ITT we act like we're reddit

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Haha took me a week to make this one!

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Hahaha, great post, upvoted
What does "HODL" mean though?

Veeky Forums is full of niggers, we are so much better ^^

Hold on for dear life

i stand with her

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Just trying to get that sweet sweet karma xD

Hey guys my wife's boyfriend just bought me a Nintendo switch!

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This bait isn’t even good

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this thread isn't gonna get off anytime soon

its obviously too low IQ for the likes of us r/crypto

the joke is good though I saw it on biz/ the other (it's the Veeky Forums crypto currencies board if you don't know)

btw have you invested in bitcoincash? it's the future of crypto currencies btw coin can't be the king forever and it's actually doomed to be overthrown by the altcoins of which bitcoincash will come on top because it's intimely tied to bitcoin so if bitcoin go down cash go up, I know because of this talented whale based in india I follow on twitter

you can thank me later :) upvote my comment to make the important information come on top.

I downvoted the OP because the image is duplicate of my thread

Thank you fine gentleman!
Have my upvote as well

dude don't say the n-word

The soyboy meme is getting old. Go back to pol.


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rate my delta u/nicolasvh

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>Upset that it reminds him too much of himself
>"S-stop that joke, it's not f-funny anymore g-guys, heh heh"

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Downvoted, a gentleman doesn't say mean things!

Damn... I'm putting this on SRS. FUCKING SHITLORD

you, sir, deserve a upboat

Reported, it is scary that there are still racists in 2018, FUCK Drumpf

Some people have lactose intolerance you asshat

does the note imply the good boy husband sleeps with LeShaun and the wife sleeps somewhere else?

Hey guys, just made this. Let me know what you think.

This is literally scary as fuck. It's fucking scary. I'm so scared. Can't believe there are still racists here. Scary man. Report him. Fuck everyone that's racist man.

As the moderator it is my obligation to remind you all to stay on topic. This is a subreddit for cryptography, not crypto currency. Despite the obvious fact that crypto currency uses cryptography.

Guys are you cryptoexperts ? My wife's son asked me about cryptos the other i wanted to sound smart but i know nothing about give me a quickrundown please

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That's really nice original comment!
Who's the French guy with the plastic surgery though?

I just wanted to pop in and give kudos to all of you.
We need more of these uplifting positive threads.
Good Job Everyone!!!

Can we all agree that Bitcoin mining contributes to global warming?

Blockchain is an interesting technology but if we truly want a cashless society, some centralization is going to be necessary.

Paypal uses AWS servers and it can process almost 50x more transactions per second than Bitcoin and uses a fraction of the energy (= smaller carbon footprint).

what? i thought some dude mispelled hold, and then it became a "le meme"

I know right, I mean, where did it go all wrong?? We just had the first BLACK president for f*cks sake, and if it were not for these damned russian bots we would had the first FEMALE president!! Instead we get this orange turd empowering litetal nazis, pffff
As a non-binary gay female (male) it frightens me


there is still hope, france elected macron instead of the evil blonde nazi

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Bought more XRP and Nano, both are great long term hodl!

I literally only come to biz to find interesting airdrops. My SO and I have decided not to spend any money on cryptocurrencies.

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Maybe he'll be as good as Trudeau *fingers crossed*

I upvoat your common sense good sir

>50 usd investment

I'm a boring faggot AMA

Hey guys r/cuckold here, not enough black people in this thread XD. Anyways do you guys know any coins that I’ll get really screwed over on? It turns me on just knowing that someone else took my money while I hold the bags. HOT.

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This isn't a game kiddos

*Bans you for mentioning a competing platform.

Actually, I'm a professor of etymology and I feel the need to correct you on thus, as it's just irresponsible. The root of "crypography" is graph, and so this subreddit is actually about graphing techniques, in particular those used by the proud Oonga Boonga people of Central Africa. So this is actually incorrect, and I've reported you.

You should believe me, because I'm a PoC and a transwoman. I'll be back with referenced sources from reputable & peer reviewed journals like "Libcucks & Nature" and "Socialist Views", because peer review is a completely unbiased process that holds all truth within it. STEMlords get out.

Edit: Thanks for the Gold kind stranger! :) I can't believe this blew up, rip my inbox!

On the one had it's funny that they think they will somehow reach the moon with that investment, but on the other hand they've only lost about 37 USD on REQ



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Why not both, friend? Haha!

Bitcoin needs to die, its killing my irrelevant scam copypaste shitcoins and is hurting my feelings FUCK BTC


It's pronounced ho-del. I saw it on a mainstream television program.

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