Bears win, bulls win, holders get slaughtered

>bears win, bulls win, holders get slaughtered

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I masturbate to people blowing their margins on BitMex

"HODL" has literally been Buffett's strategy for the past 50 years though

How do I short margin traders?

>Implying holders in general aren't the biggest winners by far in crypto

are you retarded?

Yeah I'm going to swing trade ETH from $7 I'm sure that worked out for people.

Never understood you impatient dumbasses.

Let me check......
Nope, still up 500% since mid december.

HODL is and always was nothing but a meme. People who invested after the crash in January got justed by holding. People who invested before got justed by not selling at the top and now being over 50% down from that. HODL doesn't work in a market that's manipulated like crypto is now.

Yep. Fucking BitMEXicans are cancer.

You are such a fucking idiot. You were probably up 2000% or so and didn't sell.
>still up haha
Yeah, you are still up from your initial investment. And you basically lost a lot of money that you had at the beginning of January.

Yes and if I had known the lottery numbers beforehand I wouldn't need to bother with crypto at all.

You're an idiot desu.

They're newfags that bought the top, or fucking BitMEXican trash. That's all there is to understand.

Meant sorry

Oh my fucking god is everyone on Veeky Forums now someone that just got into crypto in mid 2017?

I can't fucking stand this board anymore anyone with half a brain would realize that this statement is factually wrong if you look at the trend of people that just held something they figured would be a good investment and it actually being a good investment, regardless of the week to week swings in value.

You realize that the people that held bitcoin are the ones that made the most money out of anyone right? Or ethereum, or Antshares, or fucking a shit ton of these.

Damn right. I'm hodling Nano until the EOY and then sell some and move and buy a house and hodl the rest til Nano is the main e-currency my man.

>ETH Presale HODL'er
I saw +400,000%, are you having fun playing in the dirt?

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a hodl is essentially a constant long

am I brainlet?

A hodl is when you stop gambling and stop acting like the 0.25% fees on every transaction are peanuts.

Ofc it only works if you don't invest into total shit.

Also it's when you trade constant stress and 10 hours "

...10 hours working day for doing absolutely nothing and using your time on other hobbies instead. Or even get a job. [shudders internally]

Hodl is buying and forgetting about it for 1-2 years no matter what happens.
You'll also be free from the trading stress and have a life. Daytrading is worse than wagecucking

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hodl is useful for people who want to be productive with their life instead of wasting it away and frying their brain trying to mitigate losses and improve gains by staring at autism candles all day. In the long run this shit is going up so why waste your time staring at charts

False, just look at the indexes, if you had stocks in the early nineties and held to today, no matter all the recessions you'd still be up a lot.