Roger Ver posts on Veeky Forums

Roger Ver posts on Veeky Forums.

How does this make you feel?

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Good. Cucksteam coreniggers stick to plebbit. Mr Ver and Mr Satoshi Wright are welcome here.

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same as taylor swift posting on /b/ dont give a fuck...

Makes sense. Hes a weeb, self-taught in Japanese, and moved to Japan for access to 2d figurines.

Not surprised. He's the faggot posting sluts and men with the bch logo.

Makes me think, OP is unironically a faggot as always.
Posting some unrelated shit here with also no evidence.

GTFO of Veeky Forums shitdick, OP.

Even tho he's rich, I'm a chad compared to him.


faggit who is killing crypto

makes me feel comfy desu

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where did he post?

On your dad's dick.

i laugh at everything and that wasnt slightly funny. End it all right now

hello qt Ver :3


>Mfw you're Ver

Core are all busy watching cuckold porn

If you don't own Bcash you're probably affected by plastic leakage into food and water you consume, unironically

only pages i visit are psychonaut and btc u limpdick faggot. kys fucking poser

>mfw you're ver

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so we're holding BCH until next friday, r-right guys?

Literally who
Reminder he does homoerotic gook sports