I own 120k links and 1.2k Nanos...

Sitting here at Denny's diner contemplating all my mistakes...

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Get some EOS
Get some RLC

The food is super fucking cold though...should i complain??

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Are you islamic?

Persian...but i don't identify with any religion

> SHOW YOUR FACE Veeky Forums

because it's 4 am and i'm bored


Follow the teachings of Christ to improve yourself - profit

why are all persian males named Reza or Nima?
how do I get persian gf?
do you like ghorme sabzi?

I love Ghorme sabzi bro..fucking delicious...

And that;s funny but a lot of my friends or family members are named Reza...or Arash.

And fuck if i know man...i'm american...i only dated mexicans...

But i'm talking to this persian girl straight off the boat from Tehran...She got her greencard and is working out here in LA...she's fucking gorgeous...

Which, usually isn't the case for many Persian women...a lot of them are butch and wear too much makeup..

Also Gahme Badamjune is really good...i don't know if i spelled that right lol. I'm really white washed

are you a normie who came straight from r*ddit?
what's your deadlift?
would you rather increase your height with 3 inches or your dick length with 1 inch?

im guessing you're one of the whales.

how pumping chainlink going?

Nice picks
Especially nano

That looks like shit, but it's making me hungry.
R8 my meal.

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Man, this definitely some advertising shit for Denny's. Already this morning I've heard atleast a dozen mentions of Denny's in the news.


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Fuck off IRS sleeper agent

What the fuck.

*unzips pants*

5/10 tom hardys, i bet you nor even a big guy


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At what price did you buy link? Are you comfortable with risking so much?


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lol why is he a ''normie''
because he is talking to a girl? Or because he is working out?
Don't you see user is just trying to make it
Maybe you need to go back

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A support group for real-life LINKwojacks?
It's getting better by the day.

>lol why is he a ''normie''
because the way the text was formulated
>because he is working out?
where does it say he's working out?
>Maybe you need to go back
ive been here for wayy to many years already m8

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B-But I'm shy...

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you should do the timestamp on your fucking wallet not your face lmao


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