Everything Veeky Forums said about normies and women was true

>Everything Veeky Forums said about normies and women was true
Holy fuck just kill me. Pic related is what happens when you "make it"

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the man is a hero

they both sound like brainlets trying to sound smart

Let me get this right. Roastie sponges off her man until she lands a keep-a-man baby, then the man retires, the roastie *chooses* to go to work not because they need to, but because she's a good citizen, then resents the man for not doing the same? The fuck?

Wait - he is set for life, told her she is set for life and that their son is set for life, and her reaction is to that is to bitch around and tell him to work? What the fuck?

what would you do

>My husband disagrees and says he will be "an excellent corrective to the productionist propaganda schools inflict on kids to make them the unquestioning worker bees the economy demands."
I guarantee this motherfucker browses here.

>supposedly has a wife

this is why you don't mingle with slaves...
if you have money, or about to have it, make sure you're with people who are actually "human", not subhuman slaves, who couldn't change their psychological make-up, if they were forced to, at gun point...

absolutely pathetic...

I'm married too and if I tried to explain this picture to my wife she'd side with the woman 100%.

>he spends his week dicking around
ya think?


What a horrible decision. Enjoy losing 50% plus alimony.

I have asked a lot of women what they'd do if they had enough money to never work again. And not once has the answer involved any kind of additional work. Where the fuck do you find these roasties?

Fuck. I KNOW!

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>an excellent corrective to the productionist propaganda schools inflict on kids to make them the unquestioning worker bees the economy demands
top kek

Yeah no shit. Women don't believe they're supposed to work after they get married. Men are "supposed to work" because they "become lazy if they have nothing to do."

Talking to women is an illusion. Living with them is a nightmare.


Guy sounds like a loser she has every right to be upset

>an excellent corrective to the productionist propaganda schools inflict on kids to make them the unquestioning worker bees the economy demands
Kek based as fuck.

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>unironically excepting women to use logic

I hope he finds this out and dumps her wrinkled useless smelly dumb ass. The man had enough luck, wits and oppurtunities to crack to code and a stupid bitch tries to ruin his comfy life. What a fucked up situation oly shit.

IRL trolldad?

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Fake as fuck

>My husband is lucky enough, through hard work and investment, to have moved onto being idle rich
>I am stuck in my middle class mentality that a good adult should be chained to a job in spite of having all of the trappings of wealth
>We have a full time nanny, at least one trust that protects our wealth, and idle time

Her husband's socialistic pretensions aside this is what happens when people can't mentally transition beyond the station to which they were born. With that being said I can almost guarantee you that she would be complaining just as loudly if he were a workaholic pushing 70+ hour work weeks and spent his time at home mentally at his job. Some people just can't be happy.

>the economy demands
>blames school

This brainlet is retarded

get an asian wife (traditional)

Women are so fond of process. It reminds me army: does matter what you are doing, how productive your work is. Keeping you busy is the only that matters.

They intrinsically look at their man like at personal cattle with a purpose to produce wealth. Being an idle horse means lost profit that is completely unacceptable

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This is why we need unironically need WHITE SHARIA

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>have no money
woman bitch
>have money
woman bitch

That kid is a future heroin addict for sure. She's right.


This. You will get depressed if you just dick around all day. He should take his hobbies seriously and do something productive with them. He has he freedom to not need to worry about the fiscal gain of his work. He doesn’t have the freedom to not work.

He can do cool shit like climb mountains or build furniture or mixed martial arts. So much cool shit.

His wife is definitely a bitch though. He should force her to retire and raise the kid. Fire the nanny.

slave mentality. you have no value unless you're a good worker.

Since I’ve grappled with such wrenching issues as where the dog sleeps and how big toddler birthday parties should be, I’m willing to take on the agony of having a young, rich husband who’s thrilled to be doing not much of anything. First of all, whatever your husband did for a living, he must have been pretty good at it if he can finance the next 50 years of high-end hanging out without ever having to earn another cent. Having worked like a demon to accumulate this pile, your husband is entitled to feel he deserves a sabbatical. But while many self-made people do indulge in the luxuries great wealth brings, often they continue to be driven to make a mark. Thus, Michael Bloomberg becomes mayor of New York and Bill Gates becomes a mega philanthropist. I can understand that it would be irritating to have a life partner who while still in his 30s contemplates the rest of life as one long Margaritaville. More irritating would be marrying the consummate capitalist who now spouts Marxist prattle. The other problem is your resentment of the fact that you’re still out grinding away while he’s perfecting his squash game. But that’s on you. Stop making your husband’s yammering about the oppression of having a job sound correct. If you enjoy your career and want to go at it full bore, then do so. He may not acknowledge the irony that in order for him to pursue his freedom from work, he needs to employ someone to change his son’s diapers. But since you do pay someone to do this, stop insisting your husband take on these duties during the nanny’s work week. And as your son is not yet toilet trained, don’t spend too much time worrying about where your son will align himself in the class struggle. You are having a difficult time accepting that the hard-working man you married has been newly minted as a man of leisure. But instead of carping at him, start having some gentle and genuine talks about what you both want out of life.

