0xBitcoin mineable ERC-20 Token

Yeah, you heared it right, this is the first decentralized ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. And you can literally mine this with your GPU and be an early-adopter.

> Abstract


> ERC20 best cryptcurrencies

> Contract source

>0xBTC statistics

Invite code: NcM5sCa

> Opensource

> Where to buy?

> Mining software (Windows, Linux)
github.com/mining-visualizer/MVis-tokenminer [AMD]

> mining pool

get ready for the new era of mining Veeky Forums or stay bagholding with your centralized shittokens!

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we've come full circle

Where the fuck do i start OP? Don't be a faggot and tell me. Brainlet here

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Join the discord, helpfull people or check out this le plebbit thread:


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Go to their subreddit. It has guides on how to set up. Very profitable to mine right now

Where is the block explorer?



Have fun being gdumped to oblivion with this scam, 80% of the tokens where mined by only one guy kek

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Bitcoinereum exists as an ERC-20 token and was big here a while ago. What the fuck happened to that idea huh?

not opensource
try harder faggot

What the fuck? Yes it is open source and also has no premine.

Bitcoinereum > this thing.

it has no community?
gib me a link where i can find the code, then smartpants

Honestly, if you were profiting off mining or hoping to sell a ton in the future. You wouldn't be telling anyone. Fuck off with this pajeet shit.

I will stop shilling this, you are right.
you Veeky Forums retards can choke in your collection of Shitcoins like Chainlink.
Oh god I hope you will never make it. kys

pic: here is your /imadeit/

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You are a big idiot.
Re-read OP's post. Then maybe you will understand. I agree, OP stop posting it here, Veeky Forums tards don't deserve to make it. DELETE

Nice, never come back with your premined scam coin.

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It's not even premined, you absolute brainlet cuck.

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$1000 EOY

So wise

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Nah not realistic. 350$ EOY is realistic!


What algo?

I can't believe my eyes, are Veeky Forums autists that fucking dumb? Enjoy your fake mineable shitcoin, i will dump my 0xbtc bags on you when this shit is 75$