Who else /comfy Vechain? Read this

> Actually adopted by companies with real use cases

> In talks with 200 companies

> Vechain ICO's will be run soon that are real companies no pajeet coins.

> Sunny Lu is a charismatic god

> 6 offices worldwide, with more too open

> Current manpower is at 90 including 45 full time devs autistic chinese devs with all having IQ of >130. Looking to add 100 more developers at the end of this year

> Working together with top-tier universities to tackle mathematical problems that are related to blockchain

> Community growth is staggering and continues to this day

> Pretty much one of the few cryptos that is in the green since 2018

> Cemented itself as a top 15 token already, while still being ERC20

> Top 10 is guaranteed very soon with highly likely taking a top 5 spot this year, possibly even top 3

> The exchange Circle that is backed by Goldman Sachs has Jim Breyer and Fenbushi capital that have a big stake in it. Both are also backing Vechain. Insitutional investors will buy up dat dear Vechain. Guarantee that Vechain is going to launch early on Circle.

> JFA approval almost done. Will guarantee Vechain listing on many japanese exchanges in JPY/Vechain. Bitocean ATMs will hold Vechain also.

Absolute brainlet if you not in this fag, you deserve to be poor if you don't take a position in this gem.

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Stop loss: none

It’s an ERC20 token with fake partnerships.

$500 EOY. Easy money.

All of what you posted is just hyped up shovelware, the only meaningful news is Circle

stay salty, walty

I'm comfy watching all of my gains disappear as this piece of shit keeps bleeding.

>only coin that is positive in both SATS and USD since start of the year

Ven bleeding? Not it’s not you retard. It’s price in sats has been fairly constant and actually moving up for the last week. Btc has been shitting the bed driving down the market price of ven in usd

> 45 full time devs autistic chinese devs with all having IQ of >130

> Sunny Lu is a charismatic god

A good leader is that who can make smart people work and get along together. I vote Sunny for president. What say you VETerans?

nobody gives a shit about this anymore
>"we have NDAs with 180 companies"
meanwhile BMW was one of the """"""NDAs""""""" and they were happy to give out info to anybody who emailed. fuck this scamcoin

and congrats on getting dumped on by the foundation for tokens that were "locked"

I know it hurts user to see us Vechainers succeed. You will never make it user. You either join the Vechain army or you fail. Simple as that.

i was 100% ven, I sold at $8. have fun in your cult though

oh and OP, the Oxford partnership was fake, don't forget to tell them that.

I'm in since BTC since block 10. I know Satoshi. Fcking tard lol.

Again, you will never make it user, never.

If you don't sell before the 20th March you are a fool

if btc wasnt being dumped right now we would have been above $5 easily, and still climbing up to the 20th

only two coins ive gone all in in my 4 year crypto career: eth and ven.

Latest Business AMA was bullish af. Get in or stay poor anons.

Lol bags are getting heavy I guess

Bags are lighter than ever. Every other alt coin and btc are dumping, ven stays the same or goes up. Eat a dick pajeet

lol wut

No you weren't and no you didn't you larping little fag , stay poor

> doesn't understand sarcasm.

Fcking tard LOL.

> doesn't understand satire.

Fcking tard LOL.

That is absolutely no satire fag. KEK. The brainlet is high on this one.

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That is absolutely no sarcasm fag. KEK. The brainlet is high on this one.

It's too late already. The pump for the 20th already happened and it's on it's way down. Will completely shit the bed on the 20th. Venfags will never learn.

>erc20 token
>No code
>No github activity
>Fake partnerships
>Startup bmw "partnership"

Need I say more? Why in the fuck would any big enterprise want supply chain blockchain token? They can use MUCH better inhouse solution you fucking retards.

