I'm out

It's been real guys. but the crypto fad is over. it's not coming back ever. I just sold all of my mining equipment and cashed out what i had left. never looking back. good luck if you are dumb enough to keep dumping money into this market; i guess someone needs to buy the rest of the bags. All in all I lost over $30k and 6 months of my time. Hope I can save some of the rest of you some agony in realizing to just cut your losses and focus on something productive.

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This is my indicator the market will reverse soon. Thanks for buying high and selling low!


The market isn’t bottoming out. The stock market has been at all-time highs, and still is. The crypto market, on the other hand, is bottoming out because everyone is realizing that every cryptocurrency is more useless than the next. FOMO was the only thing that soared the prices, but that’s gone now. People realized that they weren’t missing out on anything. If you’re planning on making money in the crypto world, good luck! You’re going to need it.!

How can you lose 30k when you invested 6months ago? You are the worst sort of subhuman race.

so you lost all your money in the biggest bullrun of the century?

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that's a meme. they want you to think it's an indicator but it's 100% over for real. There might be small 5% jumps here and there but over all EVERYTHING is going to 0 and much sooner than you think. Your mind thinks you will catch these small jumps for profit but it just takes one big red candle to wipe out your gains and reck you. there's no point at all anymore.

Google image search reveals you are a nocoin larper.

market is not dead, but will slowly bleed near extinction and ground levels, and all the overvalued shitcoins in existence will lose another 75%-90%. Maybe then we can buy again.

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nice try OP, time to double down

>power box for each graphics card for max mining

Already confirmed as a fag. Stop wasting time.


I can't understand the point of these threads. It's obviously some low IQ attempt of a psy-op but what the hell is the point of trying it on a board with as small as a user base as biz with a weighted topic system? Honest question..why take the time to type it out?

> lost over $30k and 6 months of my time
y-you lost $30k.. d-during the biggest bull run in history....

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Im thinking about the same. Profitability of 1080tis dropped 80% in 2 months. If this is not manipulated bs then I dont know what it is. I invested around 25k maybe? 30? Yeah I think I could get out with lil loss if I can dump my cards on gaymers.

Crypto=scam, manipulation, lies and the mix of these.

Yeah btc had a noble cause a few years ago but right now crypto is dead. I dont even want adoption anymore. This whole thing is toxic as fuck.

Do you think projects that aim to benefit from the extreme security of blockchain are also useless? The ones which aren’t intended to be mere substitutes for cash?

Checked reddit and bitcointalk to get a picture of what's going on. They all think coins with "fundamentals" are going to moon in a few months.
That's an indicator for a bigger drop.

sell your coins to me cheap then faggot


The cause has not changed and we are closer than ever to achieving adoption.

POW is nonsense though. Get nano.

It's not dead it's just going to reach a new bottom like january

private money will fund anything worthwhile with real organizations. All this shit that we are buying is amateur hour Ramish and Jaganath just stealing our money with vaporware. If they do produce anything it's complete garbage and could have done in 10% of the time by a proper company.

He sold

Pump it

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I went 25% in August. 75% in on the "dip" at 16k btc.

Yeah you know where they stock market money will go when stocks become stale for a few months?

If you guys had a sliver of intelligence, you would see that stock companies are creating companies to hold crypto and will have market valuations based on their crypto holding.

Do you know what that means?
It means that the big boys are buying every dip possible, mining wherever they can, starting up companies that have a valuation of 10million.
Come the following quarter they see how much they hold (turns out it's 200m in crypto) and boom, company is valued at 210 million.
Crypto will not die, this is just the cycle of the market.
If you want to make it in crypto soon enough you'll need to hold stocks from (tsx, otc) and coins.

You've been warned!

Pumping boss. How high shall we take it?

You sold and now try to cope your decision. Pathetic

except it's still dumping by the minute and i just shake my head now at these posts. the sad part if that almost everyone here is losing money. they are just larping and saying they're doing great. the worst part is they are lying to themselves and continue to feed more money in only to lose it.

