The price is BTC has been wacky you know why?

"They" know that most people NOW are preferring to long/short BTC instead of just purchasing the coin. "They" want to make $ at all angles (the run up in December, the drop down after, the constant going up to 8500-10500 only to drop. "They" know that people are mainly shorting/longing now and they understand how the general public feels and which are key price point for someone to long/short. I work in the predictive analysis field, where we monitor ALL social media trends, public sentiment, google trends, etc.

This is going to continue for a bit longer than originally expected. They can't make BTC goto 0, but they can manipulate the price enough to shake out the weak hands, even the "ok, this HAS to be the lowest its going to go hands".

ITS PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, this isn't a kids game, this is big time money for many investors. Stock traders are getting in and laughing at how easy the market is to predict when there is obvious manipulation.

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Stock fags think they're better than us. Let me tell any stock fag listening, we've all lost more money than could lose in your life and we haven't even thought about killing ourselves. What's another 30%?

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Need to lose another 80% to break even. They are jealous and angry.

The game hasn't started yet. We will 20x before we hit the market cap of gold. Then the game starts.

Who is they

Stock fags aka nocoiners aka baby boomers aka 'i dont understand so it must be a ponzi' crowd


and they must die

dude BTC is literally dead. Microsoft accepts 0 conf transactions from BCH which means you can now send any amount of bitcoin for less then a cent instantly. no other coin can say that. BCH just won the flippening all companies are moving over to BCH while BTC boycotts them after they switch over don't be a fucking brainlet

Majority of btc are on cold wallets, in the hands of hodlers, early adopter who only take profit when they see fit, and considering the december run up, most of these guys should be set for life.

Problem most bigger firms encounter is lack of liquidity. They can put usd but there isn't enough btc to buy in their preferred price range. So, they manipulate prices with shorts/longs, and slowly accumulate, until they make sure they have enough btc liquidity too(at least in their preferred sale price ranges. They know they can't maintain that balance around 3-4-5-6-7-8k but they try to accumulate anyway. Expect price to settle around $100k after wall street is done accumulating. Can take few more months or maybe even a year(but I doubt they'll want to extend it to 2019, normies have short memories).


>tfw gotta go negative 140% in order to start losing cents
Good luck shaking me off harder than i shake my dick bankfags

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They are (((they)))

Don't imply whoever is at the center of your retarded conspiracy is actually giving a shit about basement dwellers playing with funny internet money.

It is gambling, don't give it more meaning that it has. Occam's razor, etc.

No one said that. They don't give a shit about anyone except themselves.

If it really that unlikely to think that a major whale might be teaming up with say a JPM or GS? This is STILL an unregulated market guise.

Oh look another fag who thinks they understand occam's razor and tries to use it to score brownie points.

Here's a tip: Occam's razor only applies when the number of determinant states for any two given actions are at equilibrium for the conditions of the system.

The 'it is gambling' line was imprinted to you by media and it's what others told you to think about this revolution.

It is untrue if you understand the fundamentals. Doubly so if you work in the space.

Social security is gambling. Debt based society is gambling. Importing $2.4 trillion on $1.6 trillion in exports last year is gambling.

They are the bankers, the majority of the top 1 percent of wealth, they run the media, the entertainment, the government and guide the trends and culture with degeneracy in order to take the power out of the confusion and chaos that they create. Anything that is worth running, they do.

>It is untrue if you understand the fundamentals.
what are the fundamentals?

do you think the banks could choose a winner by making massive investments into adoption and advertisement?
or does a PoW mining structure prevent that from happening, any picked winner would be something like PoS where the banks own all the stake and run the hubs like they already do now
will people even care how the structure is set up?

>this theory

Are you sure is not just MT Gox dumping their massive bags on the market with no regards to what happens to the crypto ecosystem?

These people literally don't care if crypto lives or dies. They are just trying to liquidate their portfolios for the most amount of money and pay (((court-fees))), (((taxes))), (((retainers))).

Btc will very well bleed or stay in the 5,000-7000 range for a long while before we moon once again.

Luckily though we have if you are invested in LINK you have a good chance of riding one of the few promising moon missions of 2018 (with decentralized oracles being a tech breakthrough in the space and all)

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don't worry, price won't go to zero

I actually rejoice from the idea that "tradional traders" are playing the cryptomarkets.
Makes cryptomarkets so much more predictable in the long run; they will trade it oldschool and I know how they think since my father was an investment banker. (I actually know so much how their reasoning works that I could predict what was up with Macron, what he would actually do vs what he said and so on and so forth; he is a cliché of bankers btw, if you want to study "tradional" bankers/traders look at how Macron behaves)

Any time now and BTC and others will be as predictable as FOREX... Whilst basic TA didn't really do all that well on cryptos so far, with the oldschool traders moving the market you'll be able to enjoy using BBands and EMAs with almost guaranteed results.

EURUSD for instance is so fucking easy to trade; you just have to wait for the official announcements and place yours shorts and longs accordingly; there is no such thing (at least not to that extent) for crypto so far but it will eventually come.

>my father was an investment banker

Fucking thank you!

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