Make it stop

Make it stop

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The more you try, the greatest are the chances they get your ass

>Going long
>In a bear market

Why didnt you leverage?

This is basically buying the dip though.

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going spot long here is fine if you're willing to hold a week

Get rid of all your stupid indicators cause you couldnt clearly see that that was a bad idea just off the meme lines alone

Also use normal candles cuz HA gives laggy triggers

he should have bought at 19k when it was clearly a bull market.

t. TA

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You should've shorted, OP.

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in coming whale bump

It's just a dip. Buy more!

Never long in a bear market, never short in a bull market. Remember, you're a little plankton in the see. Don't try to go against the tide or the whales will swallow you.

Lurk more faget

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Nice, I love the symmetry. Hope you're right!

Goldman Sachs’ Analyst “predicts” BTC Will Fall Under 5900$ Very Soon

I agree that's it's going down but... trusting a what a Goldman Sachs analyst says publicly? Dear god...

Just as last time when they said it would fall to 2.2k, still waiting for that.

>every thread on biz tells him it's going to $6k
>he longs

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>always do the opposite of Veeky Forums

>always do the opposite of the opposite of what Veeky Forums says

>tripled my investments in shorts after just 6 days
>Dump my bleeding alts and go into shorts
>Literally mere minutes after putting in shorts, i get liquidated by a sudden 300$ rise (that dumps just 5 hours later and lose everything i had from the alts
It'll happen to you too. They will shake you out in one fell move.

Im also surprised that it went below 8.1

are you trolling? i started trading mid feb. how can you be this retarded?

buying into an obvious pump thats just waiting to dump ...

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wow everybody who longed in the last days after we dropped from 9800 deserves to to get liquidated
nothing, really nothing but mr. billionaire whales were the reason we didn't lick the bottom of 7k yesterday
all these artificial pumps, and people will go moonmission started, you guys are borderline retarded
8600 short btw, and we're going even deeper, $$$$$

What exchanges can I do shorting trades?

Yes during pajeet uprising. Not now.


>not longing from the 7700-8k range
This is how you lose money, user.
Liquidation at 6875

see you at 6k
i will be expecting your pink wojaks too, kek

Well it's not gonna settle at 7700 bro, and I' am already at 200%, once it breaches the last support areas, I'll be happy to jump on the moon train with more $$$

> liquidated by a sudden 300$ rise
If you're not larping then you didn't properly utilize your stops and take profit when you were ahead - literally why both my positions above have the same entry yet different exits. Don't be greedy, faggot.

do yourself a favor and follow some TA faggots on twitter or also check trading view regularly - usually the estimates are good ... but also a target for anyone who would go against the grain

... that said if you ever see massive candles without a special occasion its a pump and there's been plenty recently

Like i said, it happened almost literally after entry. And Bitmex is utter fucking shit when volume spikes start so my stop loss was rejected.
Had i been of a more conspirical mind i'd even go as far as to think Bitmex was behind it.
>close trading ability
>Pump/dump it

> Bitmex
There's your problem right there. Joking aside, I never trusted Bitmex as they're unregulated and prefer to keep my money within regulated entities.

yeah that is pretty much a feature of theirs ...

That's when they want to buy

mfw I have a 25x short going since last night

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you buy the dip in uptrends during a bull market, not during the capitulation

ayup ... its almost eerie - 80% of the trades aren't people ... its bots, exchanges simulating activity in addition to pump and dumps and fundamental problems


Me too user, me too. Just gonna step away for a while, gonna have some fiat on hand to purchase at every $1000 level as it goes down and buy a shit ton if it ever reaches 4,000. If you have the money to do this, then you'll equalize and be and the green once it comes back up.

Implying btc will ever be worth over $8,000 again.

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Maybe, maybe. It will be one day. Worse case it's a 2 year bear market and we're like the hodlers after Gox. If that's the case then we'll also have the opportunity to buy up some more cheap coin.

welcome to your first month of trading any market


They're gonna eat you alive when you close those positions with their high fees.

wrong ... it wasn't this bad until recently - this is despair lvl markets

Exactly where I opened short, and posted a thread on biz yday as well

long high, short low

that's what they want. They want to be at the top of the pyramid, to buy low and own most of the supply. They want to dump on others, not get dumped on.

Stock market is due for a crash, they won't just take a break until again. crypto is their next target.

You meant long dip, short rise?

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also keep in mind some exchanges made more money than them. The money is in crypto and mining. The stock market will die. The younger generations are willing to pour insane amounts of money into crypto.

we are still by definition in a bull market

ur fualt for using big leverage

>using heiken ashi on 5m candles

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>Wastes money on a pro account to fill it with meme indicators
>Can't read them for shit and throws away money at every chance
You'll never make it

>he's never had a stop loss get cancelled

Oh you're cute, take your profits dude

Yeah I did that when btc was skyrocketing and bought the 10k dip
You know how well that went

When should you use heikin ashi?

>cm ema

You longed at the top of the band on a dead cat bounce inside of a massive bear flag. Get your head checked mate. Don't over trade. Pick perfect entries only.

it's stop limit hunting is all these pumps are. Look at how many massive positions get liquidated when it goes on these runs. Then after 30 minutes the volume dries up and the price stagnates. I've seen countless over the past week where we explode upwards $250 in 10-25 minutes to liquidate everyone.

and they will try to buy exchanges to force the price down until enough hard core good guys round the scum up and shut em down. its a religious war everybody vs the jews . one of these days humans will beat the scrub desert monsters

like 12h-1d at a minimum, it's used to identify long-term trends and reversals it's not for day-trading

how? why? legit what was your reasoning?

my custom indicator was screaming short lmao

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so these charts always make me wonder...

are there any red-green blind traders?

Yo cuz hook us up with that indicator bro

They're already closed in that shot, brah.

>indicator also says buy and falls off a cliff

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Such shit, get liquidated bitch.

>domp eet

This is exactly why the Veeky Forums motto is buy high sell low

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