-Coinbase is hiring 500 customer support agents before this summer. 91 already started


-Coinbase is hiring 500 customer support agents before this summer. 91 already started.

Banks buying exchanges

You have NO idea what is coming.

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Please stop. Remember what happened last time?

late adopters can expect mid to low double digit returns, that's all, and significantly lower in coins with huge supplies

Do you know whats coming OP?

I had a dream where women made a function of money in crypto because they all bought ripple as it went mainstream. The early autist adopters who boycotted ripple were confused and disappointed.

who is the ripple waifu?

hopes and dreams

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Oh yes I do.

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......actually 8% of all Americans owning some kind of cryptocurrency is way, way more than I expected. I'm kind of shocked actually. I thought it was like 1-2%.

WOW! Really!?? No Way!!!! You're such an important observer too. Who would have ever guessed reality was different than YOU expected. That's just so crazy, user...

>8% of the population owns cryptocurrency
Yeah, no more big gains now. You are a late adopter if you bought after early 2017.

Gosh. The delusion is real. The dump has not even begun btw. ALTs are going to get crushed on a whole new level that its not even funny.


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Eight percent is far more than I expected. But I realize know that I've been naive. I've only come across a dozen millennials who weren't retards. I should've known that they would fall for the crypto meme.

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>reeeeeee why aren't you adhering to my original autistic definition of words

ripple is a cancer and one day it will get removed

ripple wont be worth anything if there is nothing to trade it against. all this shit is going down. normies know it's worthless and has no real use. the jig is up/

but it HAS a real use user

Main pair is fiat/xrp and whether bitcoin succeeds or fails in the long run has nothing to do with XRPs success. L2P.

>the cope is real
>nocoiner or 6ker

it is way off user, fake news bloomberg. coinbase only had 10 million customers worldwide. world-wide

must be a libtard to think that media outlets know what the fuck they're talking about


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CB should be US CA and AUS, but the bulk are US. If we use households as a better indicator of the total us market, it's about 8%