Why are so many crypto teams based in Singapore, even when their members aren't asian?

Why are so many crypto teams based in Singapore, even when their members aren't asian?

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because tax is theft

Because no Capital Gains Tax
There are also the fact that Singapore is a well-known 'tax haven'/money-laundering centre for the mega-rich.
Singapore has the best-rated educational system in Asia, the Best-rated University in Asia,
beating out the Koreans/Japanese/Chinese, ridiculously low crime rates, retailers from every nation that matter,
being ridiculously convenient (You are never 5 mins away from a public park/library/swimming pool/gym/cinema/Food centre etc.)
and the locals are pretty well-behaved.

The MRT/Bus transit connects the entire island, you can transit anywhere within 1 hr or so.
Taxis are common as shit, Uber or Grab and every company writes their fares off as expenses.

There is also the fact that there are a lot of Pajeet with IT qualifications in Singapore working minimal wage.
(Even less that what they get if they worked in America with a H11B Visa)

Because many countries on Earth that believe are First World, aren't. Singapore is a haven.

Because you can exploit pajeets and shitskins

That's where the aliens who tell us how to use their financial technology are located

Talented pajeets don't work in Singapore

What an exaggeration user

Name 2

He's not exaggerating

Singapore is a multiethnic tax haven that uses english as an official language, it's fairly easy to understand why.

What I saw in Singapore

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Yup multiethnic

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>(You are never 5 mins away from a public park/library/swimming pool/gym/cinema/Food centre etc.)

reminds me of hawaii. locals slumming away while rich white and chinese stroll by.


Thank you for proving my point.

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How to get Singapore residence?

And the leaders know how to make full use of it

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Internet speed and the price of Wi-fi is also the cheapest in the region.
Not to mention the whole country is covered with hotspots


Easily the most valuable travel document on the planet, a Singaporean can travel almost anywhere without a visa, including to the US and Europe. It takes two years of residence after obtaining permanent residency to qualify for naturalization. And obtaining permanent residence is a snap– you can simply set up a local company to qualify.

all except the Chinese and Indian one were overpaid


>so fucking comfy

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Xi doesn't need pay since China is state-run production. The perks of being a dictator essentially outweighs the petty paycheck(that and he can go 'look I make so little for you the average chinaman')

Why did rich people put bank accounts in the caymans? Tax shelter and low regulation.

tax breaks. 0% for companies


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Sold. How do they take to white people? I'm South African and my girlfriend is German


Because it's fucking amazing
It looks like the capital of earth would in a scifi novel, filled with shiny skyscrapers and 20-meter tall tropical trees and people of every color, culture and religion strolling on the streets
Problem is it's the most expensive place i've ever been to. So much so that many blue collar people can't even afford the stereotypical cubicle-home anymore, they straight up live in hostels where their personal space is reduced to having a bed on top of someone else's.

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That is only if you are a non-citizen.

Am singaporean, can confirm. Chainlink 1000 eoy, 10k end of 2019 btw.

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why not, you can eat off the streets anyway.


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Lmao I was wondering if i was gonna se a coss mention

its not easy. you can't be more wrong. if you consider investing at least 2.5 million USD into a company, and also proving you have a track record of entrepreneur excellence "easy" then sure.

otherwise it takes working whitecollar work with a proven record for a few years before you can qualify.

>the Best-rated University in Asia

I was there last week and literally 99% of the women went to American Universities.

Also, after a week, I wanted to kill myself.

Couldn't be a more boring place in the world.

Very clean though.

>Talented pajeets don't work in Singapore

Very true. Pajeets are to Singapore as Mexicans are to Americans.

>99% of the women went to American Universities
Because they are not good enough to be admitted to the Uni.
So they use their parents' hard-earned cash and spent on a degree from a US college.
The Government knows this and regard them as trash.


>Because they are not good enough to be admitted to the Uni.

Almost all the students aren't citizens, so you have 2 good Universities to serve 2.5 billion people and the best of the best still go elsewhere. This is a condemnation of Asia, not Singapore.

No they are really not good enough.
As in even if there are spare placings in the Local University, they would never make the cut.
So they pay/cheat to get a 'degree'.

>300k for 68sqm
hes not wrong

or you marry a local.
this was what i did

Imagine being this dumb.

>ironic frog poster is a singaporefag
who would have guessed

Death penalty for snorkeling weed

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Yeah i also forgot to add they have a bunch of scary shit going on
>Death penalty for weed possession
>1000 dollar fine for smuggling chewing gum into the country
>500 dollars per item fine for smuggling/owning pirated dvds
Zero chill

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>Zero chill
Good. That brought them to success, and that's why they'll continue excelling.

free market isnt free without lots of social regulation it seems

CannabicCoin when

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Very business friendly laws

because Singapore is based as fuck

No blacks, no latinos, no crime