This guys slaps your girl's ass, what do you do?

This guys slaps your girl's ass, what do you do?

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Put a sharpie in his butt

Rape him.

laugh while I watch my girl fuck him up

you know i dont have a girl...

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prep the bull

Confront him.

He's a monkey so he assaults me.

Shoot him.

Never had a girl never going to have a girl

>has more btc than you

You should remove the word "up" from your post user

he doesn't look that suicidal

i fuck him

Go internally on an autistic tangent about women that fit my loser narrative so I don't have to confront my own cowardice and ineptitude.

The average Veeky Forumstard has no idea who this is lmao

-grabs him by the throat-

shut the fuck up!?

rip legs out of his arse

gonna fuck his mother and then his ass

*teleports behind you*

"Hey dude that totally isn't cool"

I would explain to him this is wrong but would also tell him to not feel too bad because his behavior is a product of institutional racism that we must work together to eliminate.

Turn 360 and drive off in my lambo

Ask him to spoof BitMex for me

Ask him to do it again, but this time with his penis.

Shows you how many fucking larpers are in here. Probably bought 0.001 BTC at ATH on Coinbase and are now pretending to be Gordon Gekko.

>*pulls out Q-Clearance card*
>"Hey buddy, you see this? You know what I'm gonna do now? I'm gonna call CENTCOM and the agency and tell them that you annoy me. Team Bravo will arrive here within 6 minutes and abduct you to the nearest military airport where you will be put in a military plane straight to an agency black site."

Give him a black eye and fat lip