Where is this going? Seems to be bleeding down

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that's it I'm selling.

>create botnet
>dump monero

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Sell now before it too late user!

This shit coin will collapse completely when people catch on that the dev team minted 100,000,000,000 XMR using this "bug"


Once they had moved the coins they put out this BS trying to say that they patched the "bug" before anyone (lol) exploited it!!

The real kicker is due to the anonymous nature of the blockchain there is no way anyone can verify with 100% certainty that the dev team are telling the truth.
So it really comes down to how trustworthy the XMR devs are........

(hint they are provable liars and frauds)

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Sub 50$-100$, buy months after G20.
Profit when it goes +1000$ on DEX's
Next BTC confirmed. Just needs to be regulated and dragged through the mud first before XMR can really shine.

You stupid cunt

Prove me wrong.

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Oh OP, you fomoed at 0.03 sats huh? Sorry man.

wont educate the idiots who spread so weak fud, but you can calculate the currenct circulating supply yourself

Hmm, this is a genuine concern that I hadn't thought could be possible until I saw this post. Idk why you have so many haters :/

why would you FUD monero?

or the better question would be. how did you manage to lose money on monero so that you are salty about it now?

fomoed on ATH?

You are referring to the total supply cap which was defined when genesis block was minted.

If you understand the details of the exploit as detailed out by the XMR devs in the link I provided you will realise that in the event of coins being minted using this vulnerability they would exist outside the preplanned cap and would be UNDETECTABLE due to the inbuilt blockchain obfuscation of XMR.

The only proof you have that this never took place is the assurance of the XMR dev team.

>in the link I provided
aint clicking that

Its a link to the official XMR website.

Njoy hodling XMR bag as it devalues 100,000%!

I am not FUDing.

This is a critical exploit , a death blow to mainstream adoption.

The devs admitted the potential for UNLIMITED coins to be minted the only assurance we have that they never used it themselves before patching is words on a website.

If you trust them to be 100% honest then feel free to ignore me and carry on hodling that bag.

I don't see anything holding XMR back desu...
The reason it is bleeding right now is essentially the same as all cryptos bleeding since january... whales fucking around.

If anything G20 will boost monero. Lets assume that G20 leads to "all cryptos are bad mmmkay? we need to regulate them to shit mmkay?" the knee-jerk reaction from all "normie" crypto-holders might be to sell ("oh no big brother said cryptos are bad!") but people who have been in the crypto game for a while now will actually see this as an opportunity to say a big fuck you to regulations.

What's the worse that can happen ? They regulate the shit out of exchanges... Ok then what? People will still mine (essentially turning fiat into crypto at a profit if you do your math right); people if they can't get their cryptos to fiat will spend it on darknet markets (what was happening anyhow before bitcoin had proper markets going) to do exactly what the governments want to avoid: "shady things"...

if they want to regulate crypto they will have to fuck around with electricity regulations AND somehow find a way to keep people from using darknets and VPNs...

Not today, not tomorrow, not ever, unless they want to bring the whole internet down... Even then you'll have paper trading.

>I don't see anything holding XMR back desu...

The blind leading the blind.

well it may be XMR, XMV, whatever as long as it is a "privacy" coin there is no reason for it falling apart.

Post G20 I see big winners, on the B2B side: stuff like fidget spinners or XLM and the like or hell even ETH.
On the personal use side XMR or whichever privacy coin is most stable at the time.

And the fact that we have the dev team admitting to an exploit which allowed unlimited amounts of coins to be created and that these coins would be indistinguishable from actual XMR/XMV and impossible to detect using block chain analysis is OK in your opinion?

You trust them that much user?

Bought 12 XMR now

Sold my EOS which I bought at 2.5$

I have some extremely valuable tiger repelling stones to sell.
Would appeal to panjits and other third worlders user.
They work guaranteed.
I have had them in my garden for years ,never seen a tiger yet so 1000% effective.

special user price only 1 BTC each!
limited supply max 1000 units per user.

Fuck off I only invest in Bulgarian Pokemon cards

I also have a selection of super powerful samodivas cards to sell.

I will accept any crypto except XMR for them.

billion hidden coins? why wouldn't you mention all the people getting their XMR stolen form the My Monero wallet owned by the devs themselves... If the devs all had a billions coins why would they need to steal MyMonero wallets and create botnets... oh yeah it was the Monero devs who developed the botnet,

Do you accept Waltonchain as payment?

It's a win-win situation

Half of what you said is true... the other half is just a pure lie in a vein attempt to attack the currency.

What is a botnet?

Everything is?

If you guys knew basic TA you could see it broke 2 of its long term trendline supports.

FUD, plain and simple. MRL, monero research labs, audited the entire blockchain and determined no non-mined coins were minted.

the kicker? you can audit the entire blockchain yourself and recreate their findings if you have a computer than can play call of duty.

weak fud, thanks, just bought 100k more etc etc stay poor rajesh

a simple post on the /r/monero sub will have you flooded with tutorials on how to audit the entire circulating supply yourself (because you won't be able to figure it out yourself lol aw)

>and that these coins would be indistinguishable from actual XMR/XMV and impossible to detect using block chain analysis is OK in your opinion?
please provide ONE SHRED of evidence of this claim?
hint: you can't.