Earn Eth for Life w/ Ethphoenix

Its now possible for you to earn ETH passively for life simply by holding your eth in ethphoenix.io.

How does Ethphoenix.io work?
>Every time somebody buys or sells an EthPhoenix token, the price changes - 0.2% higher upon buy, 0.2% lower upon sell. If you keep your tokens where they are, you receive 10% from every buy OR sell transaction based upon your current share of tokens. You can convert your current token stash into Ether where it will sit in your dividends pool - your dividends are stored in ETH, not in tokens, so their value remains stable (as long as the ETH price itself remains stable.) The more EPX one holds, the large amount of the dividends they receive.

Basically, you earn the ETH people give up by entering and exiting the smart contract. 10% of each buy and sell goes to the community pot then distributed according to how many coins of the total you have.

For example, the top token holder on of ethphoenix (EPX) bought 50 ETH worth at the all time high. The user has since made over 30+ ETH in dividends alone just by sitting on his stack...and its only been 2 months...whats 4 years going to look like?
You can now earn eth for life doing nothing, as other buy and sell, you get a cut. All you need are a huge set of balls and the ability to think for yourself. Started right here on Veeky Forums and now its mooning.

There is much more to this Dapp including a futures market and a new form of crypto mining, both world first, coming from this team. will post info

Get on the ride that never ends.

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Common reaction is that is is all too good to be true so here is some street cred.

here it is referred to as ethpyrmaid.io in 6th place on that top ten list. Ethpyrmaid is the sister front end to the smart contract. EPY=EPX

real quick read, was in the email newsletter this week.

nice one about the futures market and how it interacts with the ethphoenix contract.

I'm here for the warm bread.

nice trips

First crpyto futures market now compliments ethphoenix.io
called Pyremx.com

From the site itself:

>allowing people to predict what the balance of the EthPhoenix.io smart contract will be at a specific future time. This project is currently live on the Ethereum Main Network. Futures settle once daily, at 5:00am GMT. After much discussion, it was determined that 5am GMT maximizes the number of participants who can be awake and view settlement each day worldwide

Its a daily futures markets that has established a tidal ecosystem with another smart contract called ethphoenix. These two contracts help perpetuate each other and on separate smart contracts and outside of any market other than eth, which its based on. It is able to self sustain already and can handle any volume while remaining fundamentally sound.
The goal is to make an entire ETHER ecosystem, or universe. Scale is up to you.

>pic related is and pot from the past

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This team also created a new method of mining crypto. You may very well be one of the first people to ever know about this...

ERC223 token (PHX) can now be mined with Proof of volatility.

>what is proof of volatility?
The supply of PHX tokens is tied directly to the Ethereum balance of the smart contract underpinning the 'EthPhoenix' decentralized application and mined using a novel, generalisable technique we refer to as proof-of-volatility.

>more details...
By owning stake in ethphonix (holding EPX tokens), you are able to mine a PHX tokens. An algorithm dictates proportional token generation according to the stake held in ethphoenix.io (proof-of-volatility).As one user put it, "it's like Proof of stake, but instead of voting on blocks, it's more like a delegated stake - the new contract issues the new tokens based on your holding your EPX."

white paper here

listed on forkdelta

Already a Game that uses it called PHXhell...basically an etherhell clone

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Is there any plans to get EPH token on exchanges?
Can anyone create a dapp using the token?

And how long has it been possible to mine EPH?

Is there any plans to get EPH token on exchanges?
EPH? do you mean EPX or PHX? in which case its already on fork delta.

>Can anyone create a dapp using the token?
already one game done called PHXhell.com...check it out
one more ill drop a hint about called
we are most excited for that one. No its not a trading card game, think cock fighting.

>And how long has it been possible to mine EPH?
this has only existed for 3 days, brand new.

samefag shilling his bags

I dont think EPH will ever hit exchanges. Reason they made PHX.

But im normie and know shit

>OP posting in his own thread
How many people even know this exist?

doors that way

Wait did the contract address change? I thought it was different.

which contract address? PHX?
if that is what your referring to, here is an announcement from the dev regarding the issue.