Tell him you think of him as so accomplished and productive that when he’s done unwinding, you hope a cause of some kind engages his attention. Given your family’s resources and smarts, surely there’s something the two of you could work on together to make your community, even the world, a better place.

This guy is in heaven. I was in the same place until all my coins are down a fucking ton of % and I don't want to sell at a loss, but my rent/food money is fucking running out.... =D


This is the post of a demoralized man whose head is pumped full of Jew propaganda

They got you good

Shes right. He should be spending his time bettering himself with full time hobbies and projects. If I had complete financial freedom id learn how to live sustainably on the country. I'd build my own home, get some livestock, learn how to hunt, learn how to run a small farm etc.

This guy is going to end up drinking himself to death eventually

As if any loser browsing /gif/ could get an Asian woman. Their standards are not that low.

>dude is smart with his dollar, eventually makes enough so that he can simultaneously support his family and himself without having to do anything
>pulls his weight in parenting and looking after the house
>teaching his son that there's more to life than being a wage slave
>refutes his roastie wife with genuinely thought out ideals
>pursuing his hobbies in addition to all this
>somehow the bad guy
I think the answer here fellas is not to wife American women.

He’ll be like the dude at the beginnning of GTA 5 drunk by the pool everyday with a slut daughter and a weed and vidya addicted son.

There’s a difference between working for yourself and working for someone else’s benefit.

If you don’t work at all though you will just rot away

right, tell me what I can do for myself waht is fun to do and make money

hey fag, why does any of that stuff matter if he could just not do it? what if he'd rather watch a movie about mountain climbing and be comfy? who the fuck are you to say he should do anything at all?

>female logic

Her main complaint seems to be with his hobbies: "gym, movies, books, etc" . People with a wagecuck lifestyle are accustomed to taking it easy when they're not at work (I know I am) so if they retire young, they'll be inclined to dick off all day. If somebody with a more entrepreneurial mentality "makes it" , he'll still feel compelled to spend his time on side hustles, real estate speculation, playing the markets, doing home improvement projects, what have you. I know some guys like this. Their wives are all either workaholics or really chill broads who assist in whatever cool random shit their husbands are doing. Even if you're rich, you can't expect to keep a woman happy if you're a lazy beta.

This dude doesn’t need money. He can focus on whatever he wants. Getting a black belt in bjj. Climbing mt Everest. Whatever.

To work for yourself obviously get a job in sales or start your own business. You’ll have little to no security but you’ll always be able to directly reap the benefits of your work. It’s hard as fuck to do though and it’s way easier to just wagecuck which is why most people wagecuck.

And for the most part wagecucking is fine. People make enough to get by. Get enough security to not feel too stressed. There’s a lot of good reasons to wagecuck. But nobody in their right mind who has financial freedom would wagecuck. Doesn’t make sense.

>trusting the wife's description of his day and activities


You last line is retarded
>be free
>rob freedom from his wife
>doesn't fire the nanny to take care of the kid

To be honest, the guy sounds like a /pol/tard high on dicks so it's nothing to take seriously.

As if all guys here wouldn't goof around all day long if they had the opportunity.

How will she ever find the time for Tyrone to come over if her husband is not on predictable work schedule?

Tyrone is very busy working a REAL JOB at McDonald's.

On a serious, what's with so many people having an issue with how this guy spends his time? She openly admits he's a good father, he has done his part to provide now and for the future. What more could you fucking ask?

Seriously the guy set himself up for early retirement and all anyone can ask is, well what are you gonna do now? "Uh, whatever the fuck I want, I'm retired?"

>Going to the gym and playing squash are illegitemate activities regardless of whether or not these are things he is truly passionate about
>Why doesn't he run for city council or volunteer at a homeless shelter

We don't know the whole story, he could be training to be a fucking body builder, he could be in an amateur squash league. Would you really put it past this woman to make everything her husband does seem insignificant?

>Oh well if I was in that position I would be doing this

Well you're not so shut the fuck up

>brainlets still fall for the marriage meme
just lol @ them

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literally what I did. Asian women don't care what you do, you could be the biggest most degenerate idiot manchild on the planet, as long as you're white and have your finances in order.

reddit please go

How is she supposed to fuck other men on the side if he's always around the house?
This is literally rape!

>entrepreneurial mentality
this is true for a lot of entrepreneurs. My ex-boss sold the company he founded and ran as CEO for 10 years, probably made $15 million after taxes, but still decided to stay on board as the CEO, to merge with the larger company for a bigger vision.

It's not easy to just let go of that entrepreneurial / creative mindset, and set of habits. You're usually compelled to work on new projects, business or otherwise

But fuck, I'd take a few months off at least, to flush out the cortisol

You guys aren't reading between the lines here. She's dissatisfied with him sexually and looking for validation that he's an ass so she can feel justified in cheating.

