Serious ChainLink EOY prediction thread

Do you think we'll hit $10+ if mainnet gets released successfully this year?

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1000$ EOY

My dubs confirm

$10 min
$50ish likely
$100-200 ceiling

Sergey said no partnership announcements until mainnet so 10 dollars is more than possible if not higher.

Do we know when main net is being released? Hopefully there's enough time for me to wagecuck my way out of being a linklet

Q3 late or Q4 probably, no one has an exact date but the testnet we are in came alot earlier than expected which desu is an amazing sign.

sergey is fucking boring

Good then i got time to buy more. I really hope its Q3 or later.

Theres no hype outside of this echo chamber, literally no one gives a shit about this. If whales decide for a pnd on this coin to rob you NEETs some of you will luck out selling for more than you got em but majority will be rekd. Also if oracles were a problem it could be solved by Vitalik in a couple of days within ETH itself.

i hope so, she's motivating








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lol. nice

so, when is the bust time to buy?
>inb4 now

i lost too much during this correction so i need at least 10k usd more to buy a good chunk of link.

my plan is to go all in on neo when we reach bottom or jump on some lowcap and pray. i'm getting nervous i miss the ship. i know i had more than enough time

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nice FUD trips

What's habbening, boys?

Something's habbening

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the saddest of cunts

smart money is buying.

Hope you're right, brother

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So who's wash trading? Whales?

I saw a couple anons say watch this token by the end of March. Wouldn't surprise me if whales decided it was time to play.

its me sorry, prev post was larp

HAHAHAHA yeah nootropicat just KILLED Link and all devs. The project is flawed

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10 cents if you are lucky

Cherry picked
He gets shut down in the full convo

When they say partnerships, do they mean partners who will provide data for the link network, or partners who will use that data for smart contracts/dapps? I feel like the announcement of the latter is going to be the real game changer.

Around a dollar, maybe two or three if the bear market holds.

If there's an EOY pump only, maybe 10-15 dollars.

If there's a summer pump and an EOY pump, could go as high as 50. Any better is delusional for this year though.

Im all in on link and I'm hoping for around $20 EOY then 100-200 next year.

Why do you keep posting this with the exact same statement each time in every thread

If it hits $5 I will be a millionaire so $5 sounds good. I doubt it will even hit $1 EOY though, the bear market will continue for a year or two and all the gains from 2017 will be wiped out.

does he work for oraclize?

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Actually the team at CL pretty much refuted this haters fud.

Lowest tier of fud
Who has time to read this shit.
not fucking selling

Who do you trust more
Chainlink who spent years of developing an oracle solution with a whitepaper peer reviewed by experts
Who successfully did POC for swift
Or some random faggot on reddit

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he's the same faggot where this was originally posted and he wants someone to refute it properly so that he can be reassured with his investments. he is going about it in this manner because he's more likely to get (you)s, evidently so. he admitted that he doesnt understand technical shit which is why he wants to be reassured. he thinks that vornth got btfo in the arguments, claiming that he can understand the flow of conversation at least. i dont know why he's wasting so much time being this pathetic though when he can just ask plainly

>echo chamber

I dont know if CL is a meme afterall or real deal kek

Hi nootropicat, also if you use nootropics you are a fucking dumb gullible cunt

the two aren’t mutually exclusive. memes can be real things. look at the entire meme of crypto, very real. the meme of fiat, again, real. the meme of trump, real as fuck. etc.

Listen up Link tards
I got in touch with them on their website
I requested some info on behalf of the company I work for.
You can do the same and they will not even verify if you are bullshitting them
You'll get your main net release "estimate"
I cant disclose what I know due to company policy but it will be sooner than most of you think.

This retard just wants you to flood their site support.

Fuck off faggot.


>I cant disclose what I know due to company policy
Damn it's a pity you're posting on the official company Veeky Forums account or you'd be able to tell us

I don't understand why people are still debating this
LINK $1k eoy

strong support at 69

That conversation going on the ChainLink reddit was very impressively handled in a professional way by the team.