>Our current PHX contract has a small issue that stops us from using non-ERC223 compatible digital exchanges such as ForkDelta. We have worked out a way that we can make the token fully ERC223 compliant while at the same time compatible with these exchanges. We believe this is worthwhile enough that we have made the decision to relaunch the contract. Fret not, we will be air dropping at our own expense compensation to all who currently have tokens or have started mining so you will not be put out by this decision.

yes we all did get the airdrop. Problem was noticed 15 minutes after release.
running fine now and on fork delta so it worked!

Ah ok cool. I was wondering why Metamask showed 0 but the mining page showed I had some. I need to go on the discord at some point kek

no problem, bump

bump again for world first

Funny y'all mention that...

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fud crippled by attack

phoenix this cryptophoenixes.fun/marketplace

thank me later


Get out pajeet. Real products only.

is anyone here NOT in EthPhoenix already? i feel like mostly everyone is in at this point right?

I honestly can't tell if people are taking this seriously. It's not even trying to hide the fact that it's a pyramid scheme.

Thanks bought in earlier today.

It's a game, but one which could change "the game" itself. Big and true

what actually pays out more dividends? ehtphoenix or powh coin?

Ok, so it's a game. A zero sum game. I'm guessing most people who buy into it now will be on the losing side.

its not a typical pyramid scheme because nobody is actually at the "top" because you can just buy your way to the top, which gives huge dividends to everyone else, and we can all see every transaction going in and out of the contract, which neither of those things occur in a traditional "pyramid scheme".

it still is a zero sum game

Well you guessed wrong!
Top holder got in at the all time high with 50 eth..
He's made 30+ eth just sitting on his stack....in two months...

Contract can't end until the eth network dies. So what's that going to look like in 1 year??????

No one is even arguing that? Why does that change anything? Is that the best fud you got? They literally have a disclaimer at each page saying that.

yeah this is basically a money transferring system, if you have strong enough hands to hold through the dips and peaks, you will eventually make your money back and profit. The only way we make money, is from people with weak hands leaving before they have made their money back. Simple as that.

According to the info graph here You will get move divs from ethphoenix because master nodes from PoWH allow others to have more divs than others...not possible on ethphoenix.io
10% even rate on buy and sell. No bullshit

Why don’t you fags open your eyes and realize you’re wasting your time. You’re more than likely to lose your eth first and foremost. Also, the game will die out soon, keep an eye on the etherscan address.

Why don’t you do something productive you fucking neets

Well I bought it today because you get dividends both when people buy and when they sell.

Since It's a smart contract it will never be taken down, even if big holders sold you would just get dividends from that.
Then your tokens would get more % of the dividends.

With a big sell-off other people will see it's cheap and the cycle continues. I will just store some ETH there and get dividends for it.

Also, the value of the coin goes up as more people buy in so you gets some nice compound interest too

You mean make the first crypto futures market ever and the first proof of vol mining system dapp ever? What more do you want from them? Powh fags are hurting from that info graphic huh


Fucking cons

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I was thinking about this too but looking at their chart it's been proven that after big sell-offs others buy in again.
Just take a look at their chart on the website it went down a lot from people selling and now it has gone up again.

Those that held tokens during that time must have made really nice dividends.

The stats page on the webpage states that 281 ETH have been paid out in dividends. That's pretty good for 2 months.

Now there’s literally one guy bringing the transactions in. Don’t get fooled biz

I’m sure it’s the dev trying to save his shit and fuck you

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All caps huh? Any real criticism? Didn't think so.

"PoWH, all we can make is shit up"

Why is there only one single eth account that is making it look like there’s action going on.

It’s funny how you’re only response was to my “CAPS”

Any real info from you that can answer my question as to why you guys are trying to make this game look Moreno popular than it is. Didn’t think so.


What contract is that? You make a small screenshot to hide address, well look at transactions that one got 607 transactions.

Ethphoenix got 10547 total transactions.
People like u have been fuding me away from this token for the last 2 weeks. Joining their discord and reading up myself convinced me.

we can't stop idiots from spamming 1 gwei txns, do you even know how this works?

wtf are you talking about?
heres your real info faggot.

