How many Artifical Intelligence (AI) projects are there in crypto?

How many Artifical Intelligence (AI) projects are there in crypto?
These are the one I only found:
Neuromation (NTK)
Matrix AI Network (MAN)
DeepBrain Chain (DBC)
Effect.AI (EFX)
Decentralized Machine Learning (DML)

Are all these just a meme, a cashgrab project waiting to fail and have next to no adoption?

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Ethos I believe is one.

Also cindicator is a hybrid intelligence. If you want to include that. All these AI projects are driving me crazy.

SingularityNET (AGI)

You forgot IOTA.

the only one i have confidence in desu

my confidence in dbc 0

hope all these other random icos aren't listed as an office building inside a warehouse with 10 other LLC registered to the same address

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looks better than 99% of crypto offices lol

Agrello (DLT) is legally binding smart contracts that will utilize AI

Really makes you think.

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Really gets the neurons firing.

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it's a piece of shit that doesn't need a coin.

Is MAN an AI project or a smart contract platform like ETH? I glance through their website and they seems more like a smart contract platform.

Endor soon.

No project "needs" a coin user. Having a simple way to fund decentralized AI processing is one of the best use cases for a coin though. Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.

>tfw you will never live on an island floating in the void
>tfw you will never own a swift sky ship
>tfw you will never have a crew of trustworthy comrades
>tfw you will never embark on an epic quest for fame, riches and ultimately self-discovery
Why live?

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Link's office is the boiler room of a hair salon for fucks sake

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literally across the river from my last job

AI doesn't require decentralizaton. period. i win

You're retarded. It's literally the currency of ai. How ai gets paid to do a job. They just made an AI a citizen in Saudi Arabia. You have no idea what's happening.

yes i do know what's happening. AI will be dominated by google and microsoft. on their terms. not on an exchange with shit coins pumped by pajeets and chinks. sorry user, you're deluded. pay attention to all the commercials on television. not once will they mention your shitcoin. nobody wants to buy a token to get access to AI. nobody that wants to sell AI wants to earn a pumped up token that they need to convert to fiat through an exchange.
>pic related, you

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>posts interior of a different building
really gets those neutrons firing

I'm going to hire pajeets to label my dataset, if the fuck it up the smart contract won't pay the pricks. Great idea.

>Are all these just a meme, a cashgrab project waiting to fail and have next to no adoption?


he gets it. AI is the newest meme. starting a decentralized marketplace to buy AI using shitcoins is absolutely a cash grab. they're using two memes to draw in normies, blockchain and AI. basically anybody buying this shit is just funding their R&D.
all the AI spergs fell in love with the talking sexbot and now their bags are so heavy they couldn't even afford a bj from that AI whore

Fiat is a broken system and will be replaced soon. Just ask the Rothschilds

Is there anything more than AI tokens?

Yes, Chainlink.

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>Fiat is a broken system
>ask the (((Rothschilds)))
have you seen crypto? absolute brainlet! so you think people that have a necessity for AI, for their business or whatever will go onto an exchange, change their FIAT into a shitcoin to buy AI? you're fucking retarded. still using that broken fiat as an entry point huuurrrrrrr! and then the faggit that sells the AI is going to sell his shitcoin that he earned betcha, FIAT! tell me more about this wonderful system mr. brainlet

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There are exactly 0 that have actually delivered anything.

Neurochain isn't an AI project, it's a blockchain platform like Eth but the consensus is based on machine learning an AI

Chainlink isnt its a detective ARG