Tfw homeIess

>Tfw homeIess

What coins will go up 1000% in the next month?
This isn't a LARP. I really am homeless. I went to a food bank 2 days ago, and literally slept in a park. My phone is the only possession I have left to my name.

>inb4 larp

I watched everyone on Veeky Forums get rich meanwhile I'm in the gutter

Do I just kill myself now or what?

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Job at McDonald's is probably the best coin

Where are you now? Post pic.

The garbage behind McDonald's has some edible food sometimes. That's your best coin nao.

This. Post a pic. Some of us are nicer than you think.

Go and live in a forest and hunt / trap for food. Cities are shit places to subsist because everyone wants something. Make yourself a /cozy/ hide, and enjoy living wild enough you have enough welfare to sort your life out and return to civilisation.

How do you have money to invest into any coin if you're literally going to a foodbank and sleeping in a park?

If you really do have money, buy RIOT stock. Just download Robinhood if you don't have an account with a stock broker, since its completely free. It's going to get a good 10x bump here soon once the contract for acquiring the company they're using to open their cryptocurrency exchange goes through. Sell then so you got some money for now, but make sure to buy back in after it falls a bit, because it's going to moon even harder once they actually open the exchange in the summer.

Have you considererd turning tricks in an alley? Guaranteed return on investment.

This is possible but very tough.
OP is gonna need a lot of info which he can get through his phone but he'll need electricity (doable with a solar charger) and internet (this is gonna be a bigger problem in a forest).

Learn bum symbols.

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>LINK will set you free

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Dude be a seaman till you have enough to have a roof

Free food

Wouldn't expect any other advice from here t b h
Just venting before i end up kms

Pic of what?
[email protected] and i will send proof if you think its larp or w.e.

Easier said than done user. I dont think people realise how cold nights are

I don't have much about 300 dollars but maybe it can turn into more if a coin did 10x or something that isnt uncommon in crypto although the markt is down accross the board


I tried doing that its too difficult because unless you have your own land to grow food etc its pretty much not going to happen

Hibernate onboard ship

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Where you from user

don't be cruel, he said he's homeless.

Get STCW user or ship owner will sponsor you

Life onboard free food free rent

The world doesn't have enough seamen

Quit after you have enough user

do you do this?

Thanks just bought 1 share with my free $10. That's the other thing OP, you get free $10 if you sign up for robinhood. Also try handing out your binance refer all number to everyone in town. Tell all the other bums that they can get rich on link, sign them up for binance, and all the sudden you're the Lord of the bums. Satoshi Nakahobo

I'm a marine engineer user

Go to the Navy recruiters, be young enough and don't tell them anything that will disqualify you. Don't have a criminal record don't admit you've done drugs assuming you're clean now and not just be you're broke. Then be smart enough to pass the ASVAB which is easy and healthy enough to pass physical. Put your 300 in EOS and ship out to basic on the next available bus. Sign up for the bonds at boot camp, interest rates are going to rise so don't screw it up like I did by opting out 6months later.

Merchant Navy are less stringent

Good luck user

(((Merchant Navy)))

Sounds good, unironically
I dont have a degree
I dont have any of that shit I'm just broke
Thanks for the info user

You don't need a degree user

Just STCW will land you a job as able seaman

Dude just Google/youtube

Checkout marinetraffic

You don't even have to know English

Free food free rent and paid

Go hibernate for a year or two

STCW - sponsored by companies

If you want to gamble try Payfair
It MIGHT moon when it gets adopted.
Its basically crypto ebay but its a high risk but also high reward

>no record no drugs
You might be able to get in. Are you 25 or younger.

Find your local recruiter

Here are the current signing bonuses depending on what job you qualify for at the ABSVAB.

You can sign 2 year contracts in the navy (smaller bonus ofc)

Thanks for the info user that sounds great I am looking now

If you are above 25 you can still be a seaman onboard oil tanker in texas

You can join the Navy until you're 30 and they just upped the bonuses, you get benefits for the rest of your life and GI Bill : college paid for, VA, insurance, home loan, etc. And you'll be part of a devoted club of successful people who want to help you.

might not be advisable if you're too close to 30 but that's just my opinion, you'd have to be humble.



what do you do? how Veeky Forums do you need to be?

Not that fit really, in the navy. Probably the least demanding branch physically. You'll be tested on pushups, sit-ups, jogging. The recruiters would help you get in shape, it's their job. They might even let you sleep in the office or their van (or maybe not).

Call your recruiter, they'll be friendly, they'll tell you everything you need to know and try to get you in there. If you get a good grade on the Asvab make sure you get your job guaranteed before you sign (DONT GO OPEN CONTRACT). Try to lock in a bonus.

There are a lot of different jobs the recruiter can advise you on. The abbreviations on the bonus list I linked you are codes for jobs "MOS"s. You can prob look them up online.

Join the military. Easy for Americans no?

Dont want to fight for the you know whos

is this actually a thing?

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No. Its like those "this is how teenagers text and what new slang means" articles

No coin will go up 1000% in 10 years let alone a month. Crypto gains are over. You people are just delusional because you think the "once in human history" period of crazy gains like in 2017 will be repeatable. protip: it won't.

Zilliqa my friend. This is like buying ETH and NEO at ICO prices. Pic related to why zilliqa is the next big thing. Good luck.

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You can still make it just be patient and don’t spend more than you owe I don’t spend too much money as of lately due to the market looking strange.

Coin suggestion Id say BAT. It has bottomed out in price and Brave ads should be entering Beta in the next month or two; could very well have companies that need this token suddenly needing this token to advertise to 1million+ users. My best guess for 1000x. In the meantime see if you can find some work, anything. Temp agencies are always hiring, as are farms if you can reach theme. Online local ad boards are your friend.