ETH AT 587

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methheads are worse than butters

wow looks like your erc20 bubble is popping lmao all that stupid garbage coin was useful for

>inb4 muh smart contracts change da world

Oracle problem will always prevent that. Solving the oracle problem is something worth trillions of dollars and won't be from something stupid as shit like ETH

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It's the only coin with an actual use in crypto right now

ETH was a scam after all

Thats what you get for stealing our GPUs you faggots. Now go find a job.

Isn't $587 quite high? I bought at $10 not long ago.

Dapps are the future, but in order to go mainstream they can't require the end user to pay gas or even know that they're using a blockchain. Steem is an example of this, and it happens to be the most used blockchain and the only one used outside of speculation. Ethereum will die, but I'll let you figure out which coin is going to take over.

At what point does GPU mining become unprofitable and prices return to normal?

Need to put together a render farm for work and looking for a bargain.

GPUs rush happened when eth was around $200.
But i think that the more you mine, the harder it is.

nice argument faggot, I believe you might be over invested in a fucking meme that's only this high because of scam ICOs and ponzi ERC20s

Yeah me too. I dunno, is over 50x my original stake not good? I mean I only got a x12 out of XRP, I think x50 is decent.

Meh, whatever. Back to browsing for more GPUs to mine with. I fucking hate gaming on anything except PS4, so I used my old 1080's already to mine more with. Need mire Khs though!

It was around 200 a year ago, all parabolic movements go back to where they started, i would not touch this above 200.

It's still VERY profitable if you do it right. It's not going anywhere - just use AWS to render. Or mine yourself when you're not rendering to offset your expenses.

what about bitcoin

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hey guys, i want to start a separate savings account, was thinking either crypto or stocks. is ethereum a really bad idea? anybody want to school me or give me some hints on how to read up i'd highly appreciate it

I mean you say that mate, but what is the hashrate of a 1070? about 28mh/s or something?

That makes you about 50 cents a day with standard energy prices. 50 cents on a $400 card.

Who can be fucked with that? You can find that on the floor.

>shit is loosing 5% per day
>it's VERY profitable


It's only use is to provide a base for more shitcoins.
Anyway, NEO can do pretty much everything ether can do.

>It's still VERY profitable

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Look at the charts bro, Bitcoin is not a buy above 5,000, that is where it was before the parabolic movement up.

>bought the "dip" a week ago
>already down 12k$

I can't do it anymore.

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Look at the 1year chart, a little after 5,000 it made the nonstop move up to almost 20,000 in just 4 months.

I don't know what you guys use to track cryptocurrencies but yahoo finance has a good 24 hour update chart here of basically everything.


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calling ethereum shit because scam coins can be created on erc20 is kind of like saying the internet is shit because scam companies can create websites though right

Ethereum is shit because scam icos are the only useful thing it can do. It's too slow and gas fees are too retarded for it to be used as intended.

which coin do you recommend then, sifu?

I keep buying the dip every week surely this is the bottom


EOS in June

>still overpriced
>$8 EOY