Got sucked into the HODL HODL TO THE MOON echo chamber

>got sucked into the HODL HODL TO THE MOON echo chamber
>didn't cash anything out at the top
>now suffering for my imprudence

The harsh realities of life will find a way to permeate everything that you do, FUCK

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Same here fml

Initial investment was 3k

I had 12k during ath. Invested 500 more

Left with 4.5k now kill me pliz

>Started right before christmas with 4k
>Sold january 5. Got 55k back
>Literally perfectly timed the lowest dip, bought back with 55k
>Sold a tad before it reached ath these past months

I made 150k in ~3 months

Thanks all!
I just wish I had invested more money in that golden coin that did it for me. Would be millionaire at this point.

What coins?

>What coins?


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me too.
randomly sold 25% to try moon missons. ended up losing anyway. now im just holding and accumulating.
i put $400 more in this morning. either crypto is dead and whatever or this will really pay off in december. the time will pass.

Made a 1100% jump from Sep-Dez
At the top 2.7BTC and HODL
Now sitting on Fldc,ADX,Pot,Verge,THC and NXT.
I will HODL until its rising a bit. Fuck

tell me, what in the FUCK was going through your head? did you really think it'd keep going up that you'd never have to take profits? fucking retards

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prl mostly. I still have 30k worth in there. I see way bigger gains eoy.

The rest were etherdelta shitcoins that also did like 300-1000% increase.
Also still about 20k worth in those mixed.

Cashed out about 100k

Id never buy a highly popular coin. Too much activity, too few movement.

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I did the same. We all did.
I expected a crash
I didnt expected a possible 6 month bear market with a 80% crash.

Same, some people are born to suffer

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I caught the falling knife around 11k. Tried to shuffle between different shitcoins and got justed to a 14k dollar cost average. I'm fucked even if it goes back up.

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You were too late with PRL anyway, time to buy it was when it was only on ED and trading for like 3 cents, there was some guy with like 100k+ on here hope he sold at the top

user I used to think like this but be honest with yourself--if you sold at some point in late Dec, you probably would have bought back in at like the end of Jan or Feb and would be fucking hating yourself right now.

you still wouldn't have lost so much though.

Nope, you could easily make up if you bought in January or february, people that didn’t sell in December may never see that money again.

dip buyers will cuck us holders once again

its over

Hodl is legitimately mind control to make sure you can dump on normies.

Same here user, One thing to keep in mind is HODL is a meme because it has worked for people in the past. At this point its best to just hold and recap some of your loses by trading. We will come back to ATH and beyond :)

Satan's digits tell the truth

I bought it when it was 0.02 cent. My first coin ever but also was super scared of etherdelta and only bought small amount.

holy shit lmao time to buy I guess

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>start with 2k
>ATH is 150k
>cash out 30k
>portfolio goes from 120k to 20k

i am a success or failure? honestly cant tell

Success obviously

You still made 1500% and you have the possibility to make even more


Succes. I'm jealous.

Failure but if you put everything in garlicoin right now you can still be a success.

I held ICX all the way down. Thought I was smart buying back in December. Even bought way more on the way down.

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All of you people are fucking retarded. Btc has a parabolic moonshot up to 20k per btc and you don't sell anything at all.. greed is a helluva drug.

literally me tbqh

Who said we didn't sell? Even if you sold 50% or more at the top you'd be fucked right now - down massively from your ATH.

Understanding brings confidence. Confidence seems like greed and gambling to those that do not understand.

It's ok user, most people don't understand.