Then go with the non ico startups.

ya wtf do people think "oh wall street just doesn't understand it" or some dumb bullshit? na they pay smarter people than you money to understand shit more complicated than this, crypto was basically a collection of giant pyramid schemes based on fomo, the real winners were developers, whether of bad products or terrible ones they all came out on top (except the maybe 1 dev that HODL'd lol) and then people that got in in the summer and sold in winter

he prob bought all his shit in december...6 months kek...

oh ya and the ones that hit the ico lottery

The developers are still here, are expanding and are now fiat rich. Rich, intelligent and driven. Now is not the time to bet against them.

exactly fiat rich. they've already made it and are free and clear at this point because of the nature of this. they can just walk away and say well the project failed or the competition beat us.

good. there is no room for retards

I will buy your cards OP, you dont deserve to call yourself a miner

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already sold everything on craigslist.

Mate 2 weeks ago I believed in crypto like every other neet but this shit is dead. I was stupid.

Bitcoin is 10 years old, still no adoption. Yeah bitcoin may never die but be prepared for sideways for a really long time. Everyone who FOMO'd in already got raped by the greedy cryptoniggers. If thats how crypto treats people who see something positive in crypto then fuck ya all.

This shit is lies, scams and manipulation, period. Adoption will never come. Bitcoin is a shitty complicated paypal.
The market is still fucked up, we are 1000% above what is sustainable and realistic. 20k for something that has no real life use? Fuck even 4 is too much.

Asic manufacturers fuck up the market and when they got thier 10000% profits they sell thier 3 months warranty equipment for 5k for dumb fucks.

I fell for the biggest BS in history and I feel stupid. Maybe I should get my pitchfork and try to get my revenge on disgusting stupid people and who know, I may start a revolution and we can redistribute the wealth once more but one thing is sure: I have more chance to get rich with a pitchfork than with crypto.

Nice bait, made me reply. 9/11 would meme again

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>I've been in crypto for the last 6 months and managed to lose money
>everyone should listen to my advice

>he lost money in crypto in 2017 and thinks anyone will take his advice on anything


Classic newfag, profitability drops 1 month and they sell the cards, then they buy back in when a cheap ass 470 rig does $50/day

It's retarded but can happen, I've been in crypto since March last year and made a lot of money in May then because I was new. But I've also seen what happens in bull runs (you buy shitcoins that look good, make money and think you're a genius, but you lose it later) so I only made small trades during december that didn't net me to much money because the pumps were bigger than I would've imagined.
Basically, I was smart enough to not buy high but not smart enough to take advantage of the FOMO. The upside is that I'm not losing money now, but also don't have that much. I'm glad this wasn't a permanent bull run because if you haven't accumulated crypto would be kill for you. This is good for me because now I can make money on the way down or, if more FOMO comes in I will know what will make me money

i forgot. i also bought a pepe plush because i believed in this at one point. it was a good ploy, get suckers involved to buy merchandise also. Half of the ico scams have spent more time on offering merchandise to buy on their site than a real product they are claiming to work on.

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Fucking finally, you come to your senses.
Tell your miner friends to sell their GPU at MSRP

You seem to have a misguided idea of what financial success means. If you suddenly had major success in your life, would you give up on all your hopes dreams and aspirations?

yes, i would move to florida play golf everyday and fuck hookers in my condo on the beach with my millions that i just "earned" from my crpyto ico.

its not gonna happen. show me one precedent when something like that happened and no, nov, dec, jan is not a good one.

aha even if my HOPES DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS included crypto (which would probably but me in the minority) I would at least be taking a long vacation,

Life without purpose is boring and useless. Money doesn't change that.

Stop being useless and boring.

Yes a vacation for you is probably overdue. Computers are set for another exponential rise in compute this year. Clear your head and think about what this means for AI, finances, governments and people.

