesterday's 10mill buy was...op trying to instill confidence in this bs to attract new money. It didn't work though so I guess he's gone now. Oh well at least this is pretty fucking hilarious.

Oop rong thred lul

Can't believe how fucking dumb yous are Biggest cucks of crypto. Everyone is laughing at you.

I can laugh when they begging me on the street for some THOR

>Already working product
You realize one contradicts the other?