If I start NOW mining ETH with GPU, it is profitable?

If I start NOW mining ETH with GPU, it is profitable?

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what's your $/Kwh

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Difficulty going up, price going down. You do the math

But why GPU are still unavailable/expensive?
~3,50 to 4 USD


a solid gpu (rx 480/580) should make you about 1$ a day (with today's prices),
and it should take around 250 watts, so do the math 1$ - electricity
have a protip though, mining eth is kind of dumb unless your hodling and thinking eth will go up.

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anything over 3 won't be profitable

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Better to buy directly than to pay the electric company for your ETH

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you can's possibly be paying 3-4 USD per kwh, kwh is usually like $0.1

wait 1 more month, there'll be a bloodbath. Eth will break below $400, hashrate will drop, market will be filled with used gpus(2-3 months) that are going %30-40 of their price.

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That is what I've planned as well. Lots of kiddies first mining rig fags will drop out and people that are serious will retake all these split profits.

I have free electricity in a data closet so I'm in it until the damn things die.

When the gpu sale hits I will scoop up more for cheap.


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Just get Nvidia cards and you'll be fine for a few more years

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