Who /sip & trade/ here?

Who /sip & trade/ here?

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Trading implies some kind of decision making and edge, you do neither. You’re just gambling

>he doesn't /sip/

>Who /stomach cancer/ here?

/sip/ is good for you though

Lol drinking monster. What are you 12 mate? hahahah

>says the increasingly nervous non/sip/ for the 10th time this week

>Who /sip & trade/ here?
not british teens for sure

Biz is like a meme conglomerate from every fucking board

>drink water (free) and if you need caffeine then make your own coffee from beans bought in bulk.

This kind of shit is how you get rich. Minimize all expenditures. I like that shit buy buying cans like that just drains your funds in the long run.

steady sippin

Perhaps if everybody didn't think monster was for children then yeah, you'd be cool.

I literally drink beer all day long you fucking neet.

Do you even know what alcohol taste like mate?

Alcohol is Haram pal.
May Allah have mercy on thy soul.

Whomst /sip n vape/

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Never going to make it.

Who /bullet to brain & trade/ here?

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>he /drinks/ to look cool instead of /sip/ping for the taste

those chemicals literally alter the DNA and cause cancer.

based fellow /sip/
>he doesn't want superior altered DNA

Hahahah your weak.
Anybody that has to follow rules created by somebody else is of weak mind and soul.
Join the military bud, it would be perfect for you :)

Sipping all day is a part of our culture here, something my asshole has more of then most of you.

Enjoy living your life slaving away for some mystical god that can't even give you a single sign of actually being.

What do I believe in? myself :)

It's feels fucking spectacular not holding myself back because something is haram.

As for the whole haram halal bullshit, all you'd have to do is bless your alcohol you dumb fuck, you guys do it when you kill livestock to eat. What's the difference in saying a prayer for a bottle of booze compared to taking a life?

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based /sip/gang

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>Sipping all day is a part of our culture here

Is letting females turn into whores and fuck 100s of men before marriage also a part of culture there?
Wewlad, imagine allowing women to literally cuck you just so you could drink a beverage that would impede your cognitive ability.

Nice one.

how can non sippers even COMPETE without their extra energy

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I always knew muslims were based /sip/pers

redpill me about the DNA alteration and junkfood correlation pls user

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I always have a sip ready while watching eggman.

infidels BTFO

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I've finished all my /sippy/ now, what do. I can feel the power flowing through me. Not sure how to wield all this strength. Pestering mummy to go pick me up another could prove quite fruitful.

Hard to tell which one of you two is the bigger loser

Kek, imagine getting baited this hard

I've had three white monsters a day for five years and don't have stomach cancer

r/hailcorporate right here bois

wow 3 whole years cancer free


"Buy the dip, buy the /sip/" - Official Veeky Forums slogan
Go back to plebbit

>buy the dip then sell and /sip/

try some modafinil with it....fucking ACE BRO

Hahahaha. So you think the only alternative to drinking monster piss is drinking redbull piss?
You realise there isn't a government mandate to drink 4 thousand calories every day? You can drink water like a regular non-obese human?

The nectar of neckbeards

Non Veeky Forumsizens detected

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Why is the white monster so popular? Pic related, me drinking a real sip with a delicious locally made Pizza.

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*sips semen*
Feels seminal lads

why is this Monster bullshit posted here every few hours?

Wow if you think $2 dollars is a good deal wait till you find out about water.
It literally falls from the fucking sky.

You make no sense at all monster is actually awful for your body

all that fucking sugar...yuck

I was in Japan and some of the vending machines had Monster. I dont drink it, but it was interesting seeing tiny asians like downing the whole can right in front of the vending machines though I think all the cans were a lot smaller than burger sizes.

That's why you drink the white one you god damn idiot.

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The first looks like caramelized shit, I prefer dark (black&red) tea tho

aspartame and acesulfam-k are literally poison. enjoy your alzheimers, erectile dysfunction and cancer

The three vertical scratches are a Hebrew letter repeated three times. Its numerical value is 6, hence the "Monster": it turns you into one.

The brain wants what feels good at the expense of the entire body's wellbeing. Junk food ramps up that urge to infinity while natural food soothes it. There's nothing esoteric about it, junk food just exhausts you at a cellular level.

This. Fuck kikes and fuck aspartame

Fap & trade

>turns you into a monster

Based. Just bought 100k monster ultras

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i went out of town for a month, is he still live streaming?

drinking beer all day long is call alcoholism senpai.

>sipping red wine called "superior toro loco"
>implying your sugar water isn't shit-tier
>implying my wine decision isn't a sign for next bull run TONIGHT

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dude, if you need to go the alcoholism route, go the red wine route.
no man boobs (from the xeno-estrogens, google it) and a slight detox-effect. you still have to watch you liver, tough.

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drank club
sip gang

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Random question senpai, do you get "weak battery" warnings with that istick Pico?

I have one and use it with a Cleito and I get this gay message when the battery is at like 50-75%.

I have two sets of good batteries too...

Caffeine powder is cheaper.

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>2 for $4
i literally buy them 4 for $5 all the time, you're getting scammed

keep sipping like a good boy

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enjoy your kidney stones


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i trade drunk, makes a good excuse for losing everything

>being a junky
>thinking popping pills is more enjoyable than a cool refreshing /sip/


Sip BANG way tastier

Who here /sip/ redline?

I need to go grab some more sips, taking suggestions on monster flavors to try

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At least my teeth won't rot, no excess fat and my piss won't shine in the night. Not my problem if you are too poor to afford real mans coffee

Keep sipping your tarpiss fagboy

Ultra Zero, Lewis Hamilton, Monster Original and Purple Sunrise are all GOAT tier

>hurr durr sips are bad for you!
t. drinks 10 beers a day

>he doesn't know how to brush his teeth
>he swirls his sip all around his mouth instead of sipping it past the teeth
>he needs to turn on the light in his bathroom at night to see where he's pissing
>pops pills like a junkie
It's not too late to switch to the /sip/ masterrace user

>Better sips
>Better gains
>Papa Giancarlo

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Nah I am good lol

Whiskey is also a patrician /sip/