Who is going to stop these kikes now?

who is going to stop these kikes now?

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Certainly not cryptoniggers. You people are the dumbest subhumans on the planet. You never stood a chance.

if we work together...

Basement autists on imageboards?

nigger we are the only ones who even stand a chance. we are battling for what they took from us. we’re losing this battle but we will win this war. they can’t stop this; no on can.

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Mr. Bernie Sanders

Oh man, you vermins are so amusing in your little bubble delusion of grandeur.
Just like you won that other war, huh? Except instead of fit, trained professional german soldiers we have fat autists ranting in their basement.

Decentralized, tamper proof war. The perfect storm.

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>bunch og larping autists who fancy themselves intellectually superior to everyone rush in droves at December from their board
>get btfo so hard most went broke before 3 months even passed
Can't make this shit up! But of course, it's not their fault for jumping on a bloated sinking ship smart people left early dec, it must be a conspiracy!

kys kike faggot dotr soon

It's easier to be a loser when you have a scapegoat to blame for your shortcomings.
It certainly worked for Germans and muslims.

>being this redditarded

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We need an Anti-Semitic-Alliance-Peso ASAP. This will be the currency of choice for all anti-semites. It is an ideologically based currency, and it's value is tied to hatred of jews and their usury. The more people start to hate jews and the debt slavery they've inflicted on the world through the insidious combination of national debt and forced taxation, the more the ASAP will go up in value. The anti-semites of the world will be producing goods and services for each other and the rest of the population, which can be bought at a discount with ASAP, or with cryptos, or with fiat money. All the capital accumulated by people participating in this network will be used to wage a relentless information, economic, religious, academic, political, etc. war against the kikes. We need this ASAP.

This can be accompanied with The Token of Total War - ToT. Buying this token will be like buying war-bonds in the eternal battle against the Jews and their lies. We can print hundreds of billions of tokens and distribute them to prominent anti-semites immediately, then paint the tape with trading bots and low volume compared to total supply, thus creating a massive market cap of hundreds of billions. These anti-semitic coins can quickly reach the size of global derivative markets, and easily become the biggest cryptos around. We will kindle the age old schism between Jews and Christianity, but also the nearly 2 billion strong muslim world will be ready to utilise these instruments of financial war against the jews. Those who only care about profits will also join in, once they see the fast growth rate of the currency.

>Total war
Enjoy getting sued to shit. And CA won't give a shit about your monopoly money.

hello my antisemite friend!
looks like you misslicked :D its ok, happens to all of us. here, let me help you :

CA? And as if "getting sued" matters in total war..

>wanting to fight the most successful group of people on the planet instead of being their ally
Wow you are honestly braindead. You're never going to make it.

Great people have great enemies. Truth is more important than money. Socrates was killed because he went against the popular opinion and questioned atheneans beliefs. Jesus said to take no thought for tomorrow, blessed are the poor, and whipped the money changers out of the temple. So, of course the Jews killed him. The point is that it's better to suffer from evil, than to do evil yourself. The Jews are enslaving the whole world through their usury, and we need to stand up and shake these shackles off our backs.

>Some basement neckbeard thinks he's "great enemy" by shitposting on a business board

Jesus was a Jew...

>implying biz isn’t a nazi board

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