Craig isn't going to stop until the entire world is using Bitcoin Cash

Craig isn't going to stop until the entire world is using Bitcoin Cash.

Since Bitcoin has nailed themselves to a cross of high fees, the third world is shut out from using it. Metcalfe's law tells us that one global crypto currency will be exponentially more valuable than two competing ones. Bitcoin is doomed.

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nice outdated meme.
Craig is a cum-guzzling fake sack of shit. "oh i have proof (proof shown to be fake), ahaha, ah the real proof is on this dead guys computer, sooooryy"

craig doesnt give a fuck if you believe him, faggot.


Sound to me like you're in love with him. All these years and you thought you were heterosexual.

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why do you think this serial scam artist decided to go along with bcash instead of bitcoin, when we know satoshi was a very technically minded individual, and not at all a salesman like wright or ver? just try thinking about it.

>satoshi was [an] individual
that's your first mistake, bucko

Bcash longest meme to date after Rick roll.

How the fuck are people still keeping this thing alive ?
Are people that sheep to mistake this for the real Bitcoin ?

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nothing to prove he wasn't, and enough evidence to prove the code was written by an individual with the same opinions as posts he made under that pseudonym.

trying to argue otherwise is just the latest fad of late adopters trying to pump their shitcoin.

what evidence is that?

t. People who will fomo in @ $5,000

Ver keeps it alive by crying like a bitch

stylistic consistency, trivial bugs in the first versions that would have been found by more than one set of eyes, slower pace of development, combined with all the mountains of analysis on his writing style, working hours, frequency of posts, all consistent with an individual.

fomo into what, late adopter? i have hundreds of these shitty bcash coins from the airdrop, and since bitcoin is a minor holding of mine currently, it just isn't worth selling it.

remember, we got this for free.

so you think ian grigg, gavin, and jon were all either fooled or are lying?

>serial scam artist

>Has more doctorates than you have degrees

Stupid goy, Craig is obviously satoshi

Normies don't want to deal with this kind of civil war. Two competing projects that both insist they are the one true bitcoin while the other one is worthless trash? oh yeah let me just put my live savings into one of them and hope I get lucky.

actually you might need to add dave kleiman to that list too, since according to Wired the Tulip Trust contract was signed with his key. Unless you're assuming that Craig hacked/forged that. Possible I suppose.

Here is proof that Craig actually does have bona fides, see this email from 2007.

Also note how many fucking credentials he has, per his email signature:


>Craig is obviously satoshi

So many fucking trolls and dumb fucks that got scammed by Btrash and are shilling the scam that even a kid with leukemia would forget he has it from the laughs you get in here

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>security and exploitation expert
>lawsuit points to csw control of mtgox wallets
>mtgox hacked for hundreds of thousands btc
>csw faked public proof yet is wealthy despite not working
activates my almonds. still think its more plausible that csw is simply one of two or three in the inner circle known as satoshi.

Oh look Craig's years of education undone by a single pajeet spamming 'btrash'

Jesus I better sell my Bitcoin (Cash) for goycoin immediately

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Bitcoin and BCash are doomed. Neither is going to be the world currency and BCash is going to die along with Bitcoin.

The only reason the shitcoin known as Bitcoin has lasted so long is because of it being the first. Eventually that won't be enough to keep it from collapsing in on itself. BCash is just a cash grab so will fail even faster.

yeah where's the proof of that education? He's already proven that he'll try to fake evidence, so those degree are probably toilet paper

had $23 million to start Hotwire, a bitcoin bank, in 2013


>Mom he said it again

We should totally listen to a retarded cunt who can't think independently

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>Bitcoin has nailed themselves to a cross of high fees
Fake news, nowadays fees are lower than 10 sat/byte, and even less when you spend a segwit transaction.

Dr. Craig Wright - A Wheelbarrow of Academic Degrees & Certificates

Kill yourself pajeet

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because BTC fucking shot itself in the foot you mong. are you really this dumb?

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I think they are both shit and you are getting triggered over a name. It's some insane idealistic bullshit I don't care about.


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Stfu you're a lunatic

Bitcoin Cash is the real bitcoin and your kike overlords can't change that.

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sure thing Jihan

nobody guves a fuck about that fat fraud fuck-for-brains you reddit fuck

conspiracy theories - the mainstay of a marketing scam coin - in this instantiation: bcash

Are you retarded? Read the first part of Craig's post where he gave the signed message. He clearly says he never wants to sign his name as Satoshi. Therefore he was not trying to prove he was Satoshi, but instead said the opposite, that he would never publicly prove he was Satoshi. How stupid can you be? If he said he was never going to prove he was Satoshi in the exact blog post you are talking about then why do you think he tried to prove he was Satoshi?

