Which coins will recover the fastest after btc reaches the bottom? i'm betting on neo

which coins will recover the fastest after btc reaches the bottom? i'm betting on neo

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neo recovers the last probably GVT

LTC has been snapping back pretty quickly lately



i'm trying to figure out where to hop on to catch promising alts as soon as possible. neo seems like the best choice plus you get some gas, but not sure

My bet is ETH.

Ethereum will become the new leader.

why would it recover last


>he thinks the market will recover


If btc bottoms out it would be eth.
Then alts will be coupled to eth and we will finally see the golden sun bull run


Nice meme.

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Prob OMG

Platform coins. ETH and NEO are disproportionately in decline compared to BTC. Once BTC goes up expect massive gains from ETH and NEO. Probably more from NEO


VEN and NEO, ETH wil stabilize until alt season

this, the timing is perfect as Cardano will be releasing staking

NANO, nigger. Always NANO. You literally can’t get in any cheaper.

My bet is on Nano and eth. I think Neo will too but I don't hold any because I refuse to hold Chinese coins

Nano. It's the only coin that's actually doing something innovative. It focuses on one thing, and it does it well. If it proves to be secure, it will unironically be the Bitcoin killer.

how was the scenario last year? did all the shitcoins follow btc instantly or did they took some more time to recover?

Large-cap solid alts at first. Once a bull run is 100% confirmed though, biggest gains will flow to microcap shitcoins again, just like in december.