Really reaffirming.

at this point I would be surprised if it was even above $1

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Nice, sly dog

>hehe maybe if I make a shitpost like this they'll spam their shit and annoy them and slow down the work fucking genius
we're not that dumb here, it's not reddit

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No you stupid nigger i am on my own laptop
not a larp, go try it faggot
Don't ask them then? I dont give a fuck, cunt.

>were not that dumb here
>uses dubs to confirm prices

Something I am a bit concerned about is a lack of a sales team before the mainnet launch. I believe the idea is to hire a manager after the launch.

The mainnet launch would be a great time to build a marketing campaign from, to enable adoption. They should have someone hired a few weeks beforehand.

I can't see the benefit of having a low key launch, a low key mainnet launch would be poor for everyone involved.

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you're a dumb nigger. Try and do some research before you post. Go through the thousands of names in the slack and google each one. Go through the people on github watching or starring the repository. The point of the market person (who btw is probably already on board) was never to tweet for the sake of retail buyers. Sergey also doesn't code and he's not a computer scientist who can seriously contribute to the white paper, literally his entire job for most of the past several years has been b2b.

Nigger please. They aren't hawking Link to consumers via clever campaigns and Brock Pierce straw hats. This is for devs, by devs; the lead devs tell the boss they'll be needing Link, or Mobius, or whatever wins out in the long run.

A sales team? So they can sell to who? More braindead NEET faggots that can continue to flood their slack with retarded fucking memes? The sales team is Sergey. Why do you think he keeps showing up at these events to give presentations? Do you think he gets in and gets out as fast as possible? No, he's meeting people and pitching his product to actual investors. Thank fucking god they aren't taking the TRON approach.

I have I made this

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i have contacted sergey regarding this and he got back to me strongly implying that there WILL be some sort of marketing effort starting soon (as in this year).

i could post proof but i dont want to ruin my business relationship with them before i have closed any kind of deal.

That's reassuring thanks, I said sales earlier whilst meaning marketing. (They are the same team in my organisation)

Senior engineer at adobe also just starred or started watching too.

I believe that's just the github, the general channel on slack has a shit ton of of really shocking names. Some VP at State Street Capital too.

anyways if you made that what's your concern about the main net going on line without users? It's pretty obvious from the number of people at dozens of people from fintechs and others from more established companies following it on github plus slack that sergey has done a lot to get the word out there.

I guess you could argue that just having one guy doing "sales" is bad but I doubt that's the case; they hired dimitri in early november then refused to say anything about it. It's clear they're hiring then not saying anything about it. Rory confirmed they hired two developers full time other than steve and thomas but there has yet to be word on who the other one is.

it will be 0$, just like everything else in crypto. dead market.

>as in this year

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Because it only survives with adoption. If it is just going to be a bunch of devs wanking each other off about how good this tool could be then it won't get adopted.

Remember it's just a matter of time before a similar competitor comes along if they don't crush it early

well you know sergey already has one foot in the biggest door of all times via swift so anyone who is serious about building on blockchain that needs oracles knows his company.

Plus zeppelin practically guarantees ethereum adoption. remember how effusive they were praising sergey and as the leaders in the field. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. If chainlink works as promised it will be the default for uses that need a decentralized oracle.

The bigger risk isn't chainlink adoption, it's how big and how quickly adoption of smart contracts in general is, especially those on a public network.

Veeky Forums I'm getting a bit depressed with Link. Nobody in my discord believe anything I say about it. None of my family tries to understand it. None of my friends will discuss it. I fucking hate Reddit. The only real discussions and news I've seen are few and far between on this Canadian bear skinning imageboard. I'm in it for the long haul and I feel like I'm in the beginning of something truly wonderful, with no one to share it with but you guys between the fud.

>tfw I’m a Canadian who has skinned a bear

I knew I was in the right place

>10 dollars EOY
nice fud faggot

relax man. we are alll in the same boat here in a way. this will unironically be one of the most stealth undervalued projects of this blockchain 3.0 era. just sit tight.

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He’s being sarcastic you idiot there is nothing stopping you from breaking the policy on this user board accept your cuckself

















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