He put all his hope into the creepiest network

>he put all his hope into the creepiest network

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You should be their marketing director

>tfw drive past robinson property every week (the real estate that apparently wants to sue request for stealing their logo)
>havent done anything about it yet

should i drive my heap of shit corolla through their building, if Veeky Forums wills it?

Thanks just bought another 100k

just dont kys or gysk

alright duly noted

will report back here in a weeks time

Ty bought 1M

Dubs confirm, Kek wills it.

its not only creepy, but also weird
weird and creepy

Go for it

But they kinda did.

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Literally the only thing the two logos have in common is that they both spell "R" and are missing the same part of the letter.

Case closed.

...which is the entirety of the logo ??

o ya you think? i'm gonna copyright i's with hearts for dots

Req's logo is literally the INR logo without the lines

Are you unironically retarded?

>creepy network

can anyone find example of more retarded FUD?

You'll be sorry once they randomly burn your REQ.

>t. the assblasted requie
Wait until they burn your tokens from your ether wallet because paying fees.

tell your colleague below to fuck off in other thread, its getting too obvious.

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Reddit is full of retarded shit but at least there you can fuck pajeets like you two guys with downvotes. I'll still stick to Veeky Forums but holy shit stop with this retarded bullshit, there's literally not a one person who believes this.

Holy fucking shit, just go back to your circlejerk fest and then kill yourselves. This is top notch memes you faglords

>This (OP) is top notch memes
*These are

Can you repeat that without the BBC in your mouth, please?

im down 65%