2$ EOM

you guys are really in disbelief that somebody broke the spell
lmfao its sad
have fun with the bitocean thing. cult leaders will tell you to hype it yet you have no reason why
ask questions once in a while and maybe one day you can learn to sell the top too

FUD me i dare you

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Vechain is lost without DJ Qian. Without him there is no PWC deal. Diminishing returns from here on out. Sunny is Tim Cook. DJ is Steve Jobs.

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I'm tired of this "but it's gaining in sats" bs

this isn't 2025, so that means 99% of businesses DON'T accept Bitcoin, so we all have to cash out to FIAT - that's why it's retarded to measure in sats unless you're trying to sound like a "crypto OG" (holy fucking cringe)

95% of these "OGs" simply bought and held bitcoin around summer 2017 or earlier, they don't have any actual insight

Thanks just bought 100k

Yeah the sats thing is bullshit, people just use it to deny that the price is actually free-falling

Anyways Bitcoin will eventually lose its spot as the crypto with the highest market cap, it's outdated, slow and obsolete do yeah measuring in FIAT is the only way to determine value of a crypto

Its gaining on sats duo to thor bs but as soon as that dies out it will drop in sats AND $.

I used to shill VEN with Jim Breyer posts too, but then I realized that he invested in summer-fall 2017 when VEN was around .20

this means, even if VEN would to plummet to $1.00, he would still be fucking 5x, which would almost certainly be the biggest percentage gainer of the entire Breyer Capital portfolio

and .20 is probably a hilariously high estimate,

he's a fucking official VEN advisor, which means they would give him a massive ICO discount for buying $10M worth or so

>people will believe this without doing their own due diligence

Except Ethereum is in the portfolio? Breyer is an advisor and has openly said he bought at $5

feel free to post proof that he bought at $5

oh wait, you can't and won't

>Vechain is lost without DJ Qian.
Hey, very true. INVEST IN FUSION.

You're fucking retarded

Measurement in sats is because we expect everything to be tied to BTC, and BTC to go up. It's not some purist bullshit like you're speculating

Go off yourself you 2017 cryptobabby.

I'm HZs4NkZU, switched comptuers.

Sorry, but it's absolutely a way for crypto personalities to save face while their shilled alt holdings are bleeding. Who gives a fuck if VEN has gained on sats if it's down 50% from ATH? Seriously, how can you argue this? Yes, you bought it with BTC, but you bought that BTC with FIAT.

>erc20 token

That will change once they have built the infrastructure of the FUTURE as you can see in the TRAILER on their website: vechain.com/

>No code
>No github activity

OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE has failed! Today everybody uses MICROSOFT WINDOWS and MAC OS for good reasons. Have you seen anybody working with LINUX? NO because it is dead! Only computer nerds use it. Like those other world players, VECHAIN is meant to be a PROFESIONAL BUSINESS that takes over the world. BITCOIN has lost a significant market share last year due to ALTCOINS because it is OPEN SOURCE and everybody can FORK it. If they had started as a CLOSED SOURCE project that would have NEVER happened.

>Fake partnerships
>Startup bmw "partnership"

LIES. There are even more major partnerships coming, but they haven't been disclosed yet.


CHINA will be the next super power... It's only logical that VECHAIN is Chinese. Everybody who isn't betting on them will lose everything. Mark my words.

Please stop spreading FUD. VECHAIN will be one of the top tokens in the next two years. Adoption is happening faster and faster.

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China hasn’t invented shit since hot pot and gunpowder. Their creativity was destroyed in the great leap forward, and will never recover. They can only copy and scam, they can’t invent. The former CIO of Louis Vuitton China isn’t going to lead a team of 100 Chinese developers to completely transform the way supply chain logistics works. Step back and look at this rationally. No Fortune 500 company will ever say “We need to buy more THOR Power for our supply chain, get Sunny Lu on the line.” Ask any Western business what their experience is like when they do business with China. If anything, IBM will do it better and have far more success implementing enterprise blockchain.

Stay stuck in the past. China is the only country with an imperialist and colonialist agenda right now and is on track to be the most influential power/economy in the world because of it.