Have we finally reached Capitulation?

Not despair, but the "its just a dip, BTC at 20k in 3 weeks" posters. On BIZ, twitter etc.

I feel like this is how capitulation looks like.
So I will be preparing myself for DESPAIR. (BTC at 3000?)

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maybe we are still at "return to normal"

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capitulation is somewhere below 6k

we are getting there user

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Capitulation? We are already deep in despair!

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the double top at 12k was the peak of denial. we are only starting with the panic/capitulation part

This seems really accurate but I do think we are past panic. Panic was 9k-8k. At this point another drop won't cause panic, it will cause depression/anger.

have you sold? no? than that's not panic.

Veeky Forums is still filled with threads about shitcoins, you won't see any of those ones the panic hits

[spoiler] we're still in denial [/spoiler]

despair will be when hodlers start questioning bitcoin as a whole.
And I have not seen that from any bitcoin holders so far, only normie bankers/economists like Tom Friedman and the kind.

When you yourself start questioning if bitcoin will ever recover or if this experiment has failed. THAT is panic.
We have seen that clearly in the post MtGox crash.

So many people said MtGox killed bitcoin as a thing. People who bought BTC at 10USD or below... we havent seen that yet.

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That cycle repeats, in case you didn't know. We are going to be riding out bear market stealth/awareness for several months then hit another sell off before take off again, likely to 40k.

Capitulation is SUB $1000. No joke.

No, despair was at 5.8k or whatever. The run up to 12k a few weeks ago was another bubble that is popping. This time we're going down to 3k before returning to 5k.

still at the tail end of NEW PARADIGM!!! dummy

Don't think that's right. We're on the downslope.

it is if you last bought BTC sub $500

Think it's going below that?

"return to normal" was clearly the last 5 weeks. remember? endless shitcoin shill threads

the smart money left the market a long fucking time ago kids

capitulation is just beginning

First sell off. No coiner here

Bitcoin will never be worth anything unless (((they))) shoe horn it in. That's not something many people are comfortable counting on since the way they want it to work is the usual kikery that early adopters took on btc to circumvent in the first place.

We're in the bull trap. Remember this shit used to be under $1. You could get it for free in websites.

The realistic price for BTC is around $5.

I really hope so. I need another chance at 1k BTC.

We're currently at "Return to Normal" and we'll stay there for another week or two. A month if we're lucky. Expect the usual cycle of speculated bullruns, subsequent pink Wojaks, suicide posts, and other usual fare.

Once this period ends, people are going to be salivating for the days we spent above 7k. If you try to hold, you're verifiably dumber than Reddit and you're probably going to kill yourself in a month.

Its just desperate attempt so (((they))) could join the fun

Oh and Veeky Forums is also a faggot for going short term gainz instead of working for the greater goal. Luckly there are people who belive in crypto and no matter the schemes use it.

Already in despair. Rhino market soon

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>being this far gone

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Look at this thread from the crash in May
Same shit as now, the meme graph

Lol it really is the same shit over and over.

haha i remember that thread!

its different this time though because people thought that was the bubble but that was just the first selloff before the first selloff before the actual bubble which popped in december and january

yesterday, while speaking to another trader who was bearish, I realized I accepted the fact that the market would never return, and for the first time in a while, I considered cashing out.

Then I noticed I felt that way and realized I needed to stick to my investment plan. So if my emotions are any indicator at all in this market, I suspect we're near the bottom of the meme chart.

> its different this time though
Deja vu

>"normal" is at $50/bitcoin
kys unironically

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We had despair and suicide hotline threads at 6k. But I could see us going back there briefly for more despair since this is a larger crypto crash than normal.

Normies have been scared out of the market for good

the Korean gook finance minister who started this crash with his FUD should unironically be swinging from a lamp post next to the Mt Gox trustee

Are you making a joke?

How do we know this isn't the first sell off

>market cycle meme
Central banks fixed this bug after 2008.
It's all growth all the time now.

When we went to 6k, it wasn't a slow and painful bleed, it was pretty fast and sudden. Now we went from 11.5-7.6k pretty slow and painfully, meaning when there is a large painful crash, we will already be so close to 6k we will blow right through it. Also 6k btc is nothing to be despaired about, all these meme graphs with btc overlayed are starting from September which was NOT stealth phase. Stealth phase was 2016/early 2017.

It probably is. In 2020 this will look like a minor bump

I sure hope so

So we're still in denial then? Lmao

capitulation will be marked by a steady stream of small sell-offs. This is reddit giving up and cutting their losses.

