Does Veeky Forums hate XLM now?

Does Veeky Forums hate XLM now?

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why sir its good coin $10 soon sir

whatever happened to the fairx meme

Well hard not to hate something that is sinking with the rest of the market.
So much great news come out from Stellar but the market does not care.
It is quite sad actually.

Beta will be released on Apr/May
Right now, they are dealing with the regulatory red tape and securing more fiat anchors.

Still solid but Veeky Forums thinks the BBC will dump in the ass.

ok whats your source on april/may beta? i havent heard a word about it since a month ago basically

Bought around this price and sold at around 80 cents. You fucks gotta know when to sell and not fall for the hold meme.

Its one of the few coins I'm waiting on the side lines to buy back in on

The day when XLM can be directly purchased from fiat/USD/Euro/CNY/JPY is the day when it will go Interstellar in terms of value.
Right now, we are following BTC's fluctuations like clockwork.

I'm not holding xlm but if there is any reason to hold it it's fairx.

There is really no reason to hodl crypto in times like these.
The market is horrendous. A fricking Desert with no water in-sight.
If you haven't tethered up or converted to fiat at this point, it is probably too late now

Yeah, good independent projects getting cucked by btc is the most retarded shit ever, not holding anything because of it now

This is the period when everyone in the bull market wishes they bought in.... Everyone thinks they are buffet until they actually are tested.

I think most people are waiting for the FOMO.
They will jump in if and only if BTC hits 15k+

>So much great news
no amount of great news will EVER counteract the poison that is the 40 billion giveaway and the 40 billion additional dilution of XLM on the market in the form of payments to devs and other XLM releases. this is a board for making money, not sinking money into a coin whose only direction is down.

Will I make it with 2k?

Fuck no

Can I maybe get a newer modest vehicle?

The supply was not a problem when it went from $0.02 to $0,90 during last bull run
It’s sinking with the whole crypto at the moment, but stays in the top 10


>nigger coin

no thanks, you need to leave.

Thank you pajeet, you’re a good boy

Thank you for your sacrifice.

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1$ by December

Don't listen to people who baghold Chinese cryptos

>The supply was not a problem when it went from $0.02 to $0,90 during last bull run

That's because

1. XLM holders are apparently too lazy to spend 5 minutes browsing
2. The remaining supply is not yet in circulation. They are waiting for you to pump the coin so they can distribute something with value to the nigs.

you stupid fag don´t understand how marketing works.
they give a small amount of 10 USD to people so they can try out the network when it is ready to show of. then people will try it and buy a lot more of the coins.

just look at Nano, and now XTCC. giving away a small amount of coins just makes the people want more.

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i need it to be 1 dolcie in 4 months

It was shilled by pajeets and normalfags.

Now that they have left there's no shitcoin shilling on Veeky Forums anymore so you only see projects Veeky Forums autists genuinely believe in such as ChainLINK,Omise Go and Request Network.

They're deluded dude

They actually think an IBM partnership has no significant value and one of the biggest blue chip corporation just decided to randomly adopt Stellar Lumens because of its cool name.

I'm all in on XLM and XMR and very confident

The amount left to be given away is more than what is currently in circulation. Does this not concern you?

Very difficult to tell with the current bear market

In January i actually thought that we would be able to reach 3$ by the end of 2018, but then everything crashed.

But the project is still very promising

no, i love it actually.
once we get crypto fiat on the stellar network and the network is ready to go to work, giving people a small amount to get to know the network will skyrocket the usernumber and the coinprice.

giving away 10 usd to someone is just baiting him into using the network. i got 200k xlm and i am comfy that i will make it with that amount.


Oh I think Stellar will have some measure of success. I just think the supply remaining to be given away is so massive that XLM holders will ultimately lose, for the benefit of us all (but mainly Africa).

Thank you for your sacrifice.

Absolutely not. You’re retarded to believe that Jed will massively dump it to the market.
They will distribute more tokens when projects will need them to run their business.

No, the website says over the next 5-10 years. Vaguely worded but the implication is it won't be all at once.

giving niggers in Africa any coin is essentially a coin burn. that creates scarcity. niggers will lose wallets, get jacked for their phones, die of ebola, and whatever else niggers get up to. it's the most genius coin burn ever. just like throwing them into the sun

What you don’t understand is that the token is needed to run the network.
When projects like FairX will be live, most of the circulating supply will be used to exchange all kind of assets.
The future price of the token will depend on the worth of the exchanged assets.
That’s why their current goal is to have the network massively adopted.

>giving niggers in Africa any coin is essentially a coin burn.

Not necessarily. I've read bits and pieces saying they're quite adept at alternative payment forms (e.g. via mobile phone) and are already taking a strong interest in cryptocurrency.

you will make it

>This is the period when everyone in the bull market wishes they bought in
checked. so true, but Veeky Forums likes to unironically buy high and sell low

>t.350k lumenati bought at 8.8 cents

let him belive this stupid biz fud and stay poor.

i am buying as many xlm as i can since this will be the global standard for asset exchange.

fiat, comodities, stocks and bonds will be traded on the SDEX in the future when this network is widely adopted.

>let him belive this stupid biz fud and stay poor.

I think he's on your side actually.

so? sell with them
XTCC is giving off major scam vibes.

one more thing you faggots should love is the built-in sdex. how many of you have been mtgox'd by shitty pajeet exchanges getting hacked, or requiring KYC docs, or withdrawal limits, etc. having a built in distributed exchange in the protocol and network itself is huge. No more giving control of your coins to a third party exchange, you always control your private keys when trading on stellar sdex. ICOs are moving to Stellar in droves, and their tokens are immediately tradeable to every xlm holder from day 1

well he repeats this africa shit, which is not true. nobody of stellar every said it will be given to africans or as a charity.

it is pure marketing to make their own network huge and i like it.

Ironically if I sold my XLM for Mobius, I would have doubled my stack

if you knew the lottery numbers of tommorow, you would be rich tommorow.

XTCC is a way to attract greedy Veeky Forumstards to the stellar network