Serious discussion ::: is there literally anyway i can lose in this contract?

is there literally anyway i can lose in this contract?

so if i was to put all my eth in this contract, and hypothetically speaking, everyone after me just literally dumped their shares, i end up with more dividends then my initial investment.

is there anyway to lose ?

i mean hypothetically speaking, if the contract is bug free.

any brainlets math in here?

im really about to go all in, but im not sure if i should or not. this ether is really valuable to me right now.


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sorry newfag here, forgot to post the contract

ask trevon

you lose at powh if the contract stop driving in new people, which is completely pausible. (assuming no one takes money out of it)

The only way to lose is if no more people buy after you, Thats why the FOMO is so strong with this one

do you think it will stop driving in new people?

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so the literal only way to lose is if, hypotethically, i buy in and after that nobody ever buys in again or nobody sells every again. thats how i lose? and thats the only way to lose?

do any of you guys think thats probable? more then hypothetical? or is there other way to lose too?

there is a reason no one advertises themselves as a pyramid scheme the fact people are doing it in crypto shows you how debased and sinful this "industry" is don't waste your time with it

i hear you, but i want like real concrete proof that this is a bad sound investment for my ethers, they are very dear to me

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ok but way before then i could of easily already went 100x before that?

or am i missing something?

99% you're a discord shill doing psy ops
on the off chance you aren't, YES, you can lose a lot of money. Previous iterations:
-1st one got hacked and over 800 eth stolen.
-2nd one got locked up, after a while the 2 whales in it managed to take their investments out, and someone else stole everything else.
-"3rd" one is long forgotten and dead.

And now there's this.
You're retarded if you go into this and deserve losing your money.

it's pramid but not pyramid scheme you fool

hey im talking hypothetical if the code is bug free, read what i asked in the first post... im not asking your opinion

this is hypothetical math question,

still nobody answered except 1 person that says, if nobody ever buys or sells after me, thats the only way i lose, and what are the chances of that happening? like yea the whole contract and discord is all waiting for me to put in an ether, and boom they will never buy/sell again. and im stuck?

Answer is still YES. If the early whales sell after you bought (likely situation if they had enough), your tokens become worth significantly less.

You can sell your tokens as long as there is ETH in the Smart contract, Theres already over 400 ETH in the smart contract

how is that possible, if early whale sells, then a huge amount of tokens are gone, so my tokens are worth significantly more? because there is less tokens around, so i have a bigger share.


contract could have vulnerabilities that lead it to being hacked

ofcourse all hypothetical, im not trying to start a war, i want to understand the fundamentals behind this...

Token price isn't decided by amount of tokens, you buy and sell it directly from the system. The price goes up with every token someone buys, and the price goes down with every token someone sells. So you bought at price X, a bunch of people sold, now the price you can sell for is X/2.

once again, the question was, if the contract is bug free... please read original post carefully.

is it this hard to have a real discussion on Veeky Forums? sry im a newfag here, but no other place even wants to discuss this... so i duno where else to ask. i dont want to ask in their discord because they are bias.

so im asking you guys on Veeky Forums. but still i got no good answer other then

"no1 buys/sells after me is the only way to lose..."

im asking if its bug free code, the math behind this

Every coin bought makes the price go up, Every coin sold makes the price go down but if you hold you swill earn more and more dividends as there is less holders

yes but i get more in dividends from them selling, so yes i might have tokens that are worth less. but i made money on people selling since they are giving out 10% instantly when they sell. so im hopefully making back my original investment as they sell, and as more sell then my share becomes bigger so i end up getting more of the 10% that is dividend when ppl sell...

once again, im not lookign to buy and sell later. im looking to make back on dividends mathematically, tho buying and selling later can be another way to profit,
it just seems liek theres ways to profit from every side, but no real case where to lose

The code was looked over twice by third party solidity devs, They were offered bounties to find any bugs but could not find a flaw in the system.

check etherscan for unique addresses, this is still at level 3

but isnt there still other ways to profit? ppl selling since they need their ether, and others buying, and future contracts that interact, like futures trading and betting on price ect. could create more volume.

so even if this was a completely pyramid only scheme, then its still a sound investment since its early. but its not, there is other dimensions to this that just create more chances that it wont fail.

i just dont understand, there has to be a catch here. i dont think all these ppl talking about free money are serious.

but i still got no serious answers. anyone?

I'm convinced this is a psy op and you're a discord shill wasting my time. Good job.

well thanks for atleast giving your opinion.

your saying i cant lose right?

also there is not anyone with over 4% supply share. Actually more decentralized than most shitcoins

Look you brainlet, if there is people winning money, there is people losing money, so yes, you can loose.

The contract will grow stale at some point and all the mofos like you who didn't make back their investment in divs will start to hold for 1, 2 - 10 years until you realised you just locked your savings for half your life and sell at a 10% loss

why would the contract grow stale? there is incentive for ppl to shill masternode because they make instantly 3%

ppl are trading shitcoins everyday, and losing way more

like this is the current ico structure

basic ICO follow this pattern:
1) take an idea
2) make a white paper
3) make a website
4) make a shitcoin
5) premine 10-60% of the shitcoins for devs
6) do ICO sale (raise millions $ in eth/btc/etc)
7) get listed on exchange
8) devs dump their free coins they got (raise millions $ more in eth/btc/etc)
9) hire somene to make social media posts about project making it appear they are doing something
10) repeat, but at a slower and slower rate, until people give up
11) disapear

smart contract projects like this threaten that. because
1) theres no human governing it to pull an exit scam
2) the project already has a working product, that exists on the blockchain, and can never be taken down, not even by devs
3) its open source, so people can know the rules and how it works.

the only ppl losing are the ones late to the game. bitconnec was over 1bil marketcap, so was trx, i mean theres plenty of speculation on shitcoins they are all going down, even btc right now is about to be 5k soon. this is literally the only thing going up??

wtf how can i lose i dont understand your brainlets

Thats true but yeah its early either way

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