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At least I can say I warned you.

“Earn passive eth for life”


Yeah all those 0 ether transactions are people cashing out and selling. These games don’t last forever. Not sure what it is that you guys don’t understand.

Good luck

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thanks so much! try again next time!

Warned me by showing me fake information? Please.

hey senpai, until you can even acknowledge that this exist you can go sit down. Stay mad, punk.

Read up instead, 0 transactions can be selling or re-investing dividends or withdrawing dividends.

im sure he has, hes just pissed about powh coin stalling

here are all the recent withdrawls from EthPhoenix/EthPyramid

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Just go look at the chart on their FrontPage ethphoenix.io/index.html

Does it look like some panic selling? I wouldn't mind it though, even more dividends.

Okay discord shills.

There hasn’t been any eth put into it for over 12 hours.
Like I mentioned before. These games don’t last forever and will die off. If you’re putting in money right now then you’re too late already. Had you put it in In The beginning then you would have been good. But now it’s desperate discord shills hoping you buy their bags.

You think eth is just going to keep coming out of nowhere and being put in to this shit? There’s only so many retards that are THIS gullible.

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i love panic sellers, once they sell at a loss we get their ETH and there is nothing they can do to get it back unless they buy back into the pyramid and give me more dividends.

>hoping to buy their bags
thats not how it works you dumb ass, nobody is selling EPX to anybody, its not even possible.

>still cannot acknowledge inforgraph for teh third time
its ironic you call me a shill, considering how desperate you are that this fails. Why would that be?

>There hasn’t been any eth put into it for over 12 hours.
did you alrady forget about how it went up 120+ eth in two days this past week? sounds liek you are just cherry picking...faggot.

>These games don’t last forever and will die off
not when you have 4 new projects on the way, all innovating ont he original contract to make a bigger eth ecosystem. Do you have a hand in any of these? how would you know what is coming?

>If you’re putting in money right now then you’re too late already.
tell that to the guy that dropped 50 eth at the all time high see


Isn't this a textbook pyramid scheme? As long as people know what they're getting into, and know the implications of getting in one that's been running for a while, fine, but is this simply another BitConnect or can someone explain to me without insults why I'm wrong?

No expert here, but there is no exit scam possibility in this. No one can grab the 400 ETH currently sitting on the contract and run away with them.

>Isn't this a textbook pyramid scheme
Initially yes... unashamed and transparent down to the source code. No bullshit. Lots of disclaimers. Its more of a game than a real investment but people are throwing 50+ eth at this game...

>simply another BitConnect
far from it. No referral links or unfair advantages. obviously, if you got in sooner, the price per coin was less. Thats the case with basically every crypto tho. That said, once you own EPX you will earn eth proportional to your stake. The more you have in the game, the more you can earn.

the goal is to make an entire eth ecosystem that perpetuates itself and so far its working great.

to add to this, the ecosystem basically works like this.
Initially we thought that simply the market waves would be enough to incite lots of fear and greed, but we realized we needed to add more external factors that are influenced by the original pyramid contract it'self.
First we released PyrMex which are futures that anyone can play if they have ethereum. This allowed people to buy more EPX or sell EPX to profit on the futures, which was good for the EPX ecosystem because it caused buying and selling.
Then we released PHX, a fully transferable ERC223 token that can only be mined if you hold EPX, which causes more buying if the PHX tokens ever become valuable people will need to buy EPX to mine it for themselves, or they need to buy it from me ;)
Also PHXhell is a basically an etherHell but for PHX, gamble if you dare.
Then we have Pyrebirds, which is the main thing that PHX will be used for (i think its the main thing, but these developers are nuts and might have more up their sleeves). Which is going to be some sort of an open world, cock fighting, pokemon-esque game, that uses PHX throughout different parts of it.
With all of these different aspects, all being related back to EthPhoenix, this is becoming a whole lot more than just a Bitconnect. (even though it's really NOTHING like bitconnect at all because we can all see the transactions)

great post m8 saved.

also, when PHX gains a consistent ETH value on Decentralized Exchanges, we will be able to sell it if we want and keep the ETH or buy more EPX. almost like double dividends!