You think Veeky Forums is full of commies? He used the term ‘false consiousness’, hes a marxist for sure

Honestly, guy should be doing some more stuff. Maybe not work, but how about educating her on how he made riches and maybe even helping her accomplish the same thing? If I made a million dollars you better believe I'm telling my gf how I did it and I'd even invest in her and try to get her to achieve similar success.

>T. Step-dad

You're projecting.

Has everything ever been so plainly obvious

>Women don't believe they're supposed to work after they get married. Men are "supposed to work" because they "become lazy if they have nothing to do."
why the fuck did u marry someone with this belief?

Define dicking around? I agree a sense of purpose is critical, but how is going into a cubicle and putting together spreadsheets going to be more fulfilling than squash and reading books?

Genuinely curious.

I like your Pic. Amazing outline.

Topic related: she is stupid as fuck. He worked his ass off to achieve this goal, has now the fruits he earned. Now get's bitched about it.

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>nanny raising ur kids
the absolute DISGUSTING state of our society


lol this has to be worse than being alone and bitter right?

I'm like OP's husband just dick around all day on my crypto gains, but I don't have any relationships with women and I'm considering just going with whores because my looks can't attract women and I don't want a bitch just looking for money
I just go to the gym now trying to look respectable instead of a fat neet

This hurts I want to cry for him.

>communism makes you lazy-

She got such a backlash from this meme that she had to post he was gay.

I think the husband in OP’s post is still doing something. The money he spends on books, gym and squash equipment contributes to the Jews. Whatever he made that gave him a lot of money benefited the Jews. And he’s happy. It’s his own wife who needs to check her resentment.

Working hard and earning alot of money to be able to stop working isnt communism retard

Lol not only did he cucked like a dog, but everything now thinks he's gay.

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If you ever talked to any communists, you would know ‘false consiousness’ is a shibboleth.

Are you retarded or illiterate?

>falling for the marriage meme
>having children

This guy asked for it. He should kick out that stupid whore. But then again he has children. Fucked up for life. kek

As is life, user.

While I agree that I would easily get bored and I would personally focus on my own hobbies and pursuits, I think you're retarded for siding with the roastie here saying that he needs to work to set a good example for the kid.

Dicking around would be anything that you don’t take seriously, can’t get better at, can’t grow. TV, gambling, getting drunk, vidya, shitposting, reading(as a form of mental masturbation rather than with a purpose).
Nobody said sitting in a cubicle crunching numbers was better. Idk why so many anons on Veeky Forums(the most retarded board on this site) seem to think that’s the only form of work that exists in the world. You’ve all been brainwashed by loser commies to think that’s the full extent of human enterprise.
Now if he’s serious about squash and trying to actually make it to a high level, like possibly competing in the Olympics that’s one thing.
But if he’s just doing it casually when he feels bored this dude is going to slowly rot away. You can have a “sabbatical”. A year or two maybe where you just do whatever you want. But a life with no responsibilities is a life with no meaning. It’s damaging to the soul to wake up each day with no purpose, no growth, no challenge. Big difference between a year of that and a decade of that.

if i showed this to my wife she'd got nuts that the woman still wanted to work

This is why I never got in a real relationship(Im just 19 tho). All women Ive dated were shallow and lacked any major dreams or purpose, why cant I meet a qt entrepreneur gf?

I'm 19 and all the women I dated were whores. Good luck bro.

Idk about you, but I will never date another white girl. Asians only from here on out.

>real relationship


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>That kid is a future heroin addict for sure.

Maybe. Maybe not. Rather be a rich heroin addict than sober and poor.

How's that double digit iq treating you user

I wouldn’t

>raising a child is not a responsibility

the more you know...

yes it's called capitalism. which made him lazy

Nah he has a wife and is actually rich

Women are such petty creatures it makes me slightly mad.
Also this dumb bitch doesn't realize that having a present father is literally one of the best boost that her kids could ever have in life, especially if he is redpilled, it's like beginning life with most of the tips and tricks.

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>giving to women what make you valuable for free
Found the beta, all relationships are transactional and there is always an asymmetry no matter how slight it is, you better keep that in mind if you don't want to finish on the short end.

>Public schooling is a shithole pretty much everywhere

Top fella. Wife is a dumb bint.

Nice try faggot, single fathers raise statistically more intelligent, more achieving, and eventually more wealthy children compared to single mothers.

she is right about their son getting fucked up in the head without working parents though

Well the real issue here is the imbalance of work in the household. He's making his wife do the same amount of household work, despite the fact that she's working and he isn't. So naturally she comes to resent him and his comparatively stress free life. The easy solution would be for the wife to work fewer hours, since she doesn't need the money, and for the husband to take on more household duties. Instead they've just let the resentment grow and grow.