28 years old

>28 years old
>still a Virgin
>permanent erectile dysfunction
>have panic attacks when talking to women
>bought ethereum at $20
>retired millionaire
>women still don't want me because I'm ugly.

Why even live. I've made it but no one wants me. I'm ready to just say goodbye

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What about fasting for ED? Also just general health and wellness care for yourself. If you are real you definitely have the time now

are you me, except I'm not a virgin, married, and fucking chicks on the side?

Dude, I'd much rather trade my sexual experience for money. Women are a meme

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How dysfunctional? Definitely a health warning. Could be linked to your diet and overall health. I have mild dysfunction and I have seen some improvement through a healthier diet and exercise. I’m also a depressed alcoholic which I’m sure isn’t helping.

This. If you have money and you still cant figure out how to make life worthwhile you're just a fucking moron.

Move to Saudi Arabia. Not joking.

I can only get it up once a day for my porn fap then it's completely limp. You guys have no idea how much I've Masterbated. No idea. Started when I was 7.

>28 years old
>still a Virgin
i-its not that bad user you can still
> permanent erectile dysfunction
oh, sorry

>I can only get it up once a day for my porn fap then it's completely limp
Fuck you nigger i even felt bad for you for a second.

how about you cut back on fapping and especially porn? I'm not telling you to go nofap (which would probably do good too, but at least pornfree. Then it will naturally come back

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Stop masturbating

Virtual reality, not current day but full drop.

buy a lil qt from east europe or south asia for 7-8K$ +1.5K for the papers/flight traject user. She will be patient and treat you well in bed until you get hard as wood then you will both fuck all day long, your floppy cock is a mental issue, prob a self confidence issue. All what is needed to solve the issue is kindness.You can believe me bcuz i can relate to your story until i bought an ukrainian qt.

Let's see what's better:
>have some upside, lots of downside

>has literally only upside

verpiss dich reiches schwein

I will be your professional friend and get you laid for a small fee.

guter post

half of this post is not a LARP, and half of it is. Can you guess which is which, Veeky Forums?

so become less ugly?

as a millionare you can afford to get haircuts whenever you want, buy the newest most fashionable clothes whenever you want, hire a stylist etc etc

>you have no idea how much I've masturbated
Oh, I think we do user.

How much did it cost? Both initial and upkeep. When is the break even compared to renting?

how is it "permanent" ED then if ur getting it up once a day

> lots of downside

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Would you mind sending me some ETH?


t. Poorfag

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Stop watching porn you degenerate

ED is the first symptom of heart disease, it's the canary in the coal mine. Are you a fat fuck? Get in shape, stop eating garbage, stop watching porn.

OP just give it to me. Post graduate school funk...money is all I need at the moment or I'll have to get a job :/ Help!

See a fucking doctor you fucking degenerate. You can obviously afford it. Matter of fact, you can afford to solve all of your life's problems you stupid fuck. Have some fucking appreciation instead of being a whiny bitch. People would fucking commit genocide to be in your position, you fucking cunt. There are people that get pecked alive by vultures in other parts of the world for fuck sake.

>How much did it cost? Both initial and upkeep.
initial : 8.7K$
upkeep : literally what i want to spend, could be 0+ food, she never leave out home (she don't speak english and come from a poor farmer family, so anything make her happy). Obviously i don't help her speaking english nor making any friend.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger had this saying, was that you cannot inherit, borrow, or pay someone else to get gains in the gym.
I think it's doubly true when it comes to self-development; you have to pay the price of investing in yourself, and no one else is going to do it for you. Money will make this exponentially easier, though

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Go buy a prostitute where it is legal to do so....

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OP trust me if you don't show symbols of wealth (expensive flashy car, latest iPhone) you could be a hedge fund manager and women would not notice or care (most don't even know what that means).

You need to show off with luxury goods (like cars) first and then they will take an interest in you.

You sound like a real piece of work. She's going to kill you and get away with it since you're an abusive slave owner. Anti human trafficking is huge right now.

Hop on testosterone replacement therapy you ignorant piece of shit.

keked based

Of course no one want you. Kys

god damn so real

All those problems can be fixed. You are already a millionare so you already won. You can focus on your problems without worrying about money and you still have ALOT of time to fix them all. Stop being a little bitch.

you probably have bad hygeine and are a sperg

>permanent erectile dysfunction
Stop masturbating

>have panic attacks when talking to women
Find girls online to chat with. Go from there.

>women still don't want me because I'm ugly.
Probably not true. Get a new haircut, buy proper clothes, lose some weight. Have your teeth done. You have money, so why not throw it at improving yourself?

Also stop hanging in front of your PC for 12 hours a day. Assuming you're in the USA, do some trips to National Parks. They are easy to plan and awe inspiringly beautiful.

>what are hormones

>Take Benzos
>Idgaf and confident feeling when talking to girls
>Get laid
>Invite a girl to a luxury restaurant or rooftop bar
>Get laid

Also don't expect much from sex. Drugs are better

unironically I was this way until I started smoking weed, then because my friends were always inviting me out for it I actually made them into good friends and realized i was being retarded and just needed to get on a decent schedule and do something with my life.