Post your investment plans, boys

>all in on LINK
>When price singuarity hits/first big run up following news sell enough to buy:
>10k JNT
>20k REQ
>10k BAT
>10k PRL
>200-300 OMG
>Maybe some KNC
>5-10 XMR
>If LINK moons really hard, double/triple all of the above

good plan?

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enjoy wage cucking. I'll tip you a whole sat if you get those tendies just right


why would you take that risk?
just hold link until you can retire and be done with this crypto shit

I started in Feb (first $2000 was at the absolute bottom).

40% JNT
30% LINK
30% OMG
5% ICX
5% BBN

When one does 10x from where bought I cash out %5 and reinvest 5%

Lost quite a bit so far

Well because I think Link's first big moon, whenever that is, will take it to $10-20. I'd only part with 10% of my stack and the diversification would act as an insurance policy

Me too buddy. Watched crypto for a year before deciding to go in and bought at the peak. It sucks, but I'm not really worried

>I'd only part with 10% of my stack
ok, that's a different story

At what price are you guys gonna rev up your link buys? If the market keeps crashing I’m eyeing 27 cents; gonna keep buying steadily there and below. At 10k, my new target is 20k stinkies, so I’m a millionaire at $50 in magical Christmas land when link actually moons.

Also, it’s always comfy seeing how link drops less than everything else during a crash.

>110% protfolio
Teach me senpai

Kek I went all in with my excess student loans at $1 and I've been buying small amounts whenever I get some extra money.

27 cents won't happen unless btc plummets back to $6k, and eth is at or near the bottom imo. I'm going to add a few more Linkies every week and see how many I end up with before the singularity

accumulate link, jnt, and wait

>Find out how this man was managing a 110% portfolio
>Local hedge funds hate him!

bout 50/50 GVT/JNT right now.

Plan on reinvesting GVT when the platform alpha launches. Gong to speculate on the asset managers working in traditional markets while crypto is bearing.

Holding JNT long term, the product idea is excellent, just need some movement on the roadmap. Maybe try to flip for more after the 250M tokenized assets.

>he thinks that there will ever be a price singularity

how retarded are you? im also invested in link, but holy shit you people are dumb. the days of bull runs over hype are over. news are not gonna make this shit moon over night, adoption will. if adoption comes, its gonna be only on mid 2020s. you guys think industries this big change overnight? holy shit i hope you people have a plan until then, cause if you think this shit will blow up in a couple of months and thats it, youre in for a fucking rude awakening

Buy until I make it.

gonna sink $200k into Runescape gp
flip it at 1 dollar per 100k
get rich, get in contact with an african warlord, finance them for some blood diamonds
clean the blood off and use them to bait people into robbing a dummy safehouse
hold those people hostage
escape to the abyss with a submarine I'd have bought with the profits from the runescape gold, fake my death by releasing a body double into the crushing depths, basically crumpling and blending.
I'll fish up Obama's corpse, sell it to whoever will buy it, and live out the rest of my life wandering through Asia fighting bears.

I’m 90% sure that btc is gonna make a run to 6k, and I’d say 50/50 we go even lower. This is going to be a long, painful year bro.

I throw some pocket change at BAT when it was around 0.70, but now that's its at a more attractive price I'm looking to get 10k+ of them. Is this a good time to buy or is it likely to slide to 0.15 or lower soon? I like the fundamentals about the project and its potential so I'm not really worried about the super short term.

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>all in LINK with nearly 140k
>run node
Life is simple

>he capitulated, start the pump