My gf wants a $4k purse. how do i play this bros

my gf wants a $4k purse. how do i play this bros

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how's the braps


Now that's a brapper. Do you feed her fish and eggs and curry for delicious braps?

Tell her if you spend that much money on a purse you'll have none left to put in it! Hahahha

tell her to have at it. it's her money

Just get her a fake one from china, who can make the diff?

I would unironically leave her. She is a worthless consumer who will just want more and more.

Manipulate her by telling her the story of a "high school friend" that was so insecure and needy for attention that she needed to buy expensive shit all the time just to show other people she was worthy of something... tell her you felt really sorry for her.

Tell her you want a 4K blowjob.

>film blowjob at 4K
>if it's good enough to generate 4k revenue buy her the purse

if its her money go for it. otherwise tell her to go work the pole and earn it

Lmao I will absolutely never buy such a gaudy and uselessly expensive thing

Also fuck diamonds, no thanks

Find another gf. My wife is hot and cheap as fuck. I love her.

This pretty much.

This. Op coming here for advice, he obviously lost his balls a long time ago.

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An actual biz related reply

the real question is how much do you have in your checking account?

Look up what you can get a used one for. If you buy one used but authentic, sometimes you can get them below market value. One that's 4k probably has decent resale value and could appreciate if she has good taste.

Draw up a budget for her where she can cut costs and save money and give a rough break down of how long it will take her to save up for it.

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this unironically

>all these suggestions to abuse the woman

You've obviously never had a good brapper. She will have you walking to the moon for that delicious stinky gas.


Tell her to buy herself the fucking 4k purse

if you're in danger of getting cut off from sex with your gf because you refuse to buy her a $4k purse, might be time to find a new gf unless she understands her fucking place.
Rule 1: you can't have my money unless I want you to have it.
Rule 2: read rule 1.


>all these suggestions to abuse the woman
What. I clicked this thread to see what kind of abuse people were suggesting, its literally just 'ask her to pay for it' or 'maybe get 1 blowjob'.

tell her fine you’ll buy it only if she starts calling black people niggers to their faces

Politely remind her that you can't afford such luxury. Then prepare to be dumped.

Tell her you want a 4K blowjob. See how she reacts. If she says no, break up with her right there mate.

Just imagine if she was the bread winner and you wanted a 4K surfboard?
You'd eat that fucking pussy for 24 fucking hours.

I’m not sure I’d buy a gf that. I bought my wife an amazing LV bag, but she's not going anywhere. Nothing wrong with nice stuff if you can afford it.

Tell them, Letisha

Have her pick a purse, buy it, but do not hand it to her.
Start wearing the purse everywhere, taking pictures with it and posting on your social media and discussing purses with other girls.
When she breaks up with you, demand the return of your stolen $4k purse. She will deny it, and then you go to the police and tell the story about how she stole your purse and shit.
Settle it in court for at least $10K.
Find two new girlfriends who want expensive purses and repeat everything until you can buy a lambo, then buy the lambo, fill it with all the purses that you bought through your career and become a pussy magnet.

>being a fucking beta and buying a bitch any shit

Not me bro

She is taking advantage of you. You should never buy any girl who is not your wife a gift that expensive.


tell her you want a rolex.

Throw her out. Spend 4k on a 2 month supply of hookers

So much autism

Shut up, normie, that is how you make money in this jew-infested world!