In a few months, I should receive an inheritance that will allow me to live a modest lifestyle without ever having to work - my dad worked all his life for it.
I am secretly hoping that all crypto reaches $0 before that happens, because I am sure that I will fuck shit up and mess with that chance by going "all in, just once, will leave after 10% gains!!!111".

I’d rather hold to 0 then sell at a loss on the slim chance it goes back up. I’m just going to pretend it doesn’t exist, stop coming to biz and stop looking at it. Just pretend as if I already lost it all and live that way for years if I have to.

I think we're getting there

good thinking

>comparing a 3 day, 40% dip in a healthy uptrend to a 3 months and counting, 70%+ crash.

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Kobayashi Bitchez

Graph is meaningless, every single "It went up it went down a bit" graph can be scaled and manipulated to apply to it.

>boomer memes

How can we be at capitulation when we've already seen lower than this?


Believe it or not OP, 5-7k is the mean when looking at the 200 MA. I'd say we are at

You should be adding to your stack.

Despair is more like 3k. 5k is probably return to the mean. That's where BTC was before the extreme take off.

When is the time to start adding?
$550 ETH is so fucking tempting

My investments are with great coins. They will come back.

Don't. Wait for 400 ETH. At the very least average down. 30% buy at 550, 30% at 450 etc.

down about 30% on initial but not even feeling anything.
just bored that the rally is taking this long.
id rather watch eveeytjing go to zero then cash out

capitulation at 4k

My ground floor for ETH is sadly 1000 so I'm starting to get excited about tanking the fuck out of it.

>bought at optimism and sold at complacency
do i just repeat the same thing next bull run?

btc $4k
eth $350
link $0,02

yup we're still in denial stage, panic/capitulation up ahead

24h vol soon below 10b.. Its getting ready to rest and hibernate for a while, rip bagholders

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This. People expect and even want 6k. If we get to the point where we fall as low as 5.5, that's where we see the coins come out of cold storage of the hodlers, enough to get us down past 2k. That's the point where most of the longs above that point will start capitulating.

Personally, though, I think we're due for one last big push of the bulls that'll get us to 9.2 or 8.5. After that, down we go.

We’re at anxiety/denial. Like other anons said, nobody is yet questioning crypto as a whole, and everyone is already predicting the next bull as if it’s just a matter of when.

A bounce off 6k would be a miracle, 3-4K is likely, and sub 3k is definitely possible.

God I’m going to buy so much fucking cheap link....

> nobody is yet questioning crypto as a whole

There's like 30 posts daily about how crypto is a scam

Those are troll posts and you know it. We all still believe that another bull will one day come. It’ll be a different level and tone of panic when biz truly starts to capitulate.

the dead cat bounce basically destroyed the perfect meme chart following

Btc graph has a 'twist' to screw normiegraphers.
900$ confirmed.

>troll post
>btc searches halved

We are already past the despair, it crashed from 20k to 6k, on 10k people already were pink wojaking hard, at 9k they had a heart attack and on 7k they sold it all.

We're in the fear stage. Fear is similar to denial, but not the same. We still have a long way to go. If you actually use the last cycle's high (1200) and low (170) to calculate the mean you get a price of 2650. That means this should be the target low. Could be a little higher or lower, but it will be around there.

The bigger the better, fren.
3 days crash then 20k
5 months crash then 100k

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I invested 1k new at 17k to match my original 1k in at 2.5k

What do I do? I'm holding I guess no matter what until it's at 25k again... Implying. Part of me wants to sell all and rebuy lower to mitigate loss.


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I guess for the math I should add you take 1200/170 to get basically 7. Then take 19000/7 to get around 2650. So the mean is 2650 for the next low.

for BTC it's the bottom. BTC is the winner of crypto who will take it all. And it will be legal, as an excuse for the finance industry to use blockchain.

Capitulation could be 7k but trading sideways for weeks. I think that would be much worse than hitting 6k and bouncing.

We at bear trap!

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went all in on BTC 2% above from right now

Gets me thinking like the people who buying right now...I believe there's going to be another bubble even bigger...they're going to be rich af.

no they are going to lose at least 50% and be lucky to cash out there.

We're probably about to get to fear. I'm not even down to my initial investment yet. Despair will probably be 300$ btc and alts will be worthless.

but bitty coin was 19k not long ago no way it goes back to june prices dude lol!!

see you guys at 2.5k