There will be no bull market for all of 2018. Just a slow, painful bear market...

There will be no bull market for all of 2018. Just a slow, painful bear market. It will be 2019 before the bulls start running again.

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wait where are you getting this from?

They don't whisper to you?

there is a demon in my brain and if I close my eyes I can see him appear sometimes he looks like a little man sometimes he looks like an alien but he is angry and he doesn't want me looking at him I trapped him and I am not letting him out ever

Wrong. It will be 2020. You suckers are in for a treat.

Bull Market will start at the absolute latest by June 1st.

May 1st latest.

More likely is mid April

At this point i will thankful if we get any bullmarket ever again. I'm down from 26k to 6.5k

Don't know how much more I can take

bogs whisper inside your head when you praise them enough.

>2018 bear
>2019 starts bullish, but then some new tech comes out and makes blockchain pointless, everything drops to 0

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There's a hard fucking floor at 0 you know

Shut the hell up. I'm down from $350k to about $100k.

It hurts man. It hurts bad.

lol, this ain't the videogame crash... cryptos are boring and fucking depressing once you get back the tulip mania. They have a future, but bull runs are a thing of the past.. just a slow.. slooow whittling down back to usability for some of the best coins. Shitcoins will just erase from concious.

it doesnt hurt if you kill yourself

What. So you're down less %wise than he is? Why don't you shut up.

Anyone who is holding onto more than 25% of their ATH is not allowed to complain. I'm at 45k from 233k.

>bull market
>buy order canceled, your bank has declined transaction
>your bankcard carrier has decided not to process any transactions involving online crypto currency
>taxable events

It's dead, son.

same here. down from 4k to 1.6k it hurts :(.

bull market straight ahead. is the only thing going up the past few days/weeks

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Under the bubble theory, large overvaluations of assets can persist for years, but eventually burst, causing prices to precipitously decline before stabilizing at more reasonable levels.

Where does the "reasonable level" lay tho?

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$1000 Bitcoin


user I'm not down as much as you, Ive never seen that amount of money with my own eyes. But if I had 100k In crypto I would sure as hell be excited about the future. It hurts now but when you look back on the years it will be just a memory. Stay strong you will recoup your loses with profit.

Bought back in too early.

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