Reddit has figured it out

Why hasn't Veeky Forums?

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Late as usual, was already posted here

If it's so damn obvious then why didn't these faggots ride the wave?

It was less obvious back when there was actual real volume and normies pouring money into the market. Now that most of the volume is fake, it has become more apparent.

Veeky Forums is cancer, reddit is usually better for this sort of info.

Veeky Forums is mostly used for spamming shitcoin ads and creating funny memes. The actual thoughtful/insightful crypto content is absolutely not on this board.

Saying that, you will find hidden gems being shilled here before reddit. You just have to know what a gem looks like, which a lot of people don't.

S-shut it down?

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a perfect example of Veeky Forums quality posting right here, ladies and gentlemen.

Kek whales are going to kill crypto.

Honestly you just need to be able to tell apart forced marketing memes from genuine channer intuition posts and memes.

The only way to do that is to lurk moar and through experience in general.

This has been obvious since January that they arent hiding it anymore. Reddit faggots are so naive that even in tht thread they are still arguing.

Wait till they learn how centralised btc is. How much power mining cartels have already and how even whales are at their mercy.

Real volume is non existent, liquidity is shit, market is going sideways so whales prey on weak hands, margin traders, occasional noobs and wannabe whales. We can call it the great shake out.

Wtf am i reading...This just shows the ponzi is only getting started boyos. Nect wave will be even bigger

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Because they were drinking the same "institutional munny coming" Koolaid as here - where do you thing at least half of the memes here come from?

They're just waking up faster, because they're not Veeky Forums, and we all know what a special breed of tard they grow here. I'm here for pure entertainment.

I guess the question is how low will it go, and will it recover to have another bull run in a few years?

My hidden gems lately has been installing a click-to-translate extension and reading the foreign language trollchat on Bitmex. They're just as bad as the English chat, but some of the translations are hilarious, one guy was going on about "breaking the pot" in the Korean chat, and a Jap was posting about the "Evil village".

probably because plebbit isn't busy posting mongo memes about link.

The whales can ride this all the way down to 3 digits, a lot of them accumulated before the run up. You could see the same patterns in the 7ks, 6ks, 5ks, etc. All you can do is try to catch their pumps and dumps and get lucky. But it'll be 4,500 dollar rides, which is shit for the small guys, but big cash for them.

And, if they bot out their orders, you'll never see them coming, until it's happening.

also lol at those who think there are still hidden gems posted here.
you need to find the gems yourself and frankly you should already know about them before the mongs at biz post about them.
biz is purely just for trolling and has been for a long while now.

Whales can but you doomsdayers forget that miners cant. And the mining cartels like bitmain with 45 percent hashrate control wont let that happen. Miners are more powerful in a backseat unobvious way. Whales are at their mercy. Thats why whales are playing nice and keeping btc at 8k.

Double post ik

I want to add that even whales wont want to break their fun tou forever. They can only go somfsrnwith blatant manipulation like
Yesterday and getting the price so low before nobody returns.

You forget that they may have purchased at 3 difita but their aquired wealth from
These leverage trades are all unrealised. A 50k gain will translate to not even 3k they bring it back to 3 figures. Then they will also have absolutely no buyers at that point and cant unload theirmcollective millions and billions. Then you have exchanges with almost no liquidity at that point for them.

And thats without miners into consideration. Everyone thinks its so simple and just about price for whales. They arent magical overlords who always win.

This is a good point. All this leveraged trading in bitmex/bitfinex ultimately is paid out in Bitcoin, so ultimately they need market liquidity to even cash out their leveraged gains, and ultimately would benefit from another bull run as this would give them liquidity to cash out while making their leveraged gains worth more.

Can you elaborate on this? I'm curious how the whales are at the mercy of the mining cartel giants?

if the miners don't mine, transactions don't go through. and people who hold BTC can't sell if transactions aren't occurring. miners can make the whales money unusable.

Okay, so if the price were to drop to a point where mining become unprofitable, until the difficulty readjustment occurs (assuming mining machines are turned off and overall hashrate drops) transactions will be super sluggish?

>now that it’s happened it’s more obvious

the absolute state

yep, to the point of chain death.

>miners stop mining
>no transactions go through
>coins crash down to nothing
>now miners cant mine enough to turn a profit because they shot themselves in the foot

Not if they suppport another bitcoin that they've been scooping up at 10:1


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