I guarantee you won't come back with a plan to waste your life on golf and hookers.

The bait in this thread is top kek. None of this can be real

> I will know what will make me money
...said Anonette, before going on to lose what little she had.

Don't be a fool.

started last May w 5k. Now have 275k, looking forward to turning that into 10m by 2020. Peace.

Lmao newfag

OP is buttmad cause he got robbed by [whites]

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Biz is actually very influential but in autistic way. Rumors and memes are created here so it's one of the best injection points for fud or shill.
Also I have $300k in crypto and some people I know have way more, but we still visit Veeky Forums and discuss rumors and news posted here in private tg groups.

Call Jen-Hsun Huang, pump nvidia GPU price 2x

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>this doesnt real
Veeky Forumsfags on the brink of selling all their hardware at any moment in time

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what the fuck one card is off center a little you call yourself a miner you fucking cuck i've seen straighter graphics cards from the gayest of cock suckers

>on the brink of selling
>posts pic of someone intending to buy

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I love the idea of being a miner but then i realise i actually live in the 1st world.

To 19k

>selling these to gaymer soyboys

Only emotional traders will fall for this.

Nice copy pasta user. I've seen this post for the past week and on multiple threads.

>to buy more cards
>buy cards

>all profits
>sellling old cards
>muh roi

>selling cards that already paid for themselves for 1.5x msrp ia a bad deal

>thinks everybody will always buy his shitty mining cards at artifically inflated price

>thinks they wont

Just a fad lol
Look at all these people it's Insane crypto is going nowhere. Too much money to be made for the elite

>Couldn't last 2 months in a bear market

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fuck... I would love to buy a rigg right now. Any user on LA selling their miners?

>everybody buying the cards used @ msrp or inflated prices are miners trying to get cards @ msrp to mine

what could possibly go wrong?

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You'll look back at this at the end of 2018 as the dumbest thing youve done


Garbage fucking larp. Run ETH through any mining calculator and you'll see it's still profitable. When it starts to go into the red for miners, they're going to pump it like their life depends on it.

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Look biz! We reached despair! It is bound to go up

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Institutions want to buy low, every changed voice matters

Why would Bitcoin ever recover?

Just tell me why. Nobody believes in this shitty tech anymore.

Alright so your in mini whale opinion, AMB total shitcoin or not?

>Yeah you know where they stock market money will go when stocks become stale for a few months?
yeah, bonds, commodities and vulture capital. not your tulip bulbs.

you took a risk without being able to cope.

in other words you a bitch

only strong hands make it

>Lost 30K

Thank you man, I'm glad to read all of your wise advices.

How much did you get for your mining equipment? You got to have some money recovered.

There is a lot of confidence in this thread, meanwhile you fags are clogging up /smg/ desperately seeking guidance to recoup your losses from shitcoins. Don't worry we'll hold your hand as you open you $500 Robinhood account.

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We're in the despair phase and OP bitched out, which means we are reaching the bottom.

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Can't wait to buy a mining rig for cheap in a couple of months

IF and I clearly mean IF bitcoin (and top cryptos) is not going to recover (highly unlikely), we will need to go back to the roots, to the basics of cryptocurrency. Easily minable (but this time ASIC resistant), small scale community for small semi-darknet or private transactions.

We need moar faggot posts like this to really hit bottom. Remember the last pumping season of 2013/14 - the sentiment after that was so bad. We need to get back to those levels and threads like this are a good indicator. There will be another pumping season. I just dont know when. I suspect we wont need to wait as long as last time. If you arent a faggot and dont hold utter shit coins you will be fine. OP is an unabashed nigger coon soy boy. Also a likely bug man. He needs to return to reddt now.

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Cheap is now, profitability can't go below 0 you know

I just saw this post on facebook...

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what is this? someone larping as me somewhere else. wtf now people are trying to profit off my feels. going to make me sick.