What does this colour make you feel?

What does this colour make you feel?

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Laughter, as I imagine the Veeky Forumstards losing mom's pocket money and illusions of being "financial managers"


pepto-Veeky Forumsmol

>2024, finally rich off crypto
>get 8/10 white gf
>in bed on top of her, she asks if I like her pink pussy
>images of wojaks flash through my mind
>cant get it up
>ask her to just get up on all fours
>she bends over, all the brap copypasta repeating in my head

Reminds me of Veeky Forums, makes me feel at home




This is the color of JUST.

>tense feeling in throat and neck
>sinking heavy feeling in stomach/gut
>feeling of weakness or enervation in the limbs
>anxious hyperfixation on the source of one's JUST, ie, refreshing blockfolio every 5 seconds
>feel like you can't breathe

Honestly it is a pain response without the pain. Psychologists say that losing a fat chunk of money triggers the same parts of the brain as when you lose a limb or suffer a serious injury. Your brain perceives it as a loss of life, health, bodily integrity regardless.

It's excruciating pain without the excruciating pain. Fucked up.

kek. made me reply.


At first I didn't feel anything. This colour would quickly go, I wouldn't be looking at it for long. Then after a while of looking at this colour, I was afraid. I was petrified of this colour. Deep seated fear, that's what it invoked in me. After a while longer, I gave in to the fear, and this colour made me despair. It made me think that no good would ever be in the world again, that all there is ahead is hardship and sorrow. But now, I feel nothing. This colour can take nothing from me, because I have given my all. Let the days come as they will, like angels in blue and gold rising up, untouchable, above the circle of destruction. Let the days come. Life, that has carried me through these days, is still here in my hands and in my eyes. And it will carry me through this colour, and into field of green.


Assraped. Good.

Upset stomach

Audible kek

strawberries, cough syrup.


a chuckle


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it makes me feel calm desu its nice and cute kinda reminds me of my anime girls

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pure pottery


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it reminds me

Well I literally just got done shopping for like an hour and a half for pink ties for a wedding I'm in the party for so it reminds me of that.

I settled on this one what do you think? We'll be in grey suits.

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