Downwards parabola soon?

Downwards parabola soon?

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Too obvious IMO. If everyone is anticipating it then it won't happen. More likely a slow bleed with a whole bunch of small dead cat bounces.

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Seems as likely as anything I have seen, but if TPTB decide otherwise then it shall be different. All you can do is plan for all eventualities; rise, drop, crash, slow drop, sideways atc.

Double bottoming at around 6k sounds about right to me.

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>italian flag

Yeah you're fucked mate

This looks like a possibility, then breakdown in april to 3k.


pls not that commie song

Nice Spaghetti flag pattern.

bleed till g20 summit, after summit we will see where we heading to

>pasta pattern

" Tanti contatti quindi ho due iPhone
Due orologi ma non ho troppo tempo
Sto inseguendo i soldi come un touch down
Soldi in mano, no assegni "

mamma mia mario flag 150k eoy confirmed

I thought it was an-cap song :c

It's a partisan anti-fascist song, after the war it was adopted by the communists (since many of them were actually partisans during the civil war)

So it's antifac, halfway ancap. We just need to kill the commies who sing it and shift it to the right

Luckily commies and lefties in Italy are pretty much extinct, very few people attend nowadays the 25th April (Liberation day were people usually sing Bella Ciao) parades anymore

>Italian flag
>sign of Bull Market
>Bull is logo of Lambo
>Everyone talked about Lambo for months

Seeing is believing.

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mama mia

We need to purge nonbelievers, fomoers and fuders first.
Btc HAS to see $2-4k levels to bull again over $50k.
It is written.

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