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more conspiracy theories

already proven to be fake

>mtgox hacked for hundreds of thousands btc
>csw faked public proof yet is wealthy despite not working
This is the truth. Craig is either somehow involved with the Mt. Gox thief trying to launder his stolen gains or he is Satoshi. That's the only way to explain his current riches despite being bankrupt in 2008. However, if he is the a thief/money launderer thenwhy on earth is he a public figure? That's not a good way to get away with theft. So its possible he is a thief/money launderer but not likely, meaning he is most likely Satoshi.

bitcoin fees are why somalia doesnt use bitcoin? heh

Bcash > Bcore

I feel like Satoshi would be smarter than that.
By several orders of magnitude

Ok, a couple of things here, firstly if any of this court case brought by the Kleiman estate is true then Craig most definitely is Satoshi. If you read the case it is clear that Dave worked for Craig in building Bitcoin. That being said some of the "evidence" in the lawsuit has never been proven to be true. The main evidence I am talking about that pertains to your is the contract concerning who owns what BTC and under what addresses. The addresses on the document are old "Mt. Gox" addresses implying that the contract is a fake. However, this contract wasn't released by Craig, it was released by the magazines Wired! and Gizmodo. According to many sources such as the founder of the Liberty Dollar (a precursor to BTC) the documents leaked to Wired! and Gizmodo by a hacker who was extorting Craig. The hacker said if Craig didn't pay him he would release the documents. So if this is true it would mean that the hacker/extortionist who released the documents also could have edited them. Like I said earlier. Craig is either Satoshi or the Gox hacker. There is no middle ground. But if he were a hacker/thief why is he so involved in the development of crypto? Why is he standing front and center instead of hiding in obscurity?

>I feel like Satoshi would be smarter than that.
I'm saying he either is Satoshi OR the Mt. Gox thief. Not both. One or the other. Otherwise how did this man with bankrupt companies and no money in 2008 become insanely rich in 2018 with no job in the time in between?

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BTC adaptation is decreasing. BCH adaptation is increasing and its transaction volume frequently tops that of BTC. BCH dev teams are making their coin the best money. Instant transactions, no side chain shit, unparalled security. Meanwhile BlockStream is still failing to become the central bank of crypto. It's only a matter of time when BCH market cap surpasses that of BTC. Also, only a complete fucking idiot doesn't see that Craig was the firdt Satoshi before Satoshi became a collective of Craig, Kleinmann, Finney and Nick

replace finney with grigg and i agree with your thoughts of who satoshi were

> Satoshi has to be American
Because why the fuck not ?
I hope you egocentric sheep get fucked in the ass big time with this scam.


Oh man im loving this. corecucks are getting more and more desperate by the day. Its going to be very interesting in the coming year or two. Sentiment is changing

CSW would have to know that the ATO/ would audit the fuck out of him after there is a taxable event on the Tulip Trust bitcoin. That audit would include seeing whether the coins were the product of a coinbase transaction, or transferred from somewhere else... including mtgox.

One thing I don't understand about the Kleiman contract.

>There’s also a PDF authored by Kleiman, who died in April of 2013, in which he agrees to take control of a trust fund, codenamed the "Tulip Trust," containing 1.1 million bitcoins. The PDF is signed with Kleiman’s PGP signature, a cryptographic technique that ensures it couldn’t have been altered post-signature.

Yet the document that was released was incomplete--it has sentence fragments in it. The sentence fragment isn't even pertinent to the document; it's a total non-sequitur.

Ostensibly if you're Kleiman you're only signing a document like this
after it's executed, and only executing it after it's finalized, and only finalizing it after you actually use complete sentences. wtf?

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Or it's possible he just bought or mined BTC when it was worth nothing and got lucky.

Spread this shit everywhere

Oh and Sage faggot

Dude, he has like 8 Phds and 8 Master degrees. He's like a fucking genius.

Buy Bcash.

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refute anything in the image and i'll sell all my bch

>dude, he paid a shit ton of money for pieces of paper. he's a genius.

unlike actual scientists who discover shit and publish peer reviewed papers. ok nigger LOL

the REAL bitcoin coming thru

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>unlike actual scientists who discover shit and publish peer reviewed papers. ok nigger LOL
He created Bitcoin dumb fuck. Satoshi is Him, Finney, and Kleiman.

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It's not fucking BCASH.

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>Looking for manners
>Veeky Forums

R U lost user ?

Try to edit your responses of unnecessary material before attempting to impress us with your insight, the evidence that you are a nincompoop will still be available to readers, but they will be able to access it ever so much more rapidly. If cluelessness were crude oil, your scalp would be crawling with caribou.

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bitcoin and bcash both fail in the major category of preserving wealth, while growing wealth. WAU, maybe NUMA and a couple others live up to cryptos potential but all the app, ai, stock like crap is useless

Pls stop

Have some self respect