Literally the only coin

That will be backed by real assets and dollars

I pray to allah it drops so I can get more

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can you explain to me the fucking point of backing a crypto currency with tangible assets or worthless fiat money?

not sure if larp

nice bait

I haven't looked into this token, but the goal of cryptos are to provide an alternative to fiat. Backing them with fiat defeats the entire purpose. Also, bunch of threads on JNT this morning, bags starting to feel heavy?

You are solely gambling in crypto overtaking fiat? KYS would be the right term for you

What the hell are you on about?

blockchain has use cases, who woulda thought.

Institutional money is able to invest in crypto. JNT is setting up a viable gateway for that.


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None of those comments even relate to what they're replying to. Weird thread.

We are the JNT marines. Gtfo

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I summon DatBoi and Frank

Well, that's a whole bunch of red flags if nothing else. Good luck I guess.

Weird AND creepy! eww


>muh 'aims to' means it's confirmed

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You literally don't even need to shill this coin as it will go up by itself


they want to give traditional assets the TRANSACTION PROPERTIES of cryptocurrencies. it's a bridge between the old way and the new way. they're not fully abandoning the things that make fiat a good store of value over crypto (regulation, stability, etc).

Frank reporting in