How can amerifats wake up and eat this everyday?

How can amerifats wake up and eat this everyday?

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>No black pudding
>No baked beans
>No fried mushroom and onion
>No too much brown sauce

Who ever is eating that is surely on a diet.

t. American

they all choking on cheesesteaks every morning

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Wtf is that meat? We don't eat Slim Jim's for breakfast Mohammad.

kinda want some hash browns now tbqh

meanwhile eurofags are eating a chocolate breaded pastry and 2000 carb expresso coffee for breakfast. just wait until daddy trump makes eurofags pay 50% of NATO cucks will wish you could enjoy a hash brown with eggs at 8am

I thought they just drink fat and eat deep-fried butter.

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Why is it called cheesesteak? I don't see any cheese there

how to britbongs wake up and eat this every morning?

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the tacobell breakfest crunchwrap is deliciously good with a OJ and bowl of kush

Burgers are absolute cucks, that's why.

Vegan master race, enjoy your atherosclerosis meat cucks.

whats the Veeky Forums breakfast? i fry a platter of freshly caught prawns every morning that's all i need until my dinner.

>fried shit everywhere
...what? How is that a diet?

coffee and a cigarette

Probably healthier than the shit they actually eat

how can you have so much jealousy and free time to bitch about another countries breakfast on a business forum

im sorry that you are unlucky enough to live on a shitting street but can you shut the fuck up its not americas fault that we aren't savages


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Yeah man, typical American breakfast has at least 3X that.

So what? It's not double fried meaning diet food.

Preworkout (C4) and a fat blunt followed by 3 lines or ket

Quite easily
It's fucking beautiful

Haven't eaten breakfast regularly for years

>So what? It's not double fried meaning diet food.
What the /actual/ fuck? Are you serious, user? Is fried (not double-fried) food really considered diet food in America?

That is a complete absurd to almost every other country.


Fuck me my mouth is watering
Those eggs are done to perfection but I can tell that the beans are cheap

Do you k-hole and manage to day-trade at the same time?

Asking for a friend

He's just joking I think
Shhh relax pajeet

You haven't had triple or double fried food? Holy shit it's like you have never experienced taste before.

I'm enjoying a double fried Pepsi right now.

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t. Soyboy

Most americans either eat cereal or go to McDonalds for breakfast

Me and other whales enjoy eating a nice bagel on the go as we prepare to crash this entire market cap to 100bil. you poorfags can lick the crumbs of my floor the salty taste will remind you of your chainlink

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oh you

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You wish. Kek, without NATO, Russia would have had you by the balls

> 2018 a.d.
> not being on keto

Sucks being able to get any cultures food with better produce than the culture we stole it from uses. Being in a wealthy American city blows :/ How's the weather in Mumbai tho still raining shit?


Sucks being a non-white and using technology every day that the white man invented

Its so ubiquitous we often forget we owe the entirety of the modern world to them... huh, really makes me want to protest with BLM because they have no culture i read so on buzzfeed

Not true at all, I'm Argentinian, visited the US twice and their meat is impossible to eat, idk how you guys do it

Unfair comparison, Argentina has the best meat in the world.

Because we're not poor

Wheres the baked beans you fucking cretin

Fucking burgers